Photo Readings

  • I cant wait to read your replies to the posts ahead of mine! :0) How cool. So here we are... waddya think?

  • grabbed the wrong version. I'll try again. Sorry about that!

  • I did it. I had to export it as a small file instead of continuously cropping.

  • Newbetter, I can hardly see you in that pic - do you have a bigger one?

  • AuntBuck, you may not know it but you give healing to others through food. You have an amazing ability to put love and good vibes into what you cook for others but more than that you have a talent for choosing the right ingredients and flavours to give optimum healing. You insitnctively know what food is right for each person. The more conscious you are of this ability, the more you can apply it.

  • AuntBuck's friend, there is a lot of wariness here. This person does not trust easily. Her heart centre is very blocked and may even be causing physical symptoms - she needs to work on her trust issues and being more open to others. She also doesn't think she is strong enough to handle being hurt or living alone for long. There is a very dominating man around her who makes her keep her guard up.

  • Addictdtoriches, I feel you need to explore your creative/artistic side. Do you design things or draw?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wenchie, the man in the top pic is someone who loves to be free - he will never be tied down to anyone or anything for very long. He hates any type of restriction or limitation although he has encountered plenty of those in his life. He also cannot be pushed into anything but can be gently persuaded. But he hates trickery and will not tolerate being fooled - anyone who tires to trick him will be instantly struck off his list of freinds.

    You photo is saying to me "Please I'll do anything if you'll only just love me." There is an older man in spirit behind you urging you to give all of yourself to a partner and spare no effort to make him happy. Pay no attention.

  • Hi captain, thanks for sharing your gifts with us, could i e-mail you a picture as well?? of myself and a friend of mine?? the reply you can post it here 🙂

  • Libralady2008, the woman on the right is a font of wisdom if only she trusted herself enough to rely on her own judgment. There is a lot of enrgy surrounding her head so she must be a very mentally oriented person. The woman on the left relies on the other woman to support her and often feels uncertain about life. If she had more self-confidence, she would know how smart she is. You two are very creative when you get together with good ideas and could even run a thriving business.

  • one question, how recent does the picture has to be or it doesnt matter??

  • RCDreamer, you think very deeply about things and seek to undestand the mysteries of life. But you have difficulty communicating your visions and feelings to others because you have a fear of being misunderstood or rejected for your beliefs as has happened to you in past lifetimes of persecution. But you have an important message to get across and mustn't allow your fear to hold you back. The things you see and feel are quite beautiful and can uplift others. You can be a spiritual leader who can guide others out of the wilderness.

  • Yeaahh, im really creative, so people tell me..i was thinking about going to a fashion college but

    Havent designed anything but i guess my room & im very stylish dresser

    No art at least not yet.

    thanks im gonna look into my creativity 😉

  • Lctdog, see my email addy above.

  • Hi Captain,

    Another great idea!! Thanks !! What do you get for me and Piet pleaase ! what should i be doing I am very stuck at the moment and cant seem to get forward in any direction.

    Many thanks xSusie

  • Thank you Captain the one on the right is me and the left is my daughter..she is 15 and yes she is very smart but need the confidence you speak of. Yes I also need to learn to rely on my own judgement as far as alot of things go. Is there anything else that you see other that for us as a family in general or our future what does that hold.

    Thank you again,Love and Peace to you in all you do

  • Darkness angel, I see you poised on the point of a knife edge - you feel if you move, you will fall. You feel some urgency to move on but now is not the right time. Now is the time to gather your strength and rest. As the world swirls around, you will find peace in the small things. Don't look ahead - just deal with each day. What you fear will only manifest if you focus on it. An angel is coming to or already with you in the form of a small pale-haired woman. Heed her advice and look to her for support.

  • OOps photo did not load above!!

  • Gladyouwroteme, there is a lot of uncertainty in this photo. The man is very insecure and I feel he wants to be somewhere else - to escape life. The woman is trying to hold onto him but feels she is losing him. She needs him to prop her up and be the guiding companion she needs to get her through life. But the man is not up to looking after anyone but himself - and even that is a difficult task. He is very different inside to his outside. Inside he is very fragile and insecure. he wants to hide himself from the world and live in a protective shell. He fears he is not much of a man. He likes the woman's kindness but fears the responsibility of her wanting him to look after her. What she really wants is a parent-figure.

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