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  • Wow! You are amazing Captain!

    Yes, he is a dreamer and very romantic. He has put me on a pedestal which is scary, but I didn't know he did that with everybody. It sounds as if I should not have any expectations there. Although he knows me pretty well, he is bound to be disappointed at some point.

    Can you tell me anything else about him? His honesty, his self-confidence, his loyalty, kindness, anger... How he feels about himself, his life, etc.? Any advice?

    Thank you for your kindness.



  • Hobbles76, have you tried expressing your concern for the pain he is obviously carrying and suggest counselling for it? I know it will be difficult for him to admit anything is wrong because that would mean exposing his insecurities that he thinks he hides so successfully.

  • Sundaychild, your friend is very singleminded and always puts himself first and foremost, so his true loyalty is to himself and his own needs. That is how it should be for all of us but it gets to be selfish when he doesn't consider how other people feel or what they might want. But he doesn't think of himself as selfish and would be shocked if someone accused him of it. And he does possesss the ability of empathy - it's just that he doesn't often use it with other people. What he most wants is to be able to be himself and to express what he thinks honestly and have people love him for his individuality. But he is afraid of being rejected as a freak or eccentric for his ideas. Rather than say what he truly feels, he tries to guess what other people want him to say and do, and give them what he thinks they want in order to be accepted. This is not a guy who is especially into monogamy so don't give away your heart completely unless you are willing to share him with others. Ironically though he can be quite possessive himself - it's hard for him to let go of former relationship partners, even if he was the one to leave them. Issues with sex may preoccupy him to a large extent - he may chase or eschew it because of his deep feelings of unworthiness.

  • Newsl4ng, only time will reveal the truth.

  • Triple WOW Capitain!

    Does this mean that he has a problem with his self-esteem or feels insecure? something fro his past?

    Could he be cruel, resentful, hateful? A couple of times I noticed anger and resentment in him when he talked about someone I don't know. I found that disturbing and I wonder if he would be the vengeful type.

    I had noticed that although he can give me so much attention when all is well, as soon as something goes wrong in his work or something else, he becomes very self-centered and unavailable.

    Thanks again


  • Oh! Capitain, what about lying? Is he a liar? Thanks again.


  • Sundaychild, oh yes he can be very resentful, hateful, and revengeful. He can carry a grudge for a long time. And yes he lies but he doesn't see it as lying, but merely telling the person what they want to hear.

  • Dear Captain,

    I actually asked him if he had any counseling when he first told me about his traumas, but because he was willing to share that with me, I didn't want to push him too much at that moment. I told him about the counseling I went through after my marriage was destroyed, and how it really helped me, But I really do want him to get help for the traumas and insecurities if that is something that will hold him back from the happiness he truly deserves! 🙂

    Thanks again for your help!


  • This is my baby Elijah James Barker. Due date 12/25/11 (born 12/22/11)

  • This is my best friend Adam and I at dinner last week. I've had this done before but I kind of want to see what type of reading I get now that I'm in 2012. Thanks.

  • SexxiiScorpio, ooh, a special baby here with a lot of Master Numbers in his birthdate! Elijah will be a very uniquely creative, expressive individual - a curious blend of extrovert and introvert. He will have a quick wit, deep spirituality, be clever technically, and he will contribute something extraordinary and inspirational to the world. He will work for the greater good of humanity. Teach him to always follow his formidable intuition and powerful insight - and to act on them - because they will be the voices of his inspiration. Don't let him spend all his time talking about his great ideas - urge him to put them into action. And don't let him succumb to a dour or overly serious attitude either - otherwise he may choose to withdraw rather than go out into the world with his ideas. Teach him to laugh and have fun and to believe in a Higher Power that will always care for him. There will be something of the Zen Master about this child - his ideas, innovations, and creations will be noteworthy not just for their originality but for their beautiful simplicity. He is in for a truly inspired life journey that will also affect many others too.

  • Mizgator, I see two gorgeous people, very happy to be together and comfortable in each other's company. What more could you want?.

  • Captain,

    This man is very complex but I love him and he loves me, at least I think he does. What is your advice?

    Thank you

  • lol Thanks Captain. I guess I just kind of wanted to see if there was anything that you can read about us (individually) from the picture. He has never gotten a picture reading done before so I think he will find this interesting. Also, I haven't had one done in a while so anything new would be awesome! Thanks for the compliment!!

  • Sundaychild, so go on loving him until you see signs that he is not returning your love. Then you move on.

  • Mizgator, I wish I knew both of you in person because you radiate such nice strong energy. Both of you have a positive outlook that will help you survive any problems or strife in life. You both strengthen, admire, and support each other - it's a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • awww thanks Captain! I have to agree we really do have a great friendship. I'm so happy we've found each other!

  • What do you see between us? What kind of future. 🙂

  • Here's the picture that goes with the above question

  • sorry, couldn't get my dimensions right 🙂

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