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  • Oh, sorry I don't have a smaller picture to download = (

  • Sweetoty, try making your photo smaller at www dot shrinkpictures dot com

  • Thank you Captain = )

  • Sweetoty, this is a very upstanding guy who feels very protective of you. This relationship to me feels like a sort of 'Superman and Lois Lane' type of thing - your man is such a hero kind of guy, always wanting to look after others and, despite the fact that you can take care of yourself, you love his protectiveness and caring nature. You complment each other very well. The only thing that might cause problems here is that you will have to accept that this guy cares so very much for all people that you may have to 'share' him because of his big heart and his need to help and protect others. He might not always be available when you need him because of that.

  • Dear Captain,

    Lol yes I do admire him just like many others do. But He's not really my man anymore. He's the ex I still spend time with. I asked him last night if we can ever be more then friends again and he said he would prefer to remain as only friends. Love stincks! Lol. But He is an upstanding man and extremely special to me.


  • Captain, is there a way I can email you the photo?

  • Sunnybyash, the admin here don't allow me to post my email address. You could post a link to your photo through Facebook or something.

  • Would you please look at my Facebook photo and tell me what you feel? Thank you.

  • Livamom, I feel you could be a very wealthy successful woman if you would only let your creativity flow more - and trust it more. I feel a lack of confidence and a reluctance to take a risk is stopping you from being highly effective. Don't keep making excuses. You need to push through in what you know you can do. I feel you have a sort of "Oh my work is not as good as the proper professionals" excuse, but it really IS! You have some original ideas so don't be afraid to follow them through, even if your ideas are very different to what is out there at the moment - that's a good thing. Honestly I feel success in your career or even a hobby that could turn into a business is so close around you. You just need to push through that wall of fear - and go for it!

  • Thank you so much! You've given me a real boost of confidence, because that is EXACTLY the way I feel and have been thinking about my art. I've just been through a horrible personal relationship issue and wonder how you see this playing out?

  • Hello Captain...

    ...same person...again 😞 We've had quite a few bumps in the road the past few months because of mutual confusion in our relationship. Even now, I'm still not sure what I want, and I don't think he does either. Nevertheless, I still miss him dearly. From what I understand, this photo was taken last night. Can you pick up anything in terms of us or other relationships around him?

    Here is also a recent photo of myself. I've been feeling a lot of amazing changes. Anything you see at all?

    thank you again! I hope whatever happens with my friend here will be the last of it for awhile. I miss his his friendship.

  • More specifically, Captain, with my friend here - do you see us reconnecting/resolving at all? That's really what I'd like to know...just didn't ask it right 🙂

  • Livamom, this horrible experience has instilled a lot of fear and trepidation in you when it comes to meeting new people. In case it all happens again. But things only happen exactly the same as in the past if we do not change our ways and thinking. You always attract what you fear so unless you learn to fear less and trust more, you will always find yourself in the same place and facing the same experiences. You have to grow and move on, to face life with courage and know that you have the strength to survive anything. If we don't learn our lessons, we are bound to repeat them. Try to understand how you got into the terrible situation, what motivated you to attract that sort of person - it may indicate that you have low self-esteem and lack of self-worth if you continually attract bad people. You may think that is all you deserve. Or you may just want to help others.

  • Tooralooryeaye2, I couldn't access the first photo. But what I feel is that you two cannot resolve your problems while you are seeing or being in touch with each other. You need to be apart and undistracted by each other in order to figure out what you really want - not a fantasy, not what you hope the other person will turn out to be, or what they will give you (completeness or support or protection), but what you want in reality. You have to see each other as you really are and decide if that is what you want. Neither of you knows what you want at the moment so that is what you must work on - alone. You must learn more about yourselves so that you can understand what works for you, what your soul desires. And you cannot do this while you are in a relationship with each other - or with anyone. The only relationship you need to work on right now is the one with yourself. Do that and all other relationships will flow more smoothly.

    From your photo, I can see you are trying so hard to be and appear happy but a lack of confidence and a lack of self-understanding is holding you back. There is a lot of confusion in you but you can relieve this by doing the inner work I mentioned above. Until you discover who you are, nothing in your life can run smoothly. Once you know yourself and what you really want and are unafraid to show the world who you really are, your lifepath and choices will become easy and obvious.

  • Dear Captain, here I am again. Wondering yet again about a certain person. So please could you give me some insight into this man. We used to date a long time ago and I am wanting to know, how does he view me? what are his thoughts on me?

    and please could you give me some insight into him general?

    I appreceate i a real lot

    Thank you

    him :


  • FishyOne, to tell you the truth, this guy only thinks of the world and other people through his own insecurities and self-centredness. He only thinks of how he is feeling in a situation, whether he is performing well or badly, and whether he is impressing or turning off others. He never really felt you truly 'belonged' to him or loved him as he has very low self-esteem and a lot of fear. He is totally wrapped up in himself and, if other people are not around him physically, he tends to forget all about them and concentrate on his own real and imagined problems and emotions. He is not that interested in how other people feel except towards him. To him, you were only important as far as you made him feel good. But he never really feels good for long because he is so into himself and his rigorous negative self-examination. It's ironic that other people would like him far more if he was more into them. But no one ever really reaches him because he is so deeply withdrawn into himself.

  • Thank you very much. That does seem right about him. He tends to be negative at times and cant see the good sides. thank you on your energy

  • Hey Captain , it's me again just another blog here is a pic of my me and my first Taurus 5/8

    and me and my other Taurus 4/24. tell me what you think please .

  • I'll try and send pics again...

  • pictures to Big Captain is there anyway I could send you the pics? thanks in advance!!

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