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  • Vee0829, you are two very different people yet somehow this relationship can work. Your friend is a bit of a 'lost boy' - he will look to you to help him find his way as life gets very confusing for him at times. You feel like an anchor to him, someone solid whom he can cling to when he feels he is in over his head. You are a very nurturing comforting person but make sure you don't get cast as the parent or mother here. Only an equal relationship of two adults will satisfy. Once your partner has found his 'sea legs' again, you must encourage him to look out for himself and be his own person - you don't want him to become too dependent on you to do everything for him, though you might feel tempted to play the responsible adult. He is a nice guy, though he has know some deep sadness in his life. He sees you as his place of rest and safety, but you need a partner who will take care of your needs too.

  • Thank you for your time and the reading. He's actually a boss and a marine with high honors. He's going to be done in May too. Hes the opposite of what you Described. Very independent. Mature otherwise he wouldnt have my time. Ambitious and career oriented . Hes quite impressive for a young man of his age . And we are almost the same literally life story and personalities, same tendencies. Im a mother ,so maybe what u see is he likes that I'm motherly ? I don't know. I've seen your work captain you are truly wonderful at readings but I'm going to have to disagree on this one, it could be the picture. = )

  • Vee0829, despite what he may seem to be professionally, a strong leader - in his love and personal life, I feel he is very different to the 'face' he wears when amongst his peers. He is far from tough emotionally, (rather tender actually) due to some bad experiences when younger. He may look after others in his work but he himself wants someone to look after him at home.

  • Hi Captain, You can find my pic at the bottom of page 260, and this Libra guy pic is attached.

  • didnt finish the words.. please see if we have future together as couple? and what else should i know about this guy? Thanks, Captain!

  • DDTT, I need a photo of you together to be able to read what vibes are between you. But reading this guy's photo, I feel that he is a nice enough guy but he tends to be overly impressed by status, fame, money, and celebrity a bit much. He likes to hang around with the 'in' crowd and gets a bit bored with 'normal' people. I don't feel he would be content to stick around you for long unless you suddenly became rich or famous.

  • WOW Captain, your reading is spot on! This guy works in the film industry and he's quite successful. He does hang with celebrities a lot. and since we r living in Los Angeles, ppl here love to show off. what u said makes perfect sense. But he did sound sincere that he said he's looking for the long term love. maybe not? I donno.... I wish i had a pic of us together ;( too bad. So Captain, based on what you said, it sounds like we probably wont have a long term relationship. am i right? Thanks

  • TheCaptain thanks for doing this but would like to send the photos to yor email. can you post it again ?but in the mean time can you tell me something about my cousin? i will post her picture

  • Livingadream, I am not allowed by admin to post my email so you would have to post your photos here for a reading. My email gets deleted.

  • DDTT, until this guy loses his rather immature attraction for celebrities, ordinary people do not have a chance with him - though it's true he is looking for longterm-love (just with someone rich or famous preferably).

  • ok thanks. i have trouble posting pics ..need to make them smaller i think

  • Hi,

    my first post here and if it possible,I would like to have a reading too 🙂

    thank you very much

  • the fist photo was too big, i'm sending another one 🙂

  • Yaymorena, I feel you have a sensuous, passionate, and deeply giving nature - but you have been hurt many times for it. There is a sadness and vulnerability about you that draws those who would take advantage of you. Yet you cannot stop giving to others as this is your nature. You just need to be more discriminating about those you give your heart to. Use your intuition and get more information before impulsively jumping into relationships. I feel you have strong physical needs for love and comfort, but you need to put those urges aside and find out first if you and your potential lover are compatible emotionally and mentally as well. I feel you may mistake roughness or arrogance for strength. I sense a deep well of creativity in you that may be fulfilled by being a mother but that also needs expression through perhaps singing or dancing or some form of creative physical outlet. I feel music and exercise is very necessary for your balance and harmony.

  • thank you so much TheCaptain, spot on 🙂


  • Hey captain, love you to take a look at a pic of my son, how's his future looking??

  • opps posted before i put pic in his birthday is 5th feb 2000

  • ok this time

  • Coolkharma, your son will have to learn to take some chances if he is to succeed in life and love. I feel he can be too cautious and fearful of 'rocking the boat' at times and may pass up some great opportunities if he clings too tightly to security and routine. He can be rather detached at times and indifferent to others' feelings, and although this will serve him well in decision-making and handling emotional or critical situations, it may get in the way of him getting close in relationships. He is an intelligent, independent, versatile person with great vision who however may be too heavily dependent on logic and analysis, so perhaps you could help him bring out his feeling/intuitive side more so he can become more heart-centred and spiritually aware? He does have a deep almost insatiable need to receive love, but personal isolation may be the result of his over-detached or overly self-reliant nature. He may also show a tendency to skim along the surface of life but should be encouraged to do some deeper investigation into himself and into life. If he is careful to cultivate both sincerity and soulfulness, the highest achievements of this world, plus great personal fulfillment, are well within his grasp, Due to his integrity and inner wisdom, he will lead others by inspiration and example.

  • Would like to see if you can respond to a drawing of someone close

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