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  • Yes Misstonya, your insitncts about your son are good. You should wean him off the ventilator as I feel he thinks it is an intrusion and it frustrates him. There is some fight left in his spirit so encourage it.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for the interesting reading. I have much to add but I want to get a minute to compose my thoughts.


  • Captian.....

    Thank you , thank you so much i knew it was more in him ....i can see it it his his movements....David has more I knew it ....I felt it. ....he's my son.....this boy has football, basketball and baseball trophies...I talk to him all the time of not giving up....thank you...Im gonna work a lil bit harder on him the way I sent a pic of me to get some insight especially financial...if it dont show....I will post my response on your vibes thread....thanks captain.

    be blessed captain as you are,


  • Misstonya, I feel you need to put more energy into your finances and general situation - you shouldn't be giving everything to David and keeping nothing back for yourself. When you don't give enough energy and attention to your own situation, things can get very chaotic and out of control..

  • Hi captain,

    Thank you for that message and you are on point of finances and my current situation its already a lil crazy....

    thank you be blessed,


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  • Ok will try again.

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  • C0rmack, from your photo I get the sense that you are a great communicator with an agile mind. But I feel you make yourself very worn down by turning your attention to too many projects, people or events in your life. You must seek quality over quantity and learn to stick to one thing at a time to its completion. I feel your attention can waver quite quickly and you will move on to some new person or project without really getting to know the previous partner or situation as deeply as you could have. Take some more time to assess people and situations and don't pass them over too quickly. You might be missing some fine quality or detail through impatience, boredom or restlessness. Don't get too attracted to the darker side of life and people, or confuse instability for excitement, either. Avoiding aloofness, excessive communication, or hypercriticism will bring great rewards in both your personal and professional life.

    The man in the photo has many talents and abilities which can make him a career success. Yet he also has a tendency to get depressed over a chronic feeling of being misunderstood. He can be withdrawn, intense and even possibly dangerous at times, disappearing from loved ones physically and/or emotionally. Keeping his turbulent feelings under control is a full time job in itself. He may have imposed any number of rigid controlling structures on himself and repressed his true feelings. He can also develop love and sex dependencies - he falls in love with being in love - and becomes convinced that each new partner is 'the one'. Fidelity is not his forte.

    Together you and he may be very physically attracted to each other. There is some aspect of a love of beauty in this relationship and you may also share an interest in beautiful artwork, clothing, music, decorations and furnishings, crafts etc. Your love affair will be thrilling, fulfilling and sexually satisfying, yet very unstable. You both have critical tendencies that might interfere with the relationship's smooth flow. Communication difficulties can arise when you C0rmack feel that your partner is only pretending to understand you and doesn't really get you. If he is indeed feigning comprehension or getting too involved in his career and not enough in you, you will be furious. Meanwhile if you do not fulfil your practical duties or continually miss appointments, your partner will become exasperated and may even write the relationship off entirely. Once the Pandora's Box of emotions is opened here, it may be difficult to close it.

  • Thank you so much, Captain. I guess I will skip this guy ;P. The last thing I need right now is someone emotionally unstable in my life. You are right on pretty much everything about!

    Just wish this guy was a better option..he gave me a good vibe the first time I saw him. I guess my radar is off a bit lol.

    Again, thank you for your insight...have a great summer!

  • Hello Captain, I haven't been on tarot for such a long time, don't even come on PC much either, too tired, mainly since I had a stroke a couple of months ago, I'm still battling to get back my health.... but I truly hope you don't mind me posting pictures of my beloved dog Dylan, he's 7yrs old, I would love to know what you pick up from him, I worry so much in case he's suffering at all, most of the time he seems ok, still enjoys a walk etc, but sometimes he seems, well, depressed, I feel so uneasy about him, I'm scared in case I'm being selfish by keeping him here, and at the same time I can't bare the thoughts of allowing him to be put sleep if he's not suffering....the vet just says carry one doing what you do, (he's diabetic), they just treat symptoms, they are not really into picking up energies from I would be most grateful if you could let me know if there is anything you see...

    Thank you so much,

    love and blessings to you

  • HealingWays, your dog is not suffering so much physically as emotionally. He has lost most of the will to live and is very tired of this world. He is preparing to pass over but stays around because he senses how much you would miss him. But he will not be able to hold out for much longer as his physical strength is waning. If you truly love him, you will give him the peace he longs for. Bless and thank him for being a wonderful companion but let him go. Animals are far more accepting when their time comes. They don't fear death like we do. They are always aware of the angels and spirits around them and are soothed by their presence. My beloved cats have all passed on now but they often visited me after their deaths - not so much now as I have accepted their passing. I miss them still but I know we will be reunited one day in a better place. That - and knowing they are not in pain anymore - is my great comfort.

  • Thank you captain, I know your words are true, and even though my heart is breaking I know I must let him be at peace.

  • HealingWays, I could feel you knew what had to be done - you were just looking for confirmation. Know that your loved ones will always be around you in some form. Nobody ever really leaves us - we all share a universal consciousness that can never be broken.

  • Thank you so much for your comforting words, and you are right my friend ,I do know deep down what has to be done for the sake of my beautiful boy, I just need a few days to talk to him and tell him how much I love him and I will be okay as I know he needs to leave, ..... I suppose I was just so scared I may not do the right thing by him....and I was fighting with my emotions to keep him with me.....I get so confused with this, he seems to still love his walks and his food, but then the rest of the time I feel he's so depressed and sick of daily injections and irritation of his ongoing eye problem....

    once again, thank you!...I'm truly grateful to you.

  • HealingWays, what your soulmate dog loves is you...and that connection is deeper than just physical. You share a bond that will not be broken even when both of you pass over into spirit. Love is eternal.

  • Hey Captain! Can you post your email again? (try replacing "." with the actual word "(dot)" so the admin wouldn't remove it). I've been going through trying to find your email. I'd like to send you a picture to get a photo reading! I appreciate it very much! =]

  • I just realized it's against the policy to be posting up emails. Is there any other way I can get your email, Captain?

  • Do you know if the pictures that are uploaded on here can be deleted afterwards? If so, I don't mind posting it up and deleting it after the photo reading. =]

  • Yes SSAfrica, admin will delete photos or posts after the reading if you ask them.

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