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  • Art10, the top photo shows a woman who is very wary of other people - especially those she doesn't know well - and fearful of being hurt. She needs to relax her guard more and trust that she can handle difficult situations. Instead of waiting around to find friends she can really trust (which given her level of caution could take forever), she needs to believe in herself and her own strengths to endure whatever life throws at her. Tell her to take a leap of faith if she wants to move forward!

    The woman in the bottom photo feels like a deep thinker and a very spiritual person to me. She keeps a lot of what she thinks to herself and can be very private at times. She likes to take her time and weigh things up before taking action - if she does take action, that is. Only someone as equally thoughtful and spiritual would be a good match for her. She feels rather lonely to me but it's better to wait for a compatible partner that just settle.

  • Hi Captain....

    How are you ?...I was just wondering if you can give me a reading of David and maybe tell me if he needs special care attended to any specific isssue.

    be blessed,


  • Misstonya, I feel there is something about his hearing that needs to be checked out.

  • Hi Captain....

    Oh my goodness....Now I wasnt expecting for you to say that...all has been going ok and he has been maintaining...the last thing I need is for him to lose his you feel theirs a loss in one or both ears captain.......also do you think that it would be a good idea if I bought david home with me to take care of him along with some home nursing...just asking.....

    thanks captain,


  • Well, Misstonya, looking after David on your own would be a fulltime job that would leave you very little time for yourself. Also I feel he benefits from seeing different staff members where he is throughout the day.

    I don't feel the hearing problem is bad yet, but it may need checking out.

  • Okay Captain....thank you very much....he does see numerous of people at that home and goes out to places,like the movies, chuch, museums, I get what you're saying...but one day I truly hope that he is ready to be at his home with me and his for his hearing I will look into this and his ear phone settings,David has mp3 players that he listen to thru headsets sometimes...I had the volume set but the staff may have increased it somehow.

    But thanks captain again , your advice is very trusting to blessed oh and please pray for us all in baltimore(me) and bowie(david), maryland of Hurricane Sandy.



  • Hurricane Sandy is coming for all those who have done wrong to others in a big way. It is their karma.

  • Can you tell me what you see in me.

    Thank you captain

  • Here is a link sorry don't know to work with pictures from my phone

  • SagittariusGurl, I see unhappiness, fear, wariness, and terrible self-doubt in your photo. Your worst enemy is yourself. There is a war being waged inside you and you are letting self-deprecation win. Don't keep on putting yourself down - all people are equal on this planet and you are one of them. you have many talents and good points and strengths. Unless you believe in and love yourself, why would anyone else do so?

    I sense a lot of the doubtful thoughts in your head are not your own, but have been drummed into you when you were younger and very impressionable. Now you have to sort out the voices in your head, getting rid of anyone there who isn't you. Then you can start to rebuild yourself in a newer, happier, more self-trusting way.

  • Captain can you tell me what you see in this two please and thank you

  • SagittariusGurl, what in particular did you want to know about these people and who are they to you?

  • Just whatever you pick his the father of my daughter and his new wife

  • Sorry just whatever you pick up on them

  • SagittariusGurl, I feel this man and you have been growing further and further apart, and that you have become quite different to the people you were when you met. He feels this new woman suits him better than you do now and she does. They are very alike in that they are both selfish and self-serving. And it also works both ways - he is no longer suitable for you anymore. I feel he is going to drift out of your daughter's life bit by bit as he gets more involved with the other woman. But you won't need him anyway. I am feeling there is a burly, muscular guy in your very near future. A big man who has a gentle heart of gold. Gold in his pockets too but you will have more money of your own by then through a good job offer that will come soon. Be on the lookout for something that is a bit different to what you are used to, work-wise.

  • Thank you Captain in fact you are right about everything. We have grown apart a lot I feel that he no longer cares about and I feel that I also don't care about him. He has been drifted from our daughter I guess that other woman really works his head out and is pushing him away from his daughter. Do you see if their marriage will last? As I was told by him he only married her for only one reason.

  • SagittariusGurl, there is more than the one reason that he told you for his marriage. He has a lot in common with this girl. But let it go now.

  • I try to let it go but I just can't is just so much that overwhelms me about him. There's times when his good with me and lovely and then turns and does just the opposite. I get so emotional at times. I even ask myself if am ever going to get thru this.

  • SagittariusGurl, life is all about choices. When you say you cannot get over this guy, it's because you don't really want to. When you really want to move on from him, you will. You are clinging to the past when you were right for each other, and not living in the present reality where you have both grown apart. You just have to believe there is someone else out there for you.

  • Thank you Captain hopefully that person comes soon so i can just be over and done with him.

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