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  • Thank you for your are pretty much right on and I am working on exactly what you suggested. Time for me and things I want/need to do. Have a great day!

  • The Captain,

    I am going to ask another favor The Captain what can you see to this picture many thanks

  • The Captain,

    I am going to ask another favor The Captain what can you see to this picture many thanks

  • Hi captain, sorry I havent had a chance to respond to your reading for me. You are right on with all you said. Simply amazing! Yes I am guilty of overgiving with those I care about. I dont mean to make people feel smothered. I know it comes from a fear of losing people I love and I truly want people to know how I feel about them and Im a person that likes to take action, to show it not just say it. Unfortunantly this has led to undesireable results and my worst fears had come true. I have been trying to teach myself to follow other peoples ques and not overstep any boundries. Its hard to sometimes when I feel so much compassion and love and simply want to share it. I have decided to going back to taking time on my own and doing the things that make me happy. I tried to reach out to someone I overstepped recently and was completly ignored so Im trying to heal from that as well. I loved this person with all my heart and felt he was the most compatible for me but he does not want me in his life that could not be any more clear now. So I will not contact him ever again. I am going to quit focusing on th elove life for now and focus on myself and those that are already available to me. Trying to find a balance here. I also get that my insecurities has prevented me from being able to see it at the times people were showing me love...lots of work to do. Thank you for your support. ( :

  • Here's my mugshot. The one with the dog is a little blurred, so I uploaded two. But I'd be interested in seeing what you can pick up about her as well Cap'n 🙂

  • PisceanHealer, with your dog, I feel she is experiencing a lot of pressure from you to be your support and understanding friend and she is suffering from the stress of this responsibility. You have to find humans you can get this from and not expect your animal companion to do it all for you. That is too much to place on her and it makes her very uncomfortable and even ill. Animals can sense when we are down and offer comfort but they can't understand what humans go through like other humans can. Yes some animals are here to be our companions but not in place of humans, simply in addition to humans.

    There is a big fear of rejection by other people in you which is why you find the company of animals easier. But life is here to challenge us and make us stronger, rather than us going the easy route. Yes, you have some difficulties to overcome but so do other people. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because people LOOK fine and well, that they are. Use that Piscean psychic ability and your own experience with problems to help others. Learn to look beyond outer physical appearance into hearts and souls. But don't try any physical forms of healing until you have dealt with your own insecurities - physical healing can pass on the healer's own problems to the patient so you have to be very clear and untroubled to do it well. But listening to people, being authentically touched by them (and not trying to win them over as a friend by providing a shoulder to cry on) and sympathising with their difficulties is probably the most effective form of healing, anyway. You will be a very great healer when you are more concerned with others than with yourself. You are not quite there yet but you are heading towards it. The thing I advise you to first and foremost work on is to feel completely equal to others. We are all the same and no one is better or worse than you are. Hold your head up and believe in yourself and your right to be here.

  • hi Captain what could you tell me about this chap ?

  • will not let me upload never mind not meant to be x

  • Thank you Captain. I apologise for any confusion, I should have said that the dog in the photo is not mine, she is actually my parents'/sister's. Having said that, there is truth in what you said and how it relates to me (and my sister. And possibly my parents. Hmm.)

    For me; you are once again spot on. Fear of rejection is most certainly a big issue. And thank you for providing a way to overcome it. It's also a big relief and a pat on the back type feeling to hear I am on my way to being a great healer. Thank you so much.

    I've attached a photo of my actual dog. It'd be interesting to see if she feels the same way. Re-reading what you wrote about my parent's dog, I get the feeling it might very well apply to my mother.

    With regards to my cat, I really don't think he is doing well, emotionally speaking, but I find it difficult to read him. Is it something I am neglecting in his care? Is he still missing his brother?

  • PH, your cat is having difficulty breathing - I feel she may have some sort of lung or chest infection that you might want to get checked out. Your dog is very unhappy. He feels he is basically getting old and useless - is there some way you can think of to have him feel like his life has a point - like taking him to visit sick or old people, etc? He needs more purpose in his life as he is extremely service-oriented.

  • And yes PH your mother first instilled the feeling in her dog of having to bear her burdens but most everyone in your family picked up and perpetuates that belief. It would be better if you all helped each other. The family fear is of rejection and the belief that animals will be more accepting than humans.

  • Thank you so much Captain. I've already started enquiring about service-oriented jobs in the area. I am also going to look into training her as my own service dog. Charlie (the cat) I will take to the vet this week.

    As for the family's issues, now there's a challenge. I'm going to have to think long and hard on this one. Calling on all of my patience and creativity. Is this the reason the dog is constantly jumping up at us/everyone? She's trying to tell us it's ok, it's ok, I'm trying to help?

  • Update: Took the cat to the vet and he has had a clean bill of health. I was told it could be allergies, so I am keeping an eye on him.

    And the dog can fetch my slippers. I am going to be so lazy after all this LOL

  • It's OK - your dog needs to feel useful.

    It could be an alllergy affecting your cat's lungs. Have you changed anything in his diet recently or has he been roaming more or getting into gardens? Is there anything in your house that he could be getting into? I feel this is a new thing.

  • The jumping of the dog is stress-related. She is feeling very anxious and confused about what her real role in the family is. She thinks you all want her to be a human and she doesn't know how. Make sure you treat her like a dog.

  • LOL, "No mum. I am not being lazy. I am just making the dog feel useful!"

    I've been giving the cat more food recently as he seemed to be constantly hungry. I haven't changed his diet though. He is also an indoor cat, hardly ever goes outside, so it must be something else inside the house. I did put in a couple of those plugin air fresheners about a month ago. Is that the timeframe we're looking at?

    I've been saying for years to treat dogs as dogs and not humans, but they never listened. Shame on me for letting up on them though.

  • PH, try removing the air fresheners to see if that improves your cat's breathing troubles. Has he been sneezing lately?

  • Emotionally I feel the cat is craving attention and love more than food but he equates that with food. Something lately has triggered some insecurity in him or fear of being left alone or abandoned.

  • I haven't noticed him sneezing. I've switched off the air fresheners now. I also sensed he was craving more attention, and I believe I know why. When I split with my ex, she took his brother with him, they were together from birth.

    I've attached a photo of him, he's the one on the right. Unfortunately it's over a year old January 22nd 2010 to be exact. He has a soulmate-like connection with my ex. What do you see Captain?

  • Yes he is missing his brother - you need to explain his disappearance as your cat is very confused. Animals don't understand our words of course but they do understand the feelings and meaning behind them. So people should always explain changes to their pets. Your cat needs to know the other cat is still alive and well.

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