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  • Thank you so much. Dont know why he would find me annoying but explains the avoiding when i come close.. I dont see him much....

    Made it easier on me to move on

    Thank you again

  • FishyOne, this guy wants to find his intellectual equal but he never will (because he's really not that smart) and will end up alone because he thinks he is so much brighter and better than other people.

  • the little i met him, i couldnt tell if he is that smart or no, i do know that what he is studying is very hard stuff.

    And the girl he is dating now, doesnt seem that smart.

    When ever i think about what type of person he is I can never put my finger on it, I never feel he is this or that. He feels all over the place to me.

    Well, sorry to bug you and thanks again

  • It's good that you are trying to use your intuition about this guy, FishyOne - you should practise it more because you are very gifted psychically.

  • And what gets in your way is your self-doubt.

  • Young man on the left 🙂

  • Dear Captain,

    I was wondering if you can tell me anything I don't know about this man and I in the picture. 🙂 Just curious what you see.

    I am feeling so amazingly lucky to have him back in my life.

    Thank you,


  • Sorry, here's another try at the picture... 🙂



  • Newsl4ng, if I could put thought bubbles above your heads in this photo, you would be saying "This guy loves me so much. I am so happy" while his bubble would say "I love and adore this woman - at least when I am with her. Then again, I tend to adore whomever I am with at the time. That includes the other women I see when we are apart. I forget about anyone I am not physically in the presence of - I can't help being this way and I don't want to change - I live for the moment and it's just who I am."

  • Hobbles76, this guy might be with you physically, but is he actually back in your life? See, how he is leaning away from you - this guy has trouble with intimacy, with letting people get close to him. Consequently though you may think you know him, he doesn't confide much in anyone or tell them what is really going on with him. He avoids getting into deep and meaningful relationships or discussions about himself because he feels that no one could like the person he is inside. He was made to feel insecure and worthless when he was young. And because he can't even get close to himself for fear of his dark side being revealed to him, he has not dealt with his issues nor has ne changed much since he was young. His emotional growth was stunted very early on so he is emotionally very immature. He fears other people, even those who try to be his friend. He is a very self-isolated and fearful man.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sundaychild, is this someone close to you as I don't feel comfortable reading for someone who is not involved with you in some way?

  • Yes, very close. Possibly future husband...? Thank you.

  • @Captain: Thank you! He does live for the moment, that's for sure.

  • Newsl4ng, as I said, this guy loves whomever he is with. He doesn't think of anyone else then. If you can cope with his extremes - absolute devotion while he is with you, then absolute disregard while he is away, then fine. But be aware the periods he is away from you will grow more extensive with an increase in the women he romances. He has no sense of being a cheat because he only focuses on one woman at a time and gives them his total attention. he thinks that is fair. He will never be tied down to one person. If you can cope with sharing him, then go for it.

  • I hate to sound like I only want to listen to things I want to hear, but eck, really!?

  • Dear Captain,

    So funny that you say that about earlier life, we actually dated when we were much much younger. 🙂 And I don't know if this makes a difference, but he is in a wheelchair and said he didn't want his picture taken, so he was trying to get out of the picture when I was taking it... 🙂 This was one of many shots, but it was the only one where he wasn't making a goofy face... 🙂

    And as for the worth when he was younger, he has shared some information with me about his childhood that would make anyone feel that way. Is there a chance that getting him into counseling would help him be his best self and happy with who he is? I do want him to be comfortable with who he is, because he has two boys and I have two boys who we both want to be happy with themselves as well. Is there anything I can do to help him in any way? As a side note, he is in the wheelchair because he is a quadraplegic and he doesn't really want people to recognize that, so he goes out of his way to ignore that fact. But he does so much for other people and cares so much about other people's feelings, I want him to be happy too!

    Thank you Dear Captain,


  • Yes, Laci, this guy really needs some intense counselling to raise his self-esteem and erase the past miseries or else he will never feel good enough. He has suffered through his childhood and I'm sure his being a quadraplegic would make him feel less of a man too. He thinks that people only want to be with him out of pity.

  • Sundaychild, this man is quite the dreamer and is often disappointed when his dreams don't materialize or the reality is not as good as he hoped. He is the same with people. This guy is very hard to pin down as he likes a certain amount of freedom to go his own way and dream his dreams. He tends to put people on a pedestal before he really gets to know them properly then feels disappointed when they turn out to be less than his dream vision. He rarely confides his big dreams as he is afraid other people would laugh. Very romantic at heart, he loves being wooed and chased, but he might be less than responsive when actually 'caught'.

  • Thank you Dear Captain! You are so sweet. Any suggestions on a gentle non-immasculating way to get him into counseling?? 🙂

    Thank you again for all your kindness,


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