My heart aches

  • I am in need of comfort. My mother in law passed away on Saturday. I am so sad. My husband has not been in touch with his family for about 3 years. He grew up with an extreme amount of physical and mental abuse and neglect. He tried for years to be a good son and move on with his life, but it finally got to be too much for him to deal with, and he no longer wanted that influence to effect our family. All he ever wanted was for the abuse to be acknowledged. An apology or some sort of remorse would have helped heal the pain. She never even told him she loved him. His siblings continue to abuse him mentally, so he had to let it all go.

    He told me a while back that he expected this would happen soon, and that when it did, he would not go back for the funeral. I had hoped he would change his mind. He has tried to prepare himself for this. Now the time is here, and I know he is hurting, and I do not know how to comfort him. I am just spending time with him, and holding him when I can.

    I always hoped things would change, and he and his mother would make amends. Now it is too late. This just saddens me. I knew his mother well. I truly believe that she loved him dearly, but did not know how to show it. I also believe she suffered from some mental and emotional problems. I am so sad for them both. I am also sad that my daughter never really knew her Grandmother. I also grieve the loss. I also fear that her spirit may be in a dark place now. I so hope that she will come to me or my husband, and give him the peace that we seek.

    If anyone gets any insight on this, please share. Even some comforting words would be welcomed.

    love and blessings to all.

  • Missymill, I answered your post in the Anything Goes forum. 🙂

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