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  • Dear Captain,

    I'm just curious what you see in the picture of me and my "friend" taken almost a year ago after we had been disconnected for more than 6 years. I feel as though we reconnected so easily and naturally for a reason & the chemistry that we instantly had (and still have) was amazing but he's ambivalent about whether he wants a commitment or not or if he even wants a full-blown, serious relationship. Do you pick anything up in general or with regards to a relationship between the 2 of us?

    Thanks so much for your insight!!


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  • Jettagirl, I love the vibes you two give off as a couple - you are two very nice people. But your friend's problem is his low self-esteem. He just cannot believe anyone would really love him and stay with him or that he is worthy of a loving partner. And when he is feeling very insecure, he goes off to be on his own, away from the weight of expectations he feels other people put on him. He desperately wants a long-term committed relationship but just when things are getting good, he will pull away out of fear that something will go wrong (or he will stuff up the relationship) or that all his happiness will turn into the pain of rejection. He finds it hard to let go and just enjoy himself because there is that constant nagging fear that it will all be taken away. He must have felt very unloved or unwanted as a child. Only the passing of time will reassure him that you are serious about the relationship with him.

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  • Dear Captain,

    Thanks so much for your insight into me and my friend. What you say, I believe to be true to a large degree. I kept emphasizing wanting to maintain the friendship but had a fortress built around me due to past hurt & insecurities and couldn't believe that he could really be into me yet I was also dealing with (and still am dealing with) his rampant insecurities. Just as an aside, he is the middle child of 5 but the eldest boy and they were all born w/in 6 years of each other and his parents divorced at some point so he is definitely the product of some version of a "broken" home to me explained a lot about commitment issues. I have faith that things will work out for us the way the universe intended b/c we had chemistry when we were simply work colleagues and now that we are "friends" with so much more going for us, I can't imagine no longer having that "gift" in my life.

    Thanks again...


  • SSAfrica, this girl is more into herself than she is to you, or anyone else. But she does enjoy your company. But it's all about her getting what she wants and not giving much back to anyone. She is quite self-centred and calculating, and can be quite ruthless in doing and getting whatever she wants. Her number one priority is herself. She would dump you in a heartbeat if she met anyone she liked better or who could do more for her. That's nothing bad against you - that's her problem. But you are giving more here than you are getting or deserve.

  • Thank you, Captain! You are definitely right. I do give a lot and put in so much effort. Do you see a future between us or us being potential soul mates? And is there any advice you can give? I appreciate it.

  • I don't know if it would change anything, but my date of birth is 12/30/87 and her is 4/30/91.

  • SSAfrica, this girl will stay with you as long as you give her what she wants, as long as you please her. But she will move on the minute she grows bored or restless. You will become tired of pleasing her and getting little back. This is no soulmate relationship but it is a useful learning experience to help you know what you want (or not) in a partner. You need someone who gives back as much as you give her.

  • Captain,

    I guess that I'm in a similar boat that SSAfrica is in with the question about if you can provide any advice, if I am correct in presuming that we did re-connect for a reason or if there is possibly anything more that I can do to re-assure him that I really do love & care about him & always will no matter what? My DOB is July 9, 1976 and his is June 12, 1965.

    Thanks again for your insight!

    Jettagirl 🙂

  • Jettagirl, your friend doesn't put much stock in your (or anyone's) words and promises, even though communication is so important to him. He needs to see you stick with him through thick and thin for a long period of time before he will begin to believe you won't up and disappear on him.

  • PS Jettagirl, your friend is not good as a loner and he definitely loves the romantic notion of getting married - it's the state of BEING married that might be a problem for him. Once married, he may find there's not a lot to talk about with his partner. If he loses a mental connection with someone, it's more devastating than losing a physical or emotional link. In his past relationships, he probably jumped in very quickly, only to get bored and jump out again. He can feel crushed when someone turns out to be different to what he expected or hoped. But that's his fault - he must take more time to get to know other people before getting deeply involved. Being rejected or walked out on in the past has made him very wary and particular, and he may now even try to control his relationships. A lack of tolerance and understanding of the other person can create problems too. If communication breaks down between you, all will be lost.

  • Captain, it is just SO frustrating sometimes! He can be incredibly amazing one minute and then the next, he's flaking out on me, forgetting to call or let me know what's up if we had loose plans to get together. He is constantly responding to my questions about us with questions or when I tell him that I don't want to bother him, he responds that he doesn't want to bother me. I know that in a past relationship, he jumped in only to remain in while scoping for what else was out there and has been disappointed in what he found but settled for the "relationship" because he didn't want to be alone. Now, he's not playing the field that I'm aware of but takes a step forward and another 2 backwards. We can't have a serious conversation b/c he jokes about things & I think talking about things makes him uncomfortable but I don't know what else to do besides try to communicate but it seems like things that are said get misinterpreted by both of us. I know I need to breathe and relax but it is easier said than done. I guess I'll keep plugging along though - for now.

  • Hi Captain.....

    Hope all is well.....I had to send this pic to you of David (he's looking at a pic of his father, who hasnt been in his life nearly none)...I see in David's eyes that he recognizes faces and he wants more for his self than whats going on with him...can you please give me insight of what I see if Im correct or not....thank you,


  • Hi Captain,

    What can you tell me about me and my partner Michael. My dob is 29/07/84 8.55 am, Mikes is 3/3/1991 12.20 am.

    Thank you x

  • Yes Misstonya, your son is finally getting tired of his 'comfy and safe' situation. He wants to get better.

  • LeoLou, your partner Michael is looking for a place to feel loved, safe and protected. But he can become deeply dependent on (if not fiercely clinging and overattached to) anyone who can provide this safe haven for him, like a lover, a teacher or an organization, and needs to learn to feel safe inside himself and to not rely on other people or outer circumstances to give it to him. He has many fears and insecurities about life. He needs to find something he is good at and devote himself to - mastering a trade, craft or profession - which will give him the feeling of empowerment and self-respect he needs to feel better about himself and therefore safer and more confident in the world. He is always acutely aware of how he appears to others and cherishes his image very much. He probably sets very high - if not impossible - standards for himself and his work, and his relationships can also be fraught with overly high expectations. He will have to watch a tendency towards workaholism as he may neglect the people in his life for his work. He has the natural instincts of a studious loner and may often 'disappear' into himself or away. He has a fear of those who are wiser than him rejecting him but must overcome this vulnerability order to gain the necessary apprenticeship with a mentor. He will struggle however to maintain a positive attitude in the face of educational challenges and will need your support to work through the depression, self-negation, and a tendency to withdraw in the face of tough decisions or situations, which dog his life.

    Your relationship can at first be very seductive and later encourages a kind of rebelliousness that could threaten its longevity. It can attract a bevy of hangers-on, but an overload of social and personal responsibility can prove debilitating for both of you. You two are usually better off when you hide your light a bit and turn down the charm. Together you can make great strides in personal and spiritual levels so it would be a shame if you neglected those areas. Your love affair can be stormy at times. Disagreements and clashes over responsibility, money and divided attention may periodically surface. You LeoLou may tire of your partner's clinginess and will probably be the first to want out. Marriage is not recommended here as you are unlikely to satisfy each other beyond a certain level and in the long run are unlikely to build a stable emotional life together.

  • thank you Captain....luv ya...xoxoxo....I knew it...all is beginnings for me Im working on....thanx blessed


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