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  • Kusumura, I feel your life's work - whether you make it a career or not - is to help people resolve their conflicts and come to a happy compromise. You are a born peacemaker with many talents, experience, and great understanding in this area. This talent can cover a broad range of careers from marriage/life counsellor to police officer to diplomat to lawyer to psychologist, and so on. You are service-oriented and want to help others. But don't let your love of peace lead you to a tendency to avoid making waves or content yourself with a rather dull lifestyle just to give yourself security and material comfort. You may also detach yourself emotionally or physically from situations that demand more than you are willing to give. Thus, you may avoid the very commitments that deep down you crave.

    You are a born performer and once you overcome self-doubt, you can step into the spotlight, be it through acting, making sales presentations, telling stories, giving lectures or sermons, etc. Your career will involve creativity in some form and /or kids, as you have issues in yourself to resolve regarding family life. You have an extraordinary sense of innovation and originality, especially in the areas of taste, aesthetics, and fashion which can serve you well, either through good presentation or even as a career.

    But you mustn't neglect your personal life either because it needs your attention. You have to work at accepting love and mustn't run away from it. At heart what you really want is to find a place where you feel safe, accepted and cared for - somewhere where you feel you truly belong. Just don't mistake dependence for love and watch your attraction for the darker, more escapist side of life.

  • Kookish, was your daughter looking for me to tell her anything specific?

  • Once again, thank you Captain. I'm sure by all of the rapport you have made on these forums, you would have a high volume of Kudos cookies given to you were there a reputation system in place.. a few of them by myself!

    Though, to be a little more on topic, would there be any love in the air? At the moment, I haven't felt as though I have the.. "Lifespace," to include somebody else, given that most of my time and emotional energy is donated towards studying and dealing with more internal affairs. While that is the case, I feel that I'd like to know that I can make someone smile.

  • Kusamura, you have to make a choice between staying out of the human race or joining it if you want to find love. So you can either have safety and security alone or plunge into the dangerous but also very rewarding depths of relationships. You can't stay on the outside looking in and expect anyone to notice you.

  • Captain,

    My daughter completely agrees with what you wrote she was just wondered if this is all you see about her.

    If there is the opportunity to be specific she said the two things she's dealing with in her life right now is school and the future with this and the gemini boy that can't seem to stay away.

    Thanks so much!

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  • Captain,

    This picture was taken on March 5th and 2 things have happened with these 2 topics since it was taken.

    1. She's confirmed she will be staying at school over the summer to take 2 very difficult classes. The situation with school is she's at a point where she's a little worried about "what do I do with this degree?", even though she still has 1 1/2 hears left she's been talking about it quite a bit. Also, this is a big one for our entire family because she won't be home for the summer.

    2. She was home this weekend and Brian (the Gemini boy) surprised her by showing up at church when she was helping with a work day. She said this was a big deal because he actually took the effort and looked up the address. He asked her out on a date plus invited her over to see his new house. Personally, I thought he'd flake out but he actually gave her his address and they had a nice evening and he was a "gentleman". This is a mom code word for "he kept his hands to himself" haha.

  • Kookish

    1. Your daughter should persevere with her degree as a very good opportunity for her to use it will come up not long after graduation.

    2. Your daughter can have fun with Bryan but if she expects more commitment from him, she will be disappointed as he is not at the right stage for that at the moment. I feel she does very much want more from him now as he has led her to expect it, but he doesn't even know himself all that well. Soon his old fears about relationships will emerge and cause him to act erratically. I would advise her to take Bryan, his actions and talk with a huge grain of salt for now. Any heavy seriousness will trigger his flight instinct.

  • Thank you Captain, they are really comforting thoughts, I will focus on these and let them sink into my "knowing"....and when the seed of thought is planted in subconscious and is believed, thats the start of healing the problem....

    again, thank you, you've helped more than you know ♥

  • I do have some things I want to touch on but really I'm leaving this up to you because you are the expert. You can tell me whatever you pick up. But I do specifically want to know if you see my current relationship working out for the best, if there are children in my future, and my financial/career situation. Sorry I'm all over the place with my requests (can blame it on my bipolarism, which is most likely the reason) but I have a lot on the brain right now. I thank you for your time and energy put into this because i know it''s not easy. Just know you are a blessing to us all. Thank you, Captain! i have included a pic of both of us (hopefully they come out fine)

  • sorry about that. let me try again!

