Photo Readings

  • okay...I think I have got it now.

  • Can anyone offer any help??? Please!!!

  • missinggammysgirl, TheCaptain will be back soon so be patient. 🙂

  • Dear The Captain,

    what can you see to my sister are going to keep each other and be close as my mum and dad always wanted to us and are we all have a good featured please let me know th.anks you

  • Hi Captain!-I was wondering if you can compare the compatability of my two younger brothers through this photo-whatever else you pick up besides their compatability is fine also. Im just curious because they argue and fight all the time but get along very well when they dont argue about something. My younger brother on the left DOB is July 26th 2000 and my younger brother on the right DOB is February 15th 2003.

  • I have clearer pictures of them both if you need them. Brother #1 (one the left side) is the first photo and brother #2 (on the right side) is the second photo. I was also wondering if you can do a photo reading for my youngest baby brother (DOB January 23 2011) who is the one in the third photo.

  • Sorry it posted differently than expected Brother #1 is at the bottom, brother #2 is in the middle and brother #3 is at the top. Sorry if this confuses you.....

  • COrmack and Candy3000, admin does not allow anyone to post their private emails or websites here. will have to keep trying to post your pics here - try shrinkpictures dot com.

  • Missinggammyschild, I feel your cat was taken off the porch by some local children in the neighbourhood. But your cat ran away from that place and is wandering the area. She will be found so check the vets both in your area and outside of it..

  • Asis, your brothers love each other - they are just displaying a natural competitiveness. Your youngest brother is a very serious child who thinks a lot and is very sensitive to what goes on around him.

  • Captain...I hate to be a pest but is there anything else you could tell me about her or where she is at? We live out in the country and she could be anywhere!!!! 🙂

  • Missinggammysgirl, there are no identifying types of landmarks where your cat is that I can 'see' - it just looks like bush to me. She is close to a water source, though, and has managed to drink. I feel she will turn up soon, rather the worse for wear.

  • Captain, it is me again THE PEST. I told myself that I would give it at least a week before contacting you again...but alas, I can't.

    Would you mind if I ask you again for an update on my Ethyl? I am so worried about her. She has never ever been away and I can't imagine her being someplace that she is not in comfort. If anyone else would like to jump in, please do. I need all the help I can get!!!! Would it help if I sent you another picture?

  • Missinggammysgirl, photos have to be very recent for me to tune into the person or animal in them. So an old photo will not help me verify your cat's present whereabouts. I still feel she will be found so keep on checking the animal shelters and vets, even in neighbouring towns.

  • So a photo from 3 months ago is too old? I'm guessing you can sense my feeling of desperation. 😞

  • Dear Captain,i would really appreciate a reading.This is my latest pic

  • Missinggammysgirl, yes, three months is too old. Have you tried offering a reward for the return of your cat? That tends to make other people look harder.

  • OljaP, there is a rather challenging aspect to your picture, as if you were saying to the world "Don't try to take me on - I will not be brought down." While it's good to be strong, it can make you come across as a little intimidating to other people and may deter potential partners. You should perhaps try to balance your male and female sides as I can feel a lot of male aggression and competitiveness coming off you. A softer approach will help people to feel more comfortable around you. I feel you have a 'shield' up to protect yourself from being hurt but it keeps everyone away - the good people as well as the bad. You only have to use your intuition more to help you tell who is trustworthy and who isn't. You don't have to be ready to fight or flee at any moment. Relax your guard more often to let people in.

  • Hi Captain this is actually funny to me but I was wondering if you could do a photo reading for one of my favorite artist I want to meet him one day (he has a contest coming up if I when I can meet him lol) Can you tell me what you pick up from him. Btw he is handsome lol

  • Hi Captain

    Was wondering if you could do a picture reading for me if so that would be great thanks so much!!! anything would be helpful but relationship wise and financial situation particular would help! thanks

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