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  • Dadburn it, has anybody gotten this right on the first try? LOL

  • Dammit, Man!

  • If at first you DO succeed, they'll all think you cheated.

  • CrabbyOleBat, you talk a good talk about wanting a relationship with the right person and caring for others blah blah blah...but when push comes to shove, you protect yourself before anything else. You were very open as a child but you got hurt so you have closed yourself off more and more since then. Now there is an almost impenetrable bubble all around you. And other people sense it and back off. They ask themselves why commit to someone who won't let them in or share herself completely. The very tool you use to protect yourself from being hurt has turned on you. You don't trust anyone. Your bubble has become a prison into which no one can break. You tell yourself you are just waiting for the right person to come along - but in truth, you suspect everyone and keep them out. You don't even allow yourself a crack in the bubble in which to peek through - thus, you never see the 'real person' in those you meet. It's like you are always living in a permanent fog that prevents you from clearly seeing your life and the situations and people that enter it. Thus you are enveloped in a constant state of confusion.

    Building protective bubbles only cuts people off from the real world and keeps every good experience away. It also attracts only those people who hide things themselves and are full of fear like you. The only thing that will really work for you is to pop the bubble, step out, and rejoin the world of living breathing fallible human beings. Or else you run the risk of living in a bubble of fear forever. You must develop the confidence in your own strength, wits and courage to be able to handle whatever life throws at you, to be able to deal with any circumstance in which you find yourself. You have to live IN the world if you want to enjoy its rewards.

    The truth is that it is not other people you don't trust - it is yourself..

  • Okay, this one should work I think.

    Bear in mind this was taken a good few months ago....

  • Amethyst666, then you must also bear in mind that the reading will be about you at the time of the photo taking and may not apply to you now (or it may).

    This is a lot of fragility and emotional vulnerability in your photo. You have a rather naive view of life and love and haven't yet learnt how to protect yoursefl from the harsh reality of the world. In fact, you would rather live in your hopes and dreams, than with reality. The only way to survive in this world is to be practical and aware of what is going on around you. You don't have that awareness because you don't want to. Your fantasies are so much nicer. But if you want to achieve any real solid happiness or success, you are going to have to learn to navigate through all the perils and paths of the real world. In other words, wake up and smell the daisies - they may not be like your dream roses, but they are more attainable and realistic. Thorns can be avoided by toughening up and relying on your inner wisdom, intuition and strength to pull you through any situation. See things as they are, not as you hope and want them to be. With a realistic outlook and hard work, you can make real life match your dreams.

  • Captain, Your reading made me sit back in my chair, sigh a deep sigh and go, "Can't argue with that." I am continuously amazed at how spirit can be dealing with me on a particular issue, and I, in my usual busyness and rush, stuff it all down and try to ignore the work that needs to be done, and then, on a whim, I post a photo asking for a reading, and here is Spirit, all in my face again with the very same topic I've been avoiding for a year.

    Thanks for listening, and for being obedient. Any instructions or directions? The WHAT is intriguing, the HOW seems rather elusive, lately. Healing has been an interesting journey, and taking way too freaking Long for my taste, LOL>

  • CrabbyOleBat, you will only lose your fear when you feel the fear and do it anyway. You have to put yourself out in the world without your shield of protection. Trust that people aren't always out to hurt you. Trust you can deal with them if they do hurt you. Be stronger than your fear.

  • Hello Captain. Hope this picture can tell something, this is my latest one. I appreciate anything you see with my photo.

  • Hello again captain, it's me again 🙂 I haven't been on tarot for a long time, I've been trying to work on ridding myself of my "hidden demons" so to speak, I just know my irrational fears of being alone in home at night must stem back from childhood, I just got to thinking if you could look at this picture of me when I was about 4yrs old, this pic has only just come into my hands from my elder sister, phew!, don't I look sad!, made me shudder when I first saw it 😞 ....but, I wondered if you could see anything that could explain where the fear stemmed from, then this would be a stepping stone for me to really help me work on my fear, to replace these fears with courage and fearlessness and then heal my "inner child"