  • I noticed that lots of people are having problems resizing their pictures, so I will post a link to the one I use, hope it helps


  • also, here is a recent pic of my son. anything you can pick up will be helpful. school, friends, view of life. I love him so much. I just want the best for him but feel I am not performing to the best of my ability.

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  • Captain,

    1. Her dad and I are absolutely confident with her about her academic path, she’s doing a GREAT job and we really have no worries about this. She's getting her degree in Psychology and has felt comfortable about her path as well, it’s just she’s been more concerned about real world application the closer she gets to getter her degree. I know she'll be very excited about your insight about post graduation. THANK YOU FOR THIS!

    2. My daughter has read and appreciated all your insight about Brian, she understands his issues and has seen them in action, especially with the competition with his twin – it’s a little sad because he seems to feel like the “looser” of the two. She says she expects nothing from him and is just enjoying his friendship; however, we all know this is easier said than when it comes to the heart and I do agree she let her guard down a little after his actions this weekend. There are few questions from this;

    a. Why did he go to such lengths to see her, showing up at church was a big deal but why did he do this? Then to come to our house later that evening was a big deal as well. The next day they had an official date & their initial plans fell though (his doing as usual) but they had a nice evening anyway but why does he keep asking her out if he can’t follow through? He just bought a house and invited her over, it was a nice visit but is this all too much for him? Is he even aware of his actions (he is an accountant) or does he even care?

    b. Is it in HER highest and best good to continue with this "friendship"? Is this a beneficial friendship for them (mainly her) to help each other work through things?

    My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed everything you’ve written about all our topics and we’ve discussed most of them at great lengths, especially about her brother -- she loved that discussion and went off on a psychology discussion with this. She says I’m too involved (and I really am) so I’ve advised her to create her own account so this isn’t going through me.

    Thank you again for everything.

    Love & Blessings from Texas

  • SexxiiScorpio, you are attracted to this man because you see him as having qualities that you don't have and would like to have, like control and self-discipline. He also radiates masculinity and sexual magnetism. But this relationship can be very deceptive - other people will have the impression that you two get along very well, since your public persona is so positive. But this is often a facade. Your relationship - once the romantic glow fades a bit - is likely to become intense, conflicted and competitive. You can become more like rivals than lovers. The very differences that you originally liked in each other will become irritations and then big annoyances, even hostility. Although you will rarely show it in public, the degree of struggle here can be considerable with each person trying to best the other emotionally, mentally and/or physically. There can be a high degree of obsession with each other here, so that the relationship may threaten other areas of your lives, even your relationship with your child and friends. Thus you may need to spend long periods apart so as to regain your balance. Moreover, when you do get together, you may need to declare a formal truce. Your love affair can be exciting but emotionally wrenching. When the tension becomes too great, the two of you, either separately or together, will tend to seek solace and escapism in drinks, drugs or even in sexual relations with a third party. If your relationship itself becomes addictive, many years may be needed to work out all the problems. And if trust has been lost, it may never be regained. This will be a difficult relationship to maintain for the long term - continuing at any cost isn't always the best thing. If you want it to succeed, you must consider the good of everyone, not just yourselves but those around you who also need your time and attention. Be honest about your feelings wioth each other and don't put on a happy facade if you don't feel it.

    Your son is an intelligent sensitive child who is very emotionally vulnerable. These are critical years for him. He is going to have problems with bullying in the future (if he is not already experiencing it now) and he needs all your love and support and attention to bolster his self-esteem and help him to stand up for himself. Otherwise, if he is made to feel too bad about himself or unloved, he will go to a very dark place indeed. He needs a lot of careful nurturing, time, and much affection to show him that he is a lovable person.

  • Katzkatz1, I feel you suffer a lot of self-doubt when it comes to how attractive, both sexually and personally, you are to others. At times you can feel very unwanted. You would also like to never have to worry about money or financial security again. But you do worry. You can be overly self-protective and afraid of being hurt so you close yourself off to the point where you can seem uncaring or unconcerned to others, or else you complain too much and turn people off that way. You must learn to trust your instincts and develop a more open attitude towards emotional forms of connection and expression. Try and swap emotional volatility for generosity and you will see that other people will become more receptive to you. Learn the value of surrender or compromise now and then as opposed to always needing to win or be in control. You have a rare ability to infuse your ideas with the verbal magic necessary to communicate fully and completely with others. You can be quite enchanting and magnetic when you use your communicative skills to support, soothe and nurture others, rather than complaining or attacking. As you allow your inner light to shine forth instead of hiding it away, your life will become full of loving and warm relationships. Whatever you give off comes back to you in return.

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