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  • Laithano, he doesn't feel attractive because he is so unfit. A better body image will improve his feelings of sefl-worth.

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  • To The Captain: I've been reading quite a bit of your replies, your insights into others lives... and recognize and respect that you do, indeed, have a gift.

    I've attached a photo and would greatly appreciate your insight, revelation, advice... whatever you choose to tell or advise me. In particular, I'd like to know if I will have or do have a Soul Mate. If so, do I know him? Thank you.

  • Wow you really get right to the heart of the matter!

    Just this past week have been feeling I wish I had done more....not sure what that is however. Previously had thought I had handled things pretty much as well as I could in my life, but the last year have felt a fire under my *** and can't get enough info on everything spiritual was just assuming the ascension process kind of thing.

    Periodically have had guidance dreams in my life...and just thought my guides would let me know when it was time to act upon what ever it is I am supposed to act on. However for the past few years I have become so stuck in a rut , can't quite get out of my own way, barely manage what absolutely needs to be done.

    Can you see what I could possibly do so that I won't have to read this complete book. Thank you very much Captain for all your amazing work here. 🙂

  • MissteriousOne, you really give off a lot of personality and vibrancy - so much so I feel it tends to scare more timid types off. There are actually several (needy) men around you who would love to have a relationship but they feel you don't need anyone because you seem so independent and self-assured. You need to examine what you really want in a partner because of the mixed signals you give out to the Universe. On the one hand, you can do things for yourself, thank you very much - on the other, you want someone in your life to have fun with and enjoy good times. So set your mind to exactly what sort of a partner you want to attract and the Universe will provide.

  • GJay, decide on just one thing you really really want and go after it with all your focus and concentration rather than scatter your energies on many things.

  • Laithano, if you do the cooking, try making healthier meals for a start.

  • Captain you are so right! I am so scattered about and I imagine that's what's wearing me out more that anything, also worried about finances of course. I have had these awesome (I think) dreams, I used to paint them a bit. When I think of what I would love to do "if all my duties were taken care of" I imagine myself painting my dreams and writing stories to go with them. Do you think this sounds like a possibility of where I could point my focus. Thanks and many blessings to you Captain.

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  • And the guy you read in the other photos, I would never trick him into anything, not my style. I've actually let him go, if he wants to come back he will....if he doesn't he won't, but life goes on! 🙂

  • Captain,

    Thank you for looking at the photo. I'm the girl in there :0) In terms of my future, what do you see me doing? Is the man in the photo going to make it through all of this? The way he's talking about money is different than just wanting it for material things. Maybe I"ll shoot you an email about that. Thank you for your help :0)

  • Thank you, TheCaptain, for your insight and advice. Upon introspection, I realized how very right you were regarding sending out mixed signals. And, you definitely pinpointed my self-sufficiency, vibrancy and independence. However, my self-confidence is an act I put on for the outside world.

    In truth, I am very self-conscious. I am, also, very lonely... desiring to love and to enjoy reciprocity. I know the exact type and kind of man I want, but have no idea how to project it to the Universe due to lack of self-esteem. Again, thank you. Your wisdom and advice is invaluable.

  • thank you captain. The guy in the pic walked away from our relationship about 3 months ago. Just wish things were different with us. I still care and love him.We were together over ayear. Thank you again.

  • Him walking away was his choice not mine, I wanted us to stay together.He said he was confused about alot of things and needed to think things out. Would you mind if I email you to have you do a reading on me on things in my life one being him..Thank you

    Peace and Love to you

  • And yes recent pics give a more updated vibe of yourself and your loved ones.

  • GJay, that sounds ideal for you.

  • Wenchie, it's not that you tried to trick him, it's that your friend FELT that you tried to trick him through your behaviour. He is coming back when he feels you have been 'punished' enough. Are you going to let him get away with that?

    I also feel a LOT of money around you (I mean A LOT!) but spirit is telling me that you will only receive such a big and valuable amount of money when your SELF-value is equal to it. The value of your own self-esteem is tied to your state of abundance and I'm afraid it's pretty low at the moment.

  • MissteriousOne, just state out loud what it is you want - spirit will hear. If you can put it into words, you can manifest it (or him).

  • LibraLady2008, it was actually for his best intersts and yours that he walked away. You have to get over your need to mother and protect everyone, even grownup people, and he has to learn to BE an adult.

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