    As always, with much love and gratitude

  • Okay Captain- Thankyou 🙂 Xx

    Bee Xx

  • Loveo, you are smiling in your photo but your eyes are sad. There is also a weariness about you as if you are so frustrated and tired of searching for happiness. But you don't have to search for it - it lies inside you if you will only unlock it from the vault in your heart where you keep it locked away. For your heart is closed down and you keep your real emotions and thoughts from everyone. You do not share yourself out of fear of being rejected or hurt if you say what you really feel. But by not expressing yourself, by holding yourself back, you stifle your creativity and the flow of your joy. Real beauty of the soul is authenticity and you are not showing yours. So you do not attract any beauty back to yourself. There must be a flow, a give-and-take of love and it is just not flowing from you. You have let it stagnate because you are waiting for someone to give it to you first before you give it back. But because you have closed yourself down out of protection and resignation, you cannot feel how much love is around you. It's time to open your heart up again and give love freely without needing it to be given back. Only then will you know the true joy of unconditional giving. Only then will you be truly happy and productive.

  • Healing Ways, children are very open to the worlds of spirit and you saw many frightening things when you were young as you were particularly receptive and sensitive. You saw entities both light and dark and the dark ones caused you to shut down your psychic senses in fright. You had many 'real' nightmares at night that the adults wrongly explained away as just bad dreams. They didn't give you the sense of security and protection you needed back then because they didn't believe you and dismissed what you saw. So you had to protect yourself by closing off your special senses, but you never lost your fear of the darkness and what it hides. Even today you close your senses off to a large extent so you don't see 'everything' around you. But it doesn't mean the dark entities are not still there - they are still scaring you and you let them have this power over you by not acknowledging them. Your fear will go when you face them with the courage and wisdom of an adult, instead of remaining a scared child. They cannot hurt you if you do not fear them. Shine your light on the darkness.

  • AngelBee, spirit counsels you against impatience in your spiritual development. Any rushing or pushing yourself to try and hurry your development will only backfire when you skip over important issues that must be dealt with fully and in detail. Focus and discipline are the requirements of your journey right now.

  • Hi Captain, thank you for your insight, it's amazing what our brains are capable of doing isn't it, to have the ability to shut out that sort of thing and not remember any of it but deep in the soul we just know and "feel" some things not right....

    when you say "they are still scaring you and you let them have this power over you by not acknowledging them.".... do you mean I have to actually "see" them and to show no fear to be able to rid myself of it?, or just the fact of "acknowledging" and know they are there will ease my mind? looks like I at the ripe age of 59 still have a lot of growing up to do and help that poor little "inner child"....I hope I get to do this before it's to late....

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with this....

  • HealingWays; feel the fear and do it anyway. You will know instinctively what is right for you. Trust your feelings.

  • Okay.. well, this seems interesting. I don't really have anything specific to ask for aside from wanting to know where I'm going to end up in terms of career; otherwise, anything else that may perhaps be more retrospective would also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Captain!


  • Hi PisceanHealer, thank you so much for taking time for me, I would love to be able to trust my feelings, the thing is I feel I have spent so long a time with this concern of mine that because of my great focus on it I will "create" the things I fear.....I just need to start afresh and build confidence and faith nothing is going to "jump out" at me and give me an heart attack....I truly do have to work on "knowing who I am" and then have the faith and trust in myself to know nothing bad will happen to me....

    once again, thanks for your words of wisdom to me

  • Captain,

    My daughter and I thank you for the photo reading. I’m sure you know by now I’m extremely opinionated and as her mother it probably has led to some of these traits. She’s told us before there are times when she’s made decisions based on what thinks me and her dad would like her to do and there were also times when she would make a decision just to keep the peace – or so she thought. Only after discussing some of these things later did she discover we really didn’t care one way or the other.

    While discussing this we talked about examples of this and she stated “I know you don’t want me going out with Brian (the Gemini boy we’ve discussed with you in the past) but I’m comfortable with the situation”. This is a perfect example where she thought she knew what her parents wanted and she felt like she was being a little defiant with the situation – good Lord. I told her I don’t mind her going out with him at all, we just want him to be the person he claims to be and treats her with respect. She was a little stunned I approved of them going out!

    Once again your insight has opened up communication about something we didn’t realize needed to be discussed.

    My daughter did want to know if that was the only thing you got from her picture?

    Thanks again for your insight

    Love & Blessings from Texas

  • HealingWays, what you fear and imagine hides in the darkness is worse than what is really there. Have a look and you will see that it is not anything that can hurt you, unless it is through your own fears.

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