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  • HAPPYDoc, I have included my email addy in this thread for anyone who wants to send me their pics.

  • Spalma, check the size of your pic - it might be too large.

  • LibraLady2008, I feel your family can weather every storm if you all can only pull together. It takes all of you supporting each other and adding their own individual strength to make the whole more tight and formidable. If one is not willing to help, the group will falter. Loyalty and a willingness to pull your own weight is vital here. All must give their willing participation. The family is like a stack of cards - it only takes one weak card to bring the lot tumbling down.

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  • Laithano, your intensity jumps right out at me. I feel you haven't yet found the appropriate focus for all your energy. Try putting your passion down on paper. I feel money goes in and out of your life very quickly because you attach no real value to it or the things you spend it on. If you want to save, you need to have a very good reason for it.

    The man is very puzzled by life and the things that happen to him - at random or so he thinks. He tends to believe in chaos and that he is just a helpless leaf in a storm when it comes to his life. He feels somewhat hopeless because he has few spiritual values. You two are opposites and often do not understand each other. He wonders why anyone likes him.

  • Thanks again Captain.

  • Thank you, Captain! I don't really feel like I'm going to fall, but more like I want action but it's all out of my hands right now. So I will do as you suggested and take it one day at a time, because that's all that I can really do. But it sure is hard, having to sit still and fidget while waiting, lol. I so want to move forward. I will also watch for a small pale-haired lady...I don't know anyone who fits that description, so she must be on her way still.

  • Hi, I sent my pic and my friends by e-mail 🙂

  • Thanks Captain!

    Here's my picture... my hair's actualy kind of curly, although in this pic it isn't..

    (Hopefully it won't affect the reading ^_^)

  • Oops, it should work now...

  • I generally love to cook when I have time and I love to put meals on for people even though I haven't done it for a while. I'll have lots of time to explore this soon! I will say that I believe GARLIC belongs in everything and use it extensively. It's very healing.

    What do you see about my relationship with my friend? Anything?

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  • You do describe her pretty good. She's been alone for a while now but there is usually someone on the outer lying edges that she sees but never fully trusts. She hasn't been in a serious relationship with anyone for years.

    She was told she had problems with her cortisol levels. We just haven't been able to figure out how to fix that and she has no medical insurance. Good reading! I can't wait to share with her. Thank you!

  • Captain, Thanks for the reading. You're good! Persecuted huh? Food for thought. Other members of the family have thought that of their past lives I guess that puts me in the same scenario, I hadn't considered that. I hope I can live up to your description as a leader soon enough. I love helping people I believe it's part of my purpose in this lifetime. I always appreciate a read from The Captain.

  • HiddenDiamond, I feel you ahve very special potential - that you can go a long way, even to become the head of your country. But it is very importna that you develop the self-belief to listen to your own intuition and good sense and allow that to guide you, rather than listening to anyone else's advice, even your family and friends. If you follow your own vision and inner wisdom, you will be be a great person of great benefit to mankind.

  • If there is anything on anyone's mind that wasn't answered in the reading, please feel free to ask again.

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  • AuntBuck, I feel your friend is very envious of you and your easy way with people. She feels your life is so much better than hers.

  • maybe this time!

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