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  • Sorry I changed my question above, I realized it was a silly question

  • Dear captain, please dont mind me asking again.

    This is a couple, he is someone I want good things for in life and I wonder what can you tell me about them?

    Especially what sort of person she is ? do you see this two going on strong?

  • FishyOne, I am not comfortable reading for other people who are not in your life anymore and whose permission I don't have, unless their business affects you in some material or threatening way.

  • Hi Captain, a friend told me you were good a reading photos. This photo was taken on my cell today and this is my husband. We've had some challenges and I'm seeing/feeling strange vibes looking at the photo tonight and wonder where we're headed; I keep getting a feeling that within the next two years we might not be together. What do you see here? Thank you.

  • k, me again. Can we try again?

  • Farmergal, from your photo, I get the feeling you may be right. Your husband is really not comfortable around others. He is not a sharing or very trusting person so he finds it awkward when someone wants to get close to him. He would probably be more comfortable, if more lonely, living on his own away from everyone. It feels to me like he will break away quite soon to live out a hermit-like existence because that is easier for him than opening himself up to anyone. That's a shame but he has too many fears and insecurities about relationships to be happy in one - at least at this point in his life. It's too much like hard work for him.

  • CrabbyOleBat, who is this man to you and what did you want to know?

  • He's a sweet guy I met and had a few dates with. I just wanted to see if you got any more insights about me, my future, love life, stuff like that. Right this moment, I'm very interested in finding out if you have any ideas about my financial future. I didn't get a job that I really wanted, and now things are looking a bit uncertain.

  • CrabbyOleBat, this man is not your love soulmate but he is a very nice person who really likes you. So enjoy yourself with him, but don't go pinning all your hopes and dreams on this one. He will let you down because he won't be able to satisfy you where and when you really need it.

    Any lack of finances relates to self-doubt or self-deception. You need to reconsider the work you want to do - I feel you cannot focus on it enough because it is not exactly right for you (in that you may not be seeing the full reality, only part of the fantasy). Ask someone around you whom you trust to be honest and wise about this - they may have a good suggestion about what you should really be doing with your life.

  • Thank you Captain. He says he doesn't like being alone but we seem to have different goals for the rest of our lives. I even moved away at one time, but he said he wanted to be with me and called me constantly after I moved. I felt bad for him and came back. This has been a pattern and I thought when we finally married maybe things would be different. I thought by now he would be retired from his job and we'd move to the country but now it seems he doesn't want to leave the city and I prefer the country. He keeps putting off retirement and comes up with reasons like he wants to pay off his bills. He underwent bankruptcy once several years ago. But then he seems to create more bills that have to keep being paid off. I don't want to be alone either at my age but I'm frustrated by the uncertainty and his moodiness. Sometimes I think I'm not enough for him, but he can't be honest and tell me so I can move on. Thank you again for your comments, I think they will help me

  • I understand Captain, I am sorry if I offended you in any way. The man is in my life and I hope he will remain to be so that is why I asked. I understand why you cannot and I respect it.

    Thank you

  • You didn't offend me. But FishyOne you do not have any claims on this man anymore. Friendship is no reason to keep up with his personal business. I also think, if you were honest, there was just a bit more than friendly interest here.

  • Hi Captain. I would like a photo reading too if you have the time.

  • Captain, I just had to tell you that I had a breakthrough tonight. I spent half of the day crying and praying, couldn't figure out what was causing everything to go wrong, and went to a Wisdom Circle that I attend weekly, and BAM! The answer came to me, with the help of the others in the circle. You were right, I haven't been loving myself, there are issues of unforgiveness, where I have felt rejection, and I forgave the other party, but not myself. And, one of my very intuitive friends told me that I have been blocking the knowledge of these wounds because they are so painful, and I immediately felt the energy shifting. It was wonderful to have that cleared out.

    I wanted to let you know that, and give you my sincerest apology. I truly did not see it, I guess it just had to come uncovered in its own time. Hopefully now, I can get back to the business of being FABULOUS!

    Thank you.

  • Congrats, CrabbyOleBat - I think you will have to change it soon to HappyOleBat 🙂 - things should really pick up for you now. We all have our blind spots, things we can't face, and that's why we all have to help each other.

  • Cookiie24, looking at your photo, what struck me straight off is the number of spirits who are around you, some you are aware of and some you aren't. Many of your passed on family and friends are hovering, sending you good wishes. This usually means you are someone with mediumistic ability because the spirits sense you are open to them and swarm around you. You should do some internet research into mediumship and how it works. It may also explain why some strange incidents, like hearing voices or seeing ghosts may have happened in your life.

  • Hi Captain, what do u see in this man? we used to date back in 2010. now we r kinda picking up things again...

  • Hll, well it depends what you are looking for in a partner. If you want someone who will control and dominate you, make you conform to his every wish, and not allow you to be an individual at all, this is the man for you. I find this guy very scary, very cold and calculating, and above all ruthless. There is also something rather perverted sexually about him and he often ears a mask of civility but is far from civilized.

  • Hi Captain! Could I please have a photo reading? How are you doing? I am doing well.

  • oops lets try again

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