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  • Marishkaa, I would need to see a photo of your husband in order to tell how your marriage will be.

    But I don't see much happiness or satisfaction in your photo so I wonder if the life you are living is really the one you want. I feel you put up with a lot just because you aren't sure what else there is for you out there in the world, and change is scary. I feel like your life is one long even line of enduring - no big highs or lows, just shades of grey. But if you are waiting for some lightning bolt of luck to strike, you will be waiting forever. Your life is what it is according to what you do with it. No one but you can make it any better or worse. You have to know exactly what you want and be prepared to do whatever is necessary (in a positive way) to get it, even if it hurts someone else. You cannot expect to be happy living your life for others or according to society's rules - you have to live it for you. That's not selfishness, it's just plain self-love and self-respect.

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  • Hi Captain,

    I think the photo readings are so interesting. Would you please do one for me? Can you tell me if I will ever have a relationship where I am happy?


  • Oh the size was wrong. Helps to read the directions. Let's try this again.

  • If it doesn't work this time I give up....

  • Marishkaa, if you want to attract a husband, you will have to give out more positive vibes and take positive action to get what you want. Simply hoping it will happen won't work. The Universe helps those who help themselves. I feel you have become rather resigned to your life the way it is so you need to put in some effort to change things. Happiness is not sheer luck.

  • Hello Thecaptian, these two people are close friends of mine and I'm not sure what to do. They both come from dark times, and I am not sure how they will push themselves out. Could you please give me any general advice about these 2? What is coming up? And what I can do to help?

    Also I posted a thread that got pushed out quickly, so I may have your attention on that I would deeply appreciate it.

  • Chellyc, whether or not you ever have a happy relationship is entirely up to you. It's not a randon act of fate but something you have to work at by eliminatibng any negative feelings that might be blocking you. You may be subconsciously sabotaging your efforts to find a partner through deep fears or issues about relationships. Also I feel you have a big lack of confidence in yourself as to whether you are attractive or worthy enough of finding love. If you don;t love yoursefl, how could anyone else love you either? Whatever you give out comes back to you. So if you give off vibes that say "I am not attractive" or "I am not worthy of your love" or "I am frightened of commitment" or whatever issues you might have, this will attract the same sort of insecure and anxious types to you. If you want a strong, happy, loving partner, you must give out the same sort of vibes yourself.

    I feel you have the tendency to hang onto things and people way past their 'used-by' date, when they no longer serve you. I think also you may be a bit gunshy when it comes to meeting new people but don;t let your past adversely affect your future. Stay open and use your intuition to hel you discern the right type of person for you. Don't let your need to win people's approval turn you into someone who gives everything she has to others in order to win their affection - you must do for yourself too. Your key to success lies in your willingness to abandon unproductive or hurtful behaviour and habits, specifically a certain tendency towards combativeness. Developing the ability to think before you speak will vastly improve your relationships. Objectivity is needed to stop you getting too emotional. You must also be careful not to use your well-stocked arsenal of charm and verbal ability to manipulate others into doing what you want. Don't try to control everything in your life all the time or take things so personally - relax, feel free and go with the flow more, and this will help calm any emotional volatility you may have. Admit others into your life more unconditionally and without so many expectations.

  • AngelicSensuality, until your friends' self-esteem and sefl-love and self-confidence is raised - until they feel worthy of just being alive - they will struggle to survive in this harsh world. If you can think of ways for them to feel better about themselves and to help them heal the wounds and issues from the past, then that will be doing a great deal for them. They must try to be positive because any negativity will only bring them down. Developing the ability not to care so much about what others think of them will help, too. Growing harder shells by not taking life so personally is key.

  • Thank you so much Thecaptian

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  • Isn't there a little X button to the right of your photo that will delete the photo, Marishkaa?

    Otherwise contact admin at and they will remove it.

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  • Lindsayyurb, I get the impression from this picture that you are zoned out, or 'elsewhere. I feel you have an escapist side or a fantasy dreamworld that you switch over to when things are boring, scary, uncomfortable or whatever for you in the real world. I don't think you really feel like you fit in to this world terribly well. It is often a hard place to cope with but you must be careful to limit the times you escape from it. You will only learn to cope with reality by facing it head-on and dealing with it, not avoiding it. But you can use your imagination in creative ways in this world, too, such as artistic work, writing, or crafts. That side of you can work well with reality if you try hard to make your fantasies come true and don't just leave them sitting in your head. Make sure you don't weave a fantasy around the people you meet either. That way lies heartache and disappointment if you continually see friends or lovers as someone they are not.

  • Hi Captain...

    How are you?....Hopefully in good spirits....I have been thinking for awhile of trying to wean my son David from the ventilator......I believe and know he can breathe and live without it.....he didnt have it until he got sick in May 2011...the doctor has changed his trach twice because he breathes against it...any way ....I ..WANT to wean him off....besides that David looks well...I just wish I coul bring him home...and I keep praying for new beginnings....Heres David...

  • Hi captain again.....

    I apologize...can you give me a reading on kinda got caught up in my emotions...



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