Will my cancer man stay with me

  • Hi all: This is my first thread, please be gentle but honest. I am a Leo, deeply in love with a cancer. We have been together for a year. we have broken up a couple of times, but not more than a day. we cant stay away from each other. we see each other at least five times a week and text and call everyday. he has done so much for me, buying me things and always there for me. I have been there for him to. He has come out his shell. We are definitely a great match and we do talk about marriage.

    Problem: We have been intimate and it is great, but I feel very convicted about fornication. I wanted to wait for marriage but fail. We have talked about this and he has tried celibancy with me but he feels he cant anymore. So we broke up. I am saddened that this is our only problem and since we are heading to marriage, why cant he wait. I need advice. Should I just let it go and move on to someone who feels the way I do about sex or try one more time with him. This is our only problem.


    We have been through the moodiness and testing of my cancer man. we have dealt with all our issues. this is our only one.

  • Are you two engaged? Your top has already been popped so you can't take that back. To go there with him and then back off might have him feeling conflicted. Did you break up with him or him you?

  • Thanks for responding. we both hesitantly broke up with each other because of the difference. Know we are not engaged. I know my "top is popped", but I have my views and I want to do right.

  • Nothing wrong with that. You believe what you believe and you have every right to defend it. Sad for you two to break up over something that will resolve it's self in time. If he truly loves you he will understand this , respect that it is important to you and come back. If it is that important to him then he should do the right thing and pop the question. At least it would show you that he was committed to you and he was marriage minded even if the engagement is long. You said you two had broke up several times before. Maybe this won't last long. How would one know if love was real if it was untested? The fact that you two keep coming back to each other shows that there is a strong bond there. Communication is all that's need to resolve this. Best of luck to you!

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