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  • Doeyeyedpisces, a photo that is fifteen years old will only give fifteen year old vibes. Is that what you want? A past reading?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is my friend Captain who is going thru a lot of Health Problems and all kinds of strange things, do you have any advice for her? I promised I would do it, She has a heart of Gold, she is the same one who dreamed of something buried in her back yard awhile ago, no hurry, whenever you can, thanks!

  • Poetic555, this friend of yours has an extremely low idea of her own self-worth. She feels she is nothing and is only here to serve others and make them happy, not herself. Until she sees herself as equal and worthy to everyone else, she will never find any personal happiness or joy. She needs to see how many people love her and that they love her because she is a beautiful person. You (and maybe other friends or family members) might give her a makeover if you can afford it or try and boost her self-image in some way by doing something special just for her - having a love-in party or a "This is Your Life" type of thing to show her how many lives she has touched and what an amazing contribution she has made. It's sad to see such a generous loving person feeling so ugly and worthless. All her health problems stem from the fact that she doesn't feel worthy of good health.

  • Dear Captain,

    I love this gift of yours on doing photo readings. I am posting one of myself to see what you see. I still owe you your angel message on F&L, but wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much!


  • Well darn. I guess the photo was wrong size. I'll try again!


  • Missbethsangels, there is a lot of fear coming off this photo - the fear of doing or saying the wrong thing and incurring other people's disapproval. You try to please everyone but deep down you feel you are always wrong, a failure, useless. Whose critical voice is that in your head telling you this nonsense - your mother or father? It's like you are constantly walking around on eggshells. It must be exhausting. Beth, don't let this fear stop you from living an authentic life and doing what you want to do. You know best what is right for you, no one else. You don't need others to approve of you to be happy - you just need to approve of yourself. Have faith that you are your own best guide, that you are equal to anyone else when it comes to knowing and doing the right thing. You must trust yourself more, instead of always feeling like a little child amongst a crowd of grownups waiting to be told the right thing to do.

  • Thank You, I read it to her and she agreed, we are gonna work on that together, I love her so much and God Bless You Saint Captain!

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for the reading. I'm not really relating to it and wonder if it could be vibes from a past life washing over this one? My photo is from a year ago, but I can't believe a lot would have changed in that year. Most of the time I think I'm right...and of course can get validation from my angels. If I'm wrong, they'll tell me. If any more insights, let me know! Thanks so much!

    Angel love to you,


  • Missbeth, post a more recent photo and I'll see what your present vibes are like. A lot can happen in a year, especially at this time of Ascension.

    I know you are not wrong in your angel readings - this is more about how you relate to others on a personal level.

  • Dear Captain,

    Trying again with more recent photo. Looking forward to seeing what my present vibes are lol.

    Love to you,


  • Nice Pic Beth. You look happy and full of life force!

  • You look Beautiful 🙂 Loving your hair too. AND YOUR SMILE.

    BEE xX

  • 🙂

    Thanks AngelBee and Poetic. I must admit I look for angels in my photos because I feel them around me. But have yet to see one in a photo. Must be camera shy!

    Talk to you soon,


  • Hi Miss Beth, Don't want to post over the Captain. I see family and an interest in medical field. Have you worked in that area.

  • Yes MissBeth, there is a BIG difference in these two photos - you are much more relaxed and confident and less fearful in the latest one. There is still a sense of you going it alone - no doubt in regard to your angel readings. But you don't need other people to understand what you do to gain their love and approval.

  • Whew! Thanks Captain! I was beginning to wonder what I wasn't seeing in my very own self. I had no idea time passing would make such a huge difference in one's photo. But it does. Thank you for your validation. And as you know, we are here for healing. We do what we do. And the ripples extend where they will. Touching hearts, creating love of self and others, the list is endless.

    Angel blessings!


  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thank you for your posting. I definitely am involved with family...and children. On the medical field front, I haven't pursued it. I remember back in the 8th grade, when you take the Basic Skills Tests, the test said I would be a nurse. I never went down that path though. If I may make the leap, talking to angels allows their messages of healing to come through...and to me, this is an alternate form of medicine. It certainly doesn't replace our traditional physicians in any way shape or form, but it does offer alternative methods to healing your soul. From which all disease manifests itself.

    In an aroundabout way then, I guess I am in the healing field! Just not traditional medical!

    Angel blessings to you and thank you!

    Miss Beth

  • I am very interested in seeing what you get from my picture. Thank you for your time.

  • Healthquestion, I get two things straight away from you - capability/efficiency, and a deep need for love and approval, which manifests in you doing everyone else's work for them and trying ti run everything. By managing everyone around you and their lives, you feel needed, loved and approved of. But where in all of this is time for yourself and what you want to do? And it's not good for people to become dependent on you to help and support them all the time. Help them get onto their feet yes, but don't be their prop forever - it's not good for you or them. You need to take more time for you now and leave everyone to manage on their own for a while. What about a vacation or doing something you have always wanted to do but never had the time, because you were always caring about everybody's else's life and not your own?

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