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  • MysticalEnergy, wow, does this guy resemble a praying mantis, eh? He certainly believes his own press - he really does think he is the great man he believes himself to be. Unfortunately, it's more ego than real. He doesn't feel the need to work on himself since he thinks he has already achieved perfection. But he does have to pretend to feel compassion and love for others since inside he really is quite emotionally inert. He wants to be worshipped as a god.

  • Virgoladii, I thought you had resigned in disgust from this forum?

  • I stopped participatingg for a while because of my last thread for a while , but whether you noticed or not you weren't the one who disgusted me . Other responses is what made me leave . But its something that was left there on that thread that day . So if you don't mind I'd really appreciate if it was left in the past because it left me feeling really badd at the time and I had more going on then I could manage without being stressed. Thanks for undersanding

  • Hello Captain,

    you have a very special gift ~ Thank you for sharing!

    Would you mind sharing something about Her?

    Thank you in advance!


  • MysticalEnergy, this woman is a very strong and powerful individual. Very determined to get what she wants! She is very independently minded and knows how to do for herself. This woman has the ambition and willpower to acheive anything in life. Some people may feel intimidated or put off by her strong presence. But she has a genuine caring side, too.

  • Virgoladii, you really need to work on your moods - I notice you tend to blame other people a lot for your troubles but I can see that your emotional swings would make you very hard to live with. You snapped at the people on this forum very rudely when you didn't get an instant answer to one of your questions. I would suggest some self-examination will help you to settle your life down and even out your temperament. I sense a lot of anger and frustration in you because you feel life and people treat you unfairly, but we get in life what we give out. What could it be in you that is making you so unhappy?

  • Thanks anyway.

  • I'm really happy right now actually but I am naturally a moody person .

  • I'm surprised you picked up something like that because that's not current at all . Or even recently. So your going on what happen or how I felt in the past even if that's how I felt 2 months ago , I've found peace with myslef and life so that is why I posted something . Take care .

  • RIGHT ON TARGET! No need for hammer you HIT it right on the head!

    Wow ~ your are great! The pic needs BEWARE sign!


  • Thank you for sharing that and yes I see that in her but I also see how lonely and lost she is, almost as if she can't find the main piece of the puzzle. I don't know what to do for her, it's like watching someone slowly dying!

  • MysticalEnergy, she finds it difficult to reach out for help or even acknowledge she needs it.

  • Hi Captain, just thought I would send in my pix to see what you can read for me!

    thanks ever so much! 🙂

  • Lisette89, you exude sensitivity and creativity. But there is also a lot of self-doubt there that prevents you from fully expressing your talents - the fear of other's criticism or disapproval also makes you averse to showing what you are capable of to the world. Once you learn to ignore what others think and instead focus on how satisfying and fulfilling it is to express your talent and opinions, using your sensitivity to heighten your creativity instead of hiding it away guiltily like a weakness, your life will take on a rewarding authenticity. It is not our role to satisfy society but to satisfy ourselves. Opening yourself to life is not necessarily also opening to hurt and attack - when you become more open and aware of what people and situations are really like, you will understand how to be safe in any circumstance. Withdrawing into yoursefl only makes you more blind to what is occurring around you and more vulnerable to attack.

  • Well Read, thanks so much for your reading and advice for

    what I need to work on Captain!!! 🙂

  • Hi Captain, would be grateful for information on what you pick up from they pic

    Thank you

  • MysticalEnergy, this person is extremely saelf-protective and doesn't trust many people enough to share herself and her life. She is always on guard against 'attack' and can be very defensive at times. She also feels a bit superior to others and may look down on them. She is not very happy with her life or relationships.

  • Dear Captain also found a recent piccy of Charlie my dog, its Pretty recent of about a few weeks.

    if you want a much much Recent one i can use my mobile to get pictures of but will have to wait till Monday as everyone at home has gone and im home alone with the dog and the animals for the weekend.

    Bee X

  • RebeccaAnn, your dog has a very tired resigned feeling about him like there is no joy or excitement in his life to get worked up about. He doesn't feel very close to other animals, more to humans. But he doesn't feel that the people in his life have enough time for him or want to play with him as much as he would like. He needs to feel useful as well - like cheering up sick or old people or helping more in some way. He needs a reason to be alive.

  • Ahhh okay, Would taking him for more walks be helpful, run in the field extra? i now we shud do that but everyone does not have the time, and he pulls like crazy when we do take him out, i know its just from excitement but it does get anoyying sometimes when your trying to hold him! i will try and take him out more, will that be better for him?

    Bee X 🙂

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