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  • Hi Captain....

    Wow....he does...I knew maybe the ventilator was a problem for him...but not the feeding tube and this was thru his stomach the doctor tried putting one thru his nose (down his throat)..but he vomit and it couldnt be place today.....he can only go 5 days maximum without a feeding tube..this is technically day 2...he is getting nourishment thru an IV.........I will have more info on monday morning of another alternative but to my knowledge these are the only two ways...thank you captain...


  • Hi Captain! My friend and I again. Here is the photo:

    Please ignore the guy on the right. The ones I would like read are myself (yellow) and the guy in the back.

    I have a couple of particular questions about each other individually and our relationship. You've read us before, and over the course of time we've known each other, I have determined that we are soulmates. However I'd like to know how our relationship stands--I can take or leave it in any way, but it is so dynamic and deep that sometimes we get lost in it and forget which way is up and what we really want out of it or each other. There are times where it is romantic and there are times where it is purely friendship. My friend is going through some things, and I am also going through some things. He constantly asks me to move to be with him, about 500 miles away from where I live now. I am considering it despite the amount of extra problems it will cause us when that time (college) ends. This photo was taken just last week, right before something big happened between us.

    What I'd like to know:

    --Obviously, what is going on with him? What is your general impression of him currently? We are very open and brutally honest with each other but I'd like to know if my instincts about what he doesn't say are correct, or at least along the right path.

    --As I mentioned, I am going through quite an upheaval right now. I feel really disconnected from myself and not really sure about a lot of things. What do you see?

    --Our relationship is mostly long distance. Is it better that way? Do you see any moving in the future?

    Thank you again! 🙂

  • Tooralooryeaye2, well, you would have to tell me what your particular suspicions are so that I can say if they are correct or not.

  • And do you have a clearer photo of your friend - he is only half in your posted pic?

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  • The girl on the left is confident and sassy and very much a leader because she knows she is attractive and smart. The girl on the right is much less confident about herself and likes to hang around with the other girl in order to try and be like her and to mix with her circle of friends and acquaintances. She tends to live in the other girl's light, so to speak. The girl on the left must be careful not to abuse the power she has over others and the girl on the left must become more independent and believe in herself more. When that happens, they will probably drift apart because neither will need the other any more (the girl on the right feels she must look after the other girl because of her greater fragility).

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  • Hi there, sorry it took me so long to reply. I'm having big internet connection issues at home 😞 first I panicked, wondering if I had another photo from that same time frame...then I went looking for something else on a memory card and found one from the same night! Yesssss.

    As for my "suspicions" I'm mostly curious as to WHY he wants me to move. I want to as well, but I can't make up my mind. My gut says that he has conflicting feelings for me, and that there may be another man or woman still in the picture he hasn't told me about. In terms of our relationship and whether it becomes something different, I can go either way. We both identify as gay so it's confusing for us anyway.

    He is a classic Cancer (Sag moon, I think Libra rising) and so when he suggests that I move ("You should transfer here. I bet you'd major in so-and-so if you came here. You're the only person besides family I want to really see when I'm home anyway...") it takes a lot of reading between the lines, and the guts to look him in the face and spell out for him what he isn't saying.

    Again, ignore the guy on the right 🙂

    Also! I just recently reunited with my pooch, Czar this week, after being apart all summer. Could you do a general reading of him? Is he happy to be back? Does he miss his temporary summer place? Is he lonely for another animal? Do you pick up if he is in any physical discomfort/pain or ill? I feel sometimes he's completely content and other times he is still confused and feels unsettled. Even though I've only just gotten him back this week.

  • Janettam, I mean the girl on the left is the one in the Mexican T-shirt.

  • Tooralooraeaye2, your instincts are right about your friend - he is very confused about love and sex. He is trying to sort out his feelings on these subjects and is not very sure of what exactly he wants. A move would not work well because if he changes his mind about you (he is just experimenting with the opposite sex at the moment) you will be left high and dry as he will disappear on you if things get awkward. He loves your support but doesn't know if that is real love or not. Neither do you. You shouldn't work out your issues on one another as you are both uncertain.

    Your dog is lonely for his own species, although he knows you love him. But human company for him can never replace his own kind. he needs some doggie company from time to time, like playing in the park with them.

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  • SSAfrica, you might want to keep what I am picking up from your parents private. Do you want me to send the reading to your email address if you have one?

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  • SSAfrica, I hope you got my email.

  • Well hello Captain:

    How are you....David has started the weaning process from the ventilator and he's doing amazingly good...he had a feeding tube infection that placed him in the hospital since Sept 2nd...he's healing from that as well....I just wanted you to see him through his progress and thank you for you insight as always blessed..


  • Hi captain again...

    Heres the other pic of David taken yesterday....

    be blessed again,


  • Yes Misstonya, David is undergoing the inner healing which will affect and improve his outer health. He WANTS to get better now. That's wonderful news.

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