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  • Hi - got another interesting message to pass on from spirit.

    Clues - they're all around us. We are bombarded with gazillions of helpful messages for our growth all the time from our Higher Self, God, angels, those who have passed, and our guides. But we are usually too wrapped up in our lives and problems to receive the very hints that can guide us out of trouble..

    Spirit has to get our attention somehow - and has to make the message more and more obvious, the more we remain unaware or 'clueless'. A friend of mine got hit by a bus and had no choice but to slow down his frenetic stressed-out lifestyle. He now knows to take it easier and enjoy life more.

    Take your health or economic situation.

    Bad health is an obvious clue that something is wrong inside of us. The biggest clue can come from where the ill health is occurring, the particular area of the body or organ. Say, if our kidneys are malfunctioning - if we think about it (which is the whole point of illness - to make us think more about ourselves) we realise that the kidneys eliminate waste from our bodies. And since the physical is intertwined with the metaphysical, we can see this as a big clue that can help us stop hurting ourselves and instead heal. Hence the illness is trying to tell us we are not eliminating or releasing what we need to in a spiritual sense. We are storing up 'toxic' wasted emotions. Perhaps we cling to old hurts and slights or live in the past too much. And so on...

    Lack of money can mean a lack of abundance inside of us. We may have some sort of poverty consciousness - it could have been passed down to us from our parents (maybe they felt that having money was a sin or whatever) or maybe some sort of early abuse made us that we were unworthy in some way. It can be the same with love. If you have no significant other in your life, it can be a clue that inside you are feeling unlovable or unworthy of love. If you are in an abusive relationship, maybe you hold the belief that love is about pain and suffering.

    Instead of stumbling blindly through life, we can open our eyes to the sometimes really obvious clues that spirit sends to enable us to see where we are going wrong. Instead of wringing our hands and crying "Why me?", we can become aware of these cluey blessings and use them to help improve our lives in every way - hopefully before we have to get hit by a bus in order to finally 'get it'.

  • Thank you for such helpful words. You're apsolutely right. We're so busy with our lives we forget to stop and at least take a look at our beautiful world. Which always amazes me how God could've created such perfect world. From the smallest particles to the highest and biggest mountains of our world. Such great creativity and beauty.

  • I often watch people snapping photos at a beautiful spot and wonder if they're really seeing the beauty and feeling the atmosphere of the place. People can get so caught up in capturing the memory that I think they might forget to really 'see' and experience the place first..

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  • The "poverty" gene could have well been passed from our parents, especially we

    "boomers" born to those who lived through the "Great Depression". My father

    was raised in the Midwest and rode the rails West as a teen after the Dustbowl

    and the family farm was auctioned off. My Mother was a child of emigrants and

    had to line her shoes with cardboard as a child because they couldn't afford new

    shoes. Ask yourself if you're not able to throw things away that have lost their

    usefulness. Also do you hold onto money to the degree that you deprive yourself?

    These will actually hold you back as far as attracting good fortune. Very important

    revealing, Captain!! Spring is upon us and time to clean our environments as

    well as letting go of resentment and old pain. How can joy and new opportunity

    enter a space filled with the former?

  • Archersbow, you are very wise. So many people blame outer circumstances for their misfortune, not realising that an inner change is all that is needed to reform a life.

  • Great words of wisdom Captain, thank you. Often I find I get an instinctive thought to do something and I'll over think it and choose to do something else. Usually I would have benefited more by following the gutt instinct.

    Interesting concept about us baby boomer babies and how the depression raised parents affected us and our abundance or lack thereof. Kind of makes you think what impression are we making on our own children and grandchildren. My mom was about comfort, as a teenager my daughter was all about the name brand stuff,me I deprive myself the nike sneakers until the kmart bo-bo's fall apart on my feet. I wonder will the next generation want even more or learn from the credit damaged country that more isn't always better. Our folks learned to get by on morsels of food, yet my own cupboards are filled so we'll never lack the basic need of food in our household and yet my granddaughter who is only two can sometimes waste more food in a day than I eat.

    We do need to focus more on need versus want and lack is definitely an indicator of an area needing more attention.

    Great message Captain, thanks for the reminder to look within....

  • Regarding parents, we all need to go within and see how many of their attitudes we adopted uncopnsciously as our own. For instance, perhaps you picked up the aittiudes of your same sex parent towards the opposite gender or maybe you think all men should or do behave like your father. Our attitudes to love are enormously influenced by our upbringing and we may be playing out old scripts that our parents enacted.

    You might be surprised how many of your attitudes and beliefs are not actually your own.

  • The Captain, I thought your comment on unconsciously picking up our parents habits is so true. I have/had a tendancy to be extremely critical and negative about situations/people's behaviours and it wasn't until I stopped to analyze where that behaviour could have come from that I realised that my Mum was the exact same way. Now I really don't want to pass blame on to her, even though that's exactly what it sounds like, lol. I guess it could have gone the other way, that I saw her behaviour and decided that I would be patient and non judgemental. That may have required more insight than maybe I had as a teenager. However am I now trying to break out of that mode of reacting. I think that's what it comes down to. People tend to react rather than observe and think, which leads to the same negative situations over and over again. It takes a great deal of strength and perseverance to fight your instincts and "be" from a higher place.

