Who is my king of cups? my shadow man?

  • there's been an ongoing mystery recently concerning the presence of someone who comes up as the king of cups when i least expect it, usually.

    he's also been referred to as the 'shadow man' because he's lurking on the edge of our awareness, waiting on us. at least, that's how i feel.

    could someone do a reading concerning this mystery influence? he will guide us to the next place we need to be, i'm just about sure of it at this point.

    he can be one of two people in my head at this point, but i could easily be wrong.

    please and thanks.

    if you want a reading from me (even though i am an amateur), let me know and ask your question, and i'll do the best i can, okay? 😄

  • look up king of cups and it will give you some details it speaks of the black shadow man, sorry cant do a reading but the card itself should tell you, best of luck

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