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  • Thanks Captain... worst of luck for me huh? A few more photo readings please.

  • APA, the first guy seems more trustworthy than the second guy. The second guy is deceptive while the first is easy-going and nicer.

  • Captain, this might be a strange request but would you be able to delete my photos under these pages? Its an old username and I'm trying to protect my privacy. Thank you!

    ^the only photos on that page

    ^The top 2 on that page.

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  • Hogwartsgirl, you would have to contact admin to remove your photos.

  • Totitoti, I need to see an actual photograph of a person in order to read it.

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  • Totitoti, I meant a photo of the person you like.

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  • No.

  • Actually, I always trust your insight Captain, so I'll post up a pic too if that's okay. This is a pic of my best friend and me. I'm the fair haired one 🙂

  • Or the grey haired one lol!

  • Anything specific you wanted to know about, Moonie-gal?

  • I have a bit going on at the moment which seems to be the usual lately! I have issues with where I'm going to be happiest living, in a nutshell. Things have cropped up here (the place I returned to earlier this year) which have made me think that this isn't the "home" i thought it had been for nearly 12 years. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit like a floater - no roots or foundation. So I guess that may be the main issue on my mind at the moment. Oh who'm I kidding? IT IS THE MAIN ISSUE lol!! Thanks in advance Cap'n xoxoxoxo

  • The first thing that strikes me about you Moon is tiredness - absolute and utter tiredness of the way things have been for you. You really want a complete change in every part of your life. To do this though, you are going to have to drop the really thick shield of protection that you have built around yourself. It is extremely formidable and, though it is designed to shield you, it is so dense that it also keeps out good energy, and the light, from entering. You need to shed this suit of armour because you don't need such a thick covering. It is weighing you down because you keep adding to it every time you suffer hurt or disappointment. It has now become your prison cell. In a sense, you need to be reborn, minus this 'anchor'. I suggest you do a visualisation where you peel it off or crack it open or whatever works for you. Then make sure you discard it - I usually ask the angels and guide to remove any negativity or blockage.

  • Years ago I was told I had a very "impressive" facade by the wife of my boss. I thought I'd managed to rid myself of that some years later when I experienced what I called a watershed. I cried and cried and couldn't stop. And yet, here it is again. I've felt so damned sad and have shed many tears in recent weeks. (Out of interest, there was a comment made by my parents that I overheard one night where my mother told my father that the family doctor said that I was so sensitive that the world would "eat me alive" if I didn't toughen up. I never forgot that comment. I was only about 7 or 8 when I heard it).

    I want to move because I feel that staying here will imprison me in a way. I had such high hopes coming back here, and to receive the sort of "welcome" I did upset me to the core. One girl I worked with said I sometimes could be intimidating. Me? Geeze ... I'd never seen myself as intimidating. She's the one, so it appears, who's responsible for me not being able to work there again.

    Yet I'm so tired I feel that physically I am incapable of doing another move less than six months after the last one. In saying that, it seems necessary in a strange way; like I've done what I came here to do. There is a niggling worry that I may be running away too ...

    There are tears standing in my eyes as I write this because I am overwhelmed with all that lies ahead of me. When I think about it, I never wanted to leave the city. I miss the water. I have grown to love the bush though, but feel that the water is calling me back. Summers here are awful - dry, hot and relentless with temps averaging in the late thirties most days, topping out to sometimes in the low to mid forties.

    I still can't really understand what made me run back here, although in saying that, I was homesick. And now? I don't feel that anymore. I feel like I may leave here and never set foot in the town again.

    Thank you Captain for your thoughts here. It sounds easy, this peeling off process. I hope I can achieve it because I am tired of carrying around this awful blanket of hurt and disappointment. You're also very right in saying that I'm bloody exhausted. All I can see when I look back is constant loss, sadness and dreams dying. And me trying to compensate and pick up the pieces by getting on with it. I now wish to not just get on with it. I feel that I will go up to the hospital - my old workplace - and tell them quietly how their actions have hurt me. Then leave. It's a thought ...

    Again, thank you 🙂

  • Moonie-pie, when are you going to stop bashing yourself and instead accept that you are allowed to move around and try different things before you settle on something? You seem to feel you are always doing the wrong thing. You don't have to get things right the first time - in fact, people rarely do. When you see your latest move as necessary in working through any last sentimentality or connection you had for the place, you will be able to move on. Nothing is a waste of your time - there is only learning - and you are not stupid or a loser if you move around a lot or chose different lifestyles. If you don't experiment, how will you know what's right for you?.

  • I think this stems from feeling like moving away in the first place was an error in judgement, after we didn't quite succeed where we'd moved to, then of course, running back here due to me being homesick. My mother called me a "gypsy" and I dread to think what she'll call me this time God forbid! My parents have been in the same house - which was the first marital home - for well over sixty years. I guess I was thinking I am unstable or something. I'm sure my mother does!!!! This will be my 22nd move ... no wonder I'm tired hahaha.

    I'm scared, but excited. We're going house hunting in the area next week, and meeting up with a lady who has guaranteed us a job as a couple when we arrive there. It's all strange how it's working out in its own way.

    It's funny you should mention the emotional attachment to this area, because that's the first thought that crossed my mind when I returned from the discussion with my old boss. I felt like the umbilical cord had been cut. So in between tired sighs, I am heaving bitter-sweet ones as well; and saying goodbye to an area that served me well for a long time.

    Thanks as always; I do appreciate your wisdom, said in as few words as possible, but getting the point across 🙂 I wish I had that talent, although I'm getting there lol!

  • Moonie, are you living to your standards and desires or your parents/mother's?

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