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  • Hello, my name is Stasha, I am a 33 year old empath and healer from california.

    My specialty is reuniting twin flames, lost loves, relationship and past life karma. However...I have NO barometer when it comes to my own love life, yet I have this STRONG sensation that I need to reach out to this forum today, as I am struggling with an internal issue in LOVE (the irony!)

    I have two people in my life and I have a feeling that one of them may be MY twin flame!

    #1 I have not met yet in person, but have been connected through his father, as we are all musicians and I am going to be working on a song of his. I have had intense visions of us together, and the emotions if i even see his photo send me into a frenzy, not to mention his music has totally helped me open up my heart chakra. #2 I have known a very long time & has recently come back into my life. We were never a couple, but also worked on music together and always had an INTENSE attraction. We were intimate once, and always flirted, but both had other people in our lives and it was never the right time. Suddenly he just popped back into my life and he is just so loving and sweet. I also trust him a great deal. But i am so conflicted. 😞

    I would like to know which path to take, #1 or #2 or if someone new is coming in altogether #3?!

    I spend so much time helping others with their issues, I feel that it is OK to ask for a little guidance for once. I also know that I can be quite naive and can put energy into the wrong directions, ESPECIALLY when I am heavily occupied by giving readings to other people.

    I am happy to return the favor to anyone who needs help also!


    p.s. I attached photos of #1 and #2. the eyes always help me, perhaps they will help you as well!

  • I didnt mean to post in two sections, but could not figure out how to delete this last one.

    This is ME. stasha, 33 year old empath and shaman from california

    do you see anything? i feel intense pulls around me and know i open portals from time to time by accdident 😞

  • try # 2, darn dimensions

  • Hello are you still reading picts??? Can you please do mine?? Thank you in advance either way. Have a lovely day.

  • now I know what they all ment lets try again.


  • IAMstasha, how funny that you send me the eyes of your friends, saying you know it is more helpful, yet you send me a photo of yourself with eyes closed. I do actually need to see your eyes.

  • SavannahSpider, I see in this photo a woman who is extremely fearful and wary of other people in case they hurt her. She is protective of herself to the extent that she doesn't let down her guard much at all to let others in. There is a big lack of trust and other people sense this and it makes them back away. When you close yourself off from hurt, you also close yourself off from love. I also sense you saying in this photo "Am I really a worthy, valuable person?" Self-doubt and fear holds you back from achieving all that you want. Unless you tear down the walls you have built around you, no one or nothing good can get inside to reach you. You have to have the courage and strength to face life without a shield, confident that you can handle whatever life throws at all and that you can survive it and even thrive. Only then can any good come to you. You have to be willing to take a risk and let people in. You must rely on your gut instincts - your intuition - to tell you who can be trusted.

  • Thank you Captian 🙂

    I'm still working on myself, an ongoing daily process of trying to come to terms

    with parts of myself and heal them.

    For my sister's vibes. I have a feeling you picked up my friend's vibes (the guy in the green shirt)

    He is exactly how you have described on the reading. Still i love him the way he is and

    even tho i don't agree with many things he says i respect the way he is.

    Thank you for sharing your gift and time with me!

  • No that was definitely your sister's vibes I picked up, SunCappyGirl.

  • OK I agree with the wont let walls down. Have not had the best of luck lately. Would rather be alone in nauture or with animals. But the am I worthy...... I have moments of that but they pass rather quickly. I guess I should meditate on these things. I belive you may be seeing something I have not. Thank you again for taking the time to read my photo.

  • Dear The Captain, I would like to ask you your reading on this woman.

    Thank you very much.

    ( not a love or family relation)

    maybe this can help me as to relate better to her

  • FishyOne, you've got your work cut out for you, getting along with this woman. She is so very fearful and doesn't trust ANYONE. There are many bad experiences in her past. She has erected HUGE impenetrable walls to protect herself and tends to be always in attack mode, never relaxing her guard. You have to earn her trust before she will be less aggro and more accepting. She has to believe you won't hurt or disappoint her. It won't be a quick process, this earning her trust - it could be many many months or even years before she will drop her barriers to let you in. But I get the feeling that nobody really gets right behind those walls, though some very trusted associates may get a little peek at the real 'her' now and then. She wants people to totally support her and be loyal, no matter how she behaves or what she does that might be offensive. Yes, it's irrational but she has to know, needs to know someone is on her side.

  • Hello TheCaptain. Can you tell me anything from this picture please? x Thank you

  • I'll try again

  • Thank you Captain. You are right she is very much in attack mode, she is a profesor and gives trouble to everyone and sometimes i get the feeling to me especially beacuase i am very sensitve in nature. I feel she is someone who is very frustrated with life and takes her anger out on others.

    Thank you on your insight very much!

  • Rainbowbright89, this is a very loving, creative, and compassionate person but she is extremely sensitive and easily hurt. She has been hurt a great deal by other people and by life's disappointments. But it's mainly because she tends to idealize life and flee from its often harsh reality. Her imagination can get away from her at times and she sees things that aren't there (like in romance). That means she sets herself up to be fooled by people and situations because she imagines them to be perfect when the reality can be far from it. It can make her very wary of people. If she wants to protect herself, she must come down to earth and have the courage to see life and people as they are, not retreat into the fantasy world in her head. It's only by being aware of what is truly going on around her that she will be safe from harm. She also needs to explore her creative side more as I feel she has artistic talents, eg. design, that she hasn't explored yet or doesn't see in herself because of self-doubts.

  • Spot on TheCaptain and thank you :). I don't know if you would be able to see if this girl will be finding love? She has been really hurt. x

  • Rainbowbright89, she is too closed off and self-protective right now to attract true love. She needs to tear down the walls she has built around her to let love in. She needs to trust again and be willing to take a risk.

  • Hello, Captain, I wondered if you could pick up anything from this photo of me and my ex boyfriend. It is not the most recent photo of us but the best I could find since I decided to do this. I am a little sad as we broke up last month and I found out he has a new 'friend' already. I am wondering if he ever loved me at all. We were together for 1.5 years.


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