• I am new to this forum,but to my admazement , I must not be crazy,i looked this forum up because I have been noticeing that everytime I look up at a clock, there is the #13 starring at me,I've pointed this out to friends and some of my family members,I want be paying attention to the time and if i look up at the clock it is always 13 minutes after,when i run the cash register at work the number 13 pops up,if i'm going down the road,there is the number 13 somewhere,the 13 is everywhere I look,I was born on Friday the 13th,is this my lucky # or is this a bad luck #? Why is this happening?Lots of times when I wake up in the mornings,it is always 13 minutes after.whats really going on?

  • Are you aware of the book by Doreen Virtue? The book is called "ANGEL NUMBERS".

    On page 17, is the number 13 information.

    Ascended masters ask you to stay positive and give them any fears or doubts thay can hael and transumet. This number also means the sacred feminine, the goddess, and the intuitive side, as there are 13 moon cycles in a year.

    Hope this helps with whatever is occurring in your life


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