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  • SagittariusGurl, you seem to be defining yourself by what partner you have in life. Your strength does not come from someone else - it comes from you. You can be happy with or without anyone else in your life. You need to recognize your own power and wisdom so that you don't need to depend on anyone else to provide you with happiness. Don't put yourself down so much you think you are a helpless nobody on your own.

  • I was here a few weeks back, and you were very good with this, so I was wondering what you think of this gentleman who's contacted me via a dating site. He seems nice, but strikes me as being a bit clingy so far, but maybe I'm just being nervous.

  • Cibolo, this man is so insecure and desperate for love that he will do anything, say anything, or be anything you want to win you over. He will promise you the moon even if he doesn't own it. So don't be taken in by any grand promises or boasts. He will do everything, that is, but be himself which he thinks no one will like and that his real self is boring. He puts on a nice guy face but inside he is miserably unhappy and lonely. Once he has gotten your attention, he will never let go. Even if you want to are dead right about him being clingy and desperate.

  • Thanks, Captain. That was somewhat the impression I got, too, but it's nice to hear confirmation. The couple of people I've talked to about him in my immediate circle are kind of poo-pooing my concerns, since I tend to be kind of stand-offish personally anyway.

  • I was going to delete the photo in case someone who knew the guy saw it, but the little x next to it isn't working, apparently. Is there some other way to delete it?

  • I think you have to contact admin and ask them to delete it -

  • Captian,

    This is my boyfriend and I. Just wondering what impressions you get.

  • Sorry. Let me try that again.

  • Sadsag, wow, this guy with you is one big mass of tortured, turbulent fears about intimacy and giving up his independence. Equality in a relationship would stabilize him but he's too afraid to stick around long enough for it to take. I wouldn't count on him ever being ready for a commitment. He wants love but is just too scared of settling down with one person or even of settling down at all. Part of him will always just want to be a child rather than a grownup. It might be many years (or never) until he is ready to face and deal with his fears. And until he is ready to face his fears, no one can help him. He would rather not look into himself that deeply. In this way he is more in love with himself and in keeping himself safe and aloof than he is with you, or anyone else.

  • Hi Captain,

    Would like to know what you see about me are things going to start looking up for me soon?

  • Hi Captain,

    Would like to know what you see about me are things going to start looking up for me soon?

  • Captian,

    I am sorry to say that I think you may have hit the nail on the head. It makes me sad because he has so much good in him and we are good together. All for not if he is not willing to do the work.



  • xVirginiax, in what area of your life do you need things to be better?

  • All of them lol! Just dont know what to do with regards to career and love life! living situation and money 😕

  • xVirginiax, the reason you don't see which way to go is because you don't yet know yourself well enough to see that there is only one path that will suit you. You have to put aside everything that other people want for you and decide what it is YOU really want. You need to know your personality and inner 'you' really well in order to get in touch with who and what will make you authentically happy. I sense so much confusion in you that I cannot see your way if you cannot. Take some time to slow down, go within, and meditate. Put all the other voices who may be telling you what to do aside and search for your own voice - and only yours. Then that voice will tell you what to do. Be still and listen. You know in your heart what you need to do - now listen to what that heart is telling you, even if it seems to go against the lifestyle you are living now. You have to live authentically if you want to find contentment and happiness. Don't do what you feel you SHOULD do, do what you WANT to do and forget about pleasing anyone but yourself in this vital matter of your life and how you choose to live it.

  • The Captain,

    Thank you. I know I am confused but sometimes its really hard to tell the difference between your own expectations and other s expectatins that you have adopted as your own! Ive spent months thinking deeply now and still im none the wiser. 😞

  • Virginia, this is where your intuition has to step in. You need to listen to your gut feelings about the decisions and choices you make. It is your best and wisest guide. You have to do what YOU want in life. Running around trying to please other people will only leave you exhausted and unhappy. You cannot please everyone, you can only please yourself. This is not saying you should disregard other people's feelings but you can't live your life according to others' wishes. Find and follow your passion.

  • Thank you, your right!

  • Evening Captain,

    I was hoping you could help me out with a reading of myself and two friends. Just wondering what you see. I am in the individual in the middle. Thank you so very much. ~Jamie

  • Well, JamieGirl, I would have to say that you are the happier of the three people here. The man and the woman have much hurt and fear in their eyes and the man has a lot of wariness about him. He holds back his feelings and doesn't share much of what he is thinking or feeling. He thinks a man just bears it all without complaining. The other woman has sadness and hurt around her. It's like you are the balance in the middle, although I also feel you've had your share of trouble to bear. But you are like a light to the others to smile through their pain, the voice that says it will all work out OK.

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