Im happy to see u back from ya haitus and I think its time someone told u how well a job u do on tarot dot come. U seem to have refound ur patiencecord LOL

    Im not fully yet there but ah well lol

    that out of the way, i hope u wont mind giving me an update reading on all areas. anytime whenever whereever u have the time energy n space for it. has NO rush WHATSOEVER.

    dob march 10 1972 juss in case

    n NOW for the BIGGER ONE, ill reciprocate u with one if n when ya need one. Only fair n no questions asked about it.

    IF anyone else reads this is this NOT an OFFER to anyone else BUT BlMoon. So if this makes u r piss boil, tough mud!

    We readers chooses whom when n where. u dont so THERE!

    ok catch u soon blmoon babes. luv ya guurrrrll u seriously rock too much lol MMWAAAHHH kisskiss

  • lol keepit real!


  • Excuse me ? what?? what kind of comment is this? LOL OMG

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