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  • I have always been able to sense people's feelings, tell when the phone is going to ring, have a dark feeling when something bad is going to happen things like that. I would like help in finding my spirit guide and angels. I have been seeing this person all except his face for a few months, could someone tell me who this is? My life had drastically changed in the past five years and I seem to be searching for more insight in to myself. If anyone can help I would really appreciate any advice words of widsom so on. Thanks in advance. JoNell

  • If you can visualise, ask your guides or angels to come to you, then close your eyes and see what happens - don't force it or overthink it. Let it happen. Maybe nothing will happen the first time but keep trying. The guides can come in any form so be ready.

    As to the person without the face, I feel this is someone you know who has passed over.

  • Thank you so much for your comments. I have tried visualizing but have not had much success, do you think that maybe I am trying to hard?

    As for the indian I see, I was hyponotized for past life regreation and came out as an indian girl, do you think this could be related?

  • Yes I think you are impatient, trying to force the images to come. You need to learn some relaxation techniques which will allow you to let go of control.

    I feel the person you see (what makes you think he is an Indian if you can't see his face?) is someone who was related to you in this life, like a grandfather or uncle.

  • The man I keep seeing in my minds eye is on a paint horse, has a quill breast plate,wearing leather pants. He has very long black hair not in braids just loose. They appear to be on a hill or mountain top. I can see trees,a blue sky with beautiful white clouds and a forested hill and valley in the back ground.

    We have a little indian blood in us,my fathers grandmother was full blooded Cherokee and he was raised in and around the Blackfoot reservation in Montana. He very much looks indian and two of my children carry the natural tan. The only other person that would fit this is a man that my children called Uncle Martin, When he was a very young man he used to wear leather pants and grew his hair long, could this be him.

  • Wow - maybe this is actually your own spirit guide (aka guardian angel) and not someone you actually know. He is on a horse. A horse is symbolic for many things. Perhaps he wants to lead you somewhere. Sometimes the color of the horse is important but you say it is a paint. Paint horses were generally priced by Native Americans (except for the Nez Perz who raised the appaloosas) Can you tell me anything else about the horse. Please look at the horses head and tell me what color his head is, the area around his ears and what color are the horses eyes. Is the man wearing any feathers or other decorations. Is there anything like this on the horse?

  • I feel this is both a guide and a passed relative. Ask him for guidance and advice.

  • The horses head is mostly black with white around the eyes. His eyes are sparkly bright blue. He is mostly black with white patches. The brave only has a red blanket on the horse,no feathers or adornments. The brave has no feathers in his hair, I did notice that his hair is very long and almost a blue black, parted in the middle. The horse blanket has yellow markings on it. As I said he has a quill dress plate on his chest with red in it. There is fringe on his pants down the side. The sky is very blue with really white clouds and sunshine. It looks like a warm summer day. There are pines around him. The brave does have a lance on his left side and there may have been a black and white feather hanging on it. I remember having a very calm and content feeling about me when I see him. It's like a breath of fresh air.

  • i feel that this is a past life of yours. The relative is separate to this image.

  • I was hypnotized about a year ago and came up with two past lives and I have one that I have known about since I was a small child. The first was an ancient Egyptian women, this is where I met my late husband for the first time. The next was a young Native American girl in my teens or early twenties and the next was a young girl about 10 in WW1 London,where I died during a bombing.

    I recently was diagnosed with possible breast cancer do you think this could be a spirit guide to take along my next journey?

  • Yes indeed - no doubt he comes in the form of a warrior to encourage you to fight through this situation.

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