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  • Captain, 1 more question(raised by your reading xD)...which one should I value more, when deciding how to act?

    Feelings, or logical thoughts?

    I feel like sometimes my feelings are talking but I kind of lower the volume of their speakers so I can listen to what my thoughts are saying.

  • Thanks Captain. I think she might have felt that way when I was with my ex but now that we're both single again....not so sure. I've always admired her for wonderful sense of humor and she is a hairdresser and very much at ease with people. I am too but I work with the same people over and over and she is more out there than me. I always thought that she was better with people than me. People gravitate to her.

  • She only feels she attracts people who want something from her, with guys she thinks it's sex. She is much more unsure of herself than the public face she puts on for the world.

  • Captain,

    First of pegged the photo....I mean PEGGED it! One thing I do wonder, in terms of my future, what do you see me doing? Is the man in the photo going to make it through all of this? He also talks about money all the time. What do you see about that?

    Thank you thank you thank you

  • Spalma, you don't trust the man with you. He is a dynamic outgoing type and you fear he will be attracted to many other people. But he hates clingy or needy people so this might drive him away. There is another man waiting for you to be free so he can come forward - but no one you know yet. When he arrives, he will be wearing yellow.

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  • HiddenDiamond, your intuition is neither your feelings nor your thoughts but your gut instinct - it's usually the first thing to kick in as a reaction to a situation. Learn to hear its voice over your emotions and logic. You will need to practice being calm and being very peaceful inside so that you can hear that intuitive voice clearly.

  • TheCaptain, I e-mailed you my pictures personally. I also e-mailed you my questions as well.

    Thanks In Advance.

  • Gladyouwroteme, your friend talks about money because he has a very shaky hold on material reality and fears the ground will give way beneath him at any time. He fears poverty and lack of possessions - he uses his belongings like a wall around him. He equates having money with being a man so you can see how it must affect his self-esteem if he doesn't have any money. You can help him find the cause of his insecurity in his past (childhood) and show him that being a real man is about moral integrity and good character rather than what he earns or has.

  • Laithano, I see a big zigzag split right down the middle of your photo. I feel your boyfriend is slipping away from you into depression and a withdrawal from life.

  • Captain could you read this photo and tell me what you see and what you see for future

  • Hi Captain,

    Just took this with my phone so hope it works. Would love, I think , to hear what info you receive. Thank you Captain. Have a very blessed day. 🙂 GJay

  • try this again

  • Somebody help! I've read and re-read and can't find the email addy to send uncropable (cuz I don't know how to make it stay that way) pic to

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  • GJay, I feel a hard decision awaits you and that you must make it from your gut and from what you really want to happen, rather than from your emotions or considerations of others. I am seeing you reading a book and its title is "Things I Wished I'd Done with My Life."

    I really hope you don't have to read this book.

  • Thank you! Sorry to be a pain. Sending pic in a minute.

  • LibraLady 2008, I see a woman who wants to protect her loved ones from harm but can't always be around to fight their battles for them. I see a man who is happy to lean on her and let her do more than her fair share of the relationship, very mother-son like. He needs to stand up on his own feet and behave like an adult and you need to allow him to do that.

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  • Laithano, for one thing I feel it is very important for your friend to eat a healthy diet. The things he eats at the moment make him feel good for a little while, then bad for the rest of the time. Good food will improve his mood and make him feel healthier and therefore happier about himself. He is very affected by what he takes into his body and needs the discipline of a healthy regime of diet and regular (hard) exercise. Routine is important to help him stabilise and feel more secure in his life.

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