    A few months ago I was trying to find my faith and strength but just felt so down, lonely and almost hopeless. You know when you just can't see a solution in sight? I was told by an intuitive that I would get a very specific message on a particular day. So I was pretty excited the whole day, wondering whether I would see a vision or hear a voice. Nothing like that happened the whole day. At this time I was also reading the Bhagavat Gita, a Hindu spiritual book. As I was making my way through one of the chapters, a few sentences just caught my eye. It was along the lines of nothing you're doing is in vain. Please do not give up, you're closer than you realise. Now I know to a sceptic that would just seem coincidental, but to me it was the simplest and purest message that I could have hoped for. I'm still very much struggling with my ego and demons day to day, but I am still trying, and hope to eventually find peace.

    So The Captain is once again absolutely correct! We have to keep our eyes and hearts open to the guidance that is out there. I think that's enough rambling from me now : )

  • You are so right. Years ago I got an inheritance when my uncle died. I went about fixing up the family home, pitching in to buy the old man new wheels, paid off old debts of my parents and when it was all just about spent .....I realized I'd done everything my mother would have done, not what I wanted to do. Tough lessons learned. Mind you I don't regret taking care of the family or helping out others at the time but in hindsight, man I was blind.

    These days like many others I find myself unemployed. I was displaced a few years back from a devastating fire. I've been going through the motions helping where and when I can and trying to be the provider even though I can barely provide for me. I'm guessing this is me following some patterns of the parents as well. My mom always put others before herself. I never thought that was a bad trait but I wonder now if maybe having learned it, if in some way it has become a reason or crutch for why things are not better in my life. Because I too always put others first, it seems the right thing to do but I learned the hard way years ago, others don't think that way. Maybe they should. Or maybe I shouldn't. At times like these it's hard to know quite what is the right path to follow.

    If you see any clues I've ignored or been blind to please let me know.

  • This is very true. When I moved from Calif. to Missouri. I was still running at the rate I would in Calif. My husband told me over and over to slow down and I didn't know how. Having been raised there it was the only speed I knew. One day I was mowing the yard and I had to go back in the house and cool down and rehydrate. When I walked back out the door into the carport I stepped on a small stone and immediately went to my knees. I felt the stone through my tennis shoes but I got back up and finished mowing. The next morning I asked a friend to take me to get my foot xrayed. Sure enough I had broken a bone in my foot on the outside of it and it was a Jones break. I didn't know what a Jones break meant. It is a straight break and it takes longer to heal and may need surgery to put a pin in it to hold it. So I was suppose to be off my foot for 4 months wearing a boot. The universe finds a way to slow you down but guess what I still didn't stop. I was home alone while my husband drove truck OTR so I had to keep the yard mowed and the animals feed. Couldn't stay down. Right at the end of the 4 months I fell off the step of my husbands truck backwards in the snow and jammed my back. Well guess what that one put me down where the broken bone didn't. I couldn't stand long and so I spent the rest of the winter reading. And I started to open more. Heck I read more in those few months than I had read in a life time. Cause I didn't like to read. So when I wouldn't listen and the little broken bone didn't work they made a bigger impression on me to slow down and with no choice. I got it then. That was the board on the back of my head to get my attention. Now I understand like never before.

  • RCdreamer, it's not that you should stop caring for others but you should see yourself as EQUALLY deserving of care, instead of always being the very last item on your list of 'things to do'.

  • Captain, thanks you are right. I don't think I could stop doing for others even if I took some weird turn in life, it's just not in my nature. The caring for others things comes so naturally to me, it's sort of inbred. Today I was crunching the number for the rest of the month and you are so right, sometimes eventually I will just have to let my name sort of make it to the top of the to-do list. It won't be this month but maybe one day....LOL

    So given the thought process on this, we learn from our parents, grandparents whatever and often unknowingly we pick up and carry on their traits. Is that always a bad thing? If you asked my daughter surely the answer would be yes. But as I said I always thought my mom's way of taking care of others made her sort of an angel in our midst. So many people were so lucky to have her in their lives, she did so much for so many. So can I ask how many others feel like they have been living life walking in their parents shoes so to speak?

    Obviously I surely have. How about you? If that is starting another thread sorry I think I may have gotten off the subject here a bit. If I erred in that direction let me know I can always repost the question.

  • I think we all follow in our parents' footsteps until we make a conscious decision to do something different.

  • Every time I encounter a new post I think it is such an awesome post, maybe my favorite so far! They are all so fun Captain and I really love this one! I keep several journals around for jotting down the little and sometimes amazing thoughts that pop in from out of the blue, most often when I get to hang around the house and take care of household chores, its a great form of meditation, and who knows maybe I'll get that one great idea :). I also have just about quit using a camera for yrs now - it just seems like I'm missing the total experience if I'm looking at it through a lense. Life Clues - this may be the most fasinating topics in the world, and one of the best hobbies. Thanks again Captain!

  • Yes we have to be open to absolutely any form of message. I feel like I am unaware so much that spirit is trying to tell me. But at least I am aware I am unaware. 🙂

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