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  • trying again....

  • Well let me ask about myself since I cannot seem to upload our picture:(

  • Think I have them resized correctly now.

  • Bestcushyone, wow, is that you in the top photo?

    Your ex was a very insecure and inwardly withdrawn non-sharing type of person deep down. He was looking for a mother figure, someone to coddle him and do everything for him. When he realized you wanted to be more than that to him, he backed off and found someone else who would treat him like a little boy and 'spoil' him.

  • Hello Captain,

    What do you see for me?

    I am curious.

    Thank you.

  • Sorry about that...

  • ElAl, I feel that you take on too many of other people's problems and neglect your own life and feelings to a certain extent. You have compassion for others but you need to bear in mind that each person must be responsible for themselves. We can advise and support them but ultimately they have to stand on their own feet and own their life as they have made it. I also feel you tend to overthink things - to the point where you talk yourself out of trying anything. You need to stop thinking and use your gut instincts more. There is a powerful intensity about you that may be a bit off-putting for other people so learn to relax and let go more. FEEL your way through life, don't over-analyse it to death.

    So there is a lot for you to sort out about yourself at the moment - don't worry about meeting a special someone right now. YOU have to be your own special someone right now. Focus on working through your fears and issues in regard to relationships. Love will happen to you when you are focused on something else.

  • Yes that is me in the top photo. Thank you, hoping he found what he needed. It just really hurt that he jumped into something so quickly:( Can you tell me anything about myself?


  • I am going to post a more recent picture. The one above was almost a year ago and I was in love (or lust) at the time. This is one after we broke up but before I found out he had another woman.

    Thanks again!

  • Bestcushyone, I do need the most recent photo of you in order to give an up-to-date reading. (I must say you do look gorgeous, confident, and powerful in the first photo!)

  • hi captain, would appreciate a reading from you! wondering abt my love life and my career. is this man im dating my future husband? when will start a new job? whatever you can tell me would help! thank you!

  • forgot the pic...

  • OK here it is. It is a picture from our (my club's) Valentine's party:)

  • DDTT, let me say I feel that your basic problem and cause of all your uncertainties in life is that you don't know yourself and what you want well enough to get them. When someone knows who they are and what makes them happy, they have no need to ask anyone if their career or love life is OK. I feel you tend to settle for what comes along, rather than searching for what you want - because you don't know what you want. You need to spend some alone time meditating on what dreams and desires you may have given up on because you came to think they were not achievable. Deep down you know whether your current partner is the right one for you and which job you want to go for but don't dare to. You just need to dig down deep to that place inside you where the truth is hiding and be brave enough to peek inside. Your whole life may be thrown into upheaval once you realize what you really want and how really you want to live if you do this - but you will be set on a more authentic and happier path than the one you walk now.

  • Bestcushyone, you are a deeply sensitive. psychic, and powerful person but I feel you tend to fear being hurt. You don't know how strong and awesome you are or you wouldn't fear anything. You truly can handle any situation or person. You only feel vulnerable because of your great sensitivity but this can be a handy tool to help you assess any circumstance or person and thus avoid danger or heartbreak. Open yourself more to trusting your gut instincts and put your emotions away until you know you are safe. Don't doubt that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

  • Hi Captain....

    How are you....its been a while since you seen a pic of my son David ....can you give a reading of him...I feel he looks & feel alert and focus...can you give me more insight good & bad....thank blessed.


  • Misstonya, yes there is definitely more awareness there. David wants to get better.

  • I've recently found out some things about myself that have made me feel funny. Well, sick would be a better word. I know I over think things. I usually do better when I don't think so much, but it's sometimes so hard to quiet my mind.

    Hah haa haa! I've had that advice given to me many times, but it's so difficult not to think about it. You are right again, as I do need to focus on other things to get my mind away from my 'love life.'

    Captain? I know it's dumb, but I feel like I can not rest until I find out about this. I feel like I have been having many existential crisis' since I found out that what's on my birth certificate is not right. I don't doubt my parents are my parents, just the date I was born. I feel like I'm so superficial to follow horoscopes, but I feel like I've never been able to fit completely with what my birth information tells. Is there a way that you can tell me of this? I haven't seen many astrologers that offer to find out, so can you recommend someone that's good at finding this out for me? (I know you're good at astrology, but I don't want to take more time than I already have.)

    Thank you, Captain!

  • ElAl, do you know your correct birthdate - and what is your 'former' date?

  • And while astrology can give you some clues about yourself and what you have come here to do (and what issues and fears you may need to resolve), you can figure out this information just by being observant and getting some feedback from people who know you.

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