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  • Patricia51, there is a lot of sadness, disappointment and hopelessness in your face. I also sense in you a deep longing for someone to take care of you and support you because you fear the 'big bad' world out there, especially as you grow older. But if you want to find love, you cannot let your past experiences rob you of future happiness. If you expect betrayal or hurt, then that is what you will get. Negativity only attracts more negativity. It's only by making a change in yourself that you will bring about a change in your circumstances. You are wiser now because of the past so you can be more alert to deception. When you meet new people, don't assume you know how they will treat you. Expect good behaviour. You have to be willing to trust again and open yourself up (even while retaining some caution) to new friends and experiences. And you can't expect anyone else to give you the support and comfort you need because everyone else is looking for that too - you have to find it in yourself, for yourself. Companionship is really all you should ask for from another person.

  • MELinSC, you are just feeling lonely in a strange place, pining for what is familiar even if it was bad. Once you get settled in properly and meet new people, you will forget the past and look forward to your future.

  • Patricia51, the man in your photo is a very traditional, inflexible, earthy type. He likes the male and female roles to be as they always have been, with the woman being the docile wife and mother and the man/father the head of the house. He has a lot of aggression in him, especially if he doesn't get his way. But he can also be good-humoured when everyone around him is behaving as he thinks they should. He would see nothing wrong with having other lovers in his life as he believes that is a man's right. On the up side, he would treat a woman well, provided she acted like a lady and knew her place.

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  • Ouch..well Sharelle you pretty much summed it up..I'm feeling all those things..and I'm working on myself..I'm a child of an alcoholic and I became one...but I'm in AA, I see a counselor..I volunteer.. the day you read the first picture I had a situation with another gentlemen I had met wasn't healthy and I'd like to think I've grown some since my experience with Chris because I knew enough to know this wasn't healthy and put an end to it.

    I am quite aware I give off "back off" vibes right now..Not so much because I am wary or distrustful..I don't want to be involved with anyone right now..not till I get back on my feet. I empathize a lot with MELinSC..I think when things aren't going well you dwell....and holding on till things till they improve can be painful. .of course it would be nice to have someone..we all want that..I am afraid as I get older that time is running out..but I fear more that I will not be able to provide for my own security..I screwed up so bad with the drinking and lost everything..I know I am the only one I can count on for that and I stress that I'll be able to do that. Where I am staying doesn't hold much in the way of good steady work.

    Do you pick up anything good eminating from my pic? LOL!

    Speaking of vibes..are you able to pic up from Chris pic ( baldy ) what vibes I gave off to him or what he thought of me?



  • I would like a photo reading as well....

  • Hankster58, there is a feeling in your photo of you two being fearful and anxious about the world, and your wife looking to you for protection. I feel you two don't like to take chances and may miss good opportunities as a result. You are never quite sure about other people, either. There is a sense of feeling rather like victims at the beck and call of random fate but in reality you create whatever happens to you by either being positive or negative. Like attracts like and you only get back as much as you put into the world. Calculated and well thought-out risks are not really risks at all. So don't let fear stop you from having all that you want. Work on any issues of mistrust, rejection, abandonment or being cheated or betrayed you two might have and try to release some of that anxiety. Relax and lighten up. When you use your intuition to guide you, and not your fears or emotions, you will always come out on top. When you fear life, you are not enjoying it and it can be so wonderful.

  • Patricia, what I pick up from Chris is that he always saw everything from his point of view and rarely considered how others might be feeling, except to be sure they were finding him unlovable. His good feelings towards you were wrapped up in his own ego and he didn't really ever wonder what you got out of the relationship. He liked you because you were willing to spend time with him and give him attention. He is extremely self-centred.

  • Scorpio72, the guy in this photo is thinking "I hope this lady realizes how lucky she is to be with me." He is very egotistical because he overcompensates for his deep insecurity. He likes to be in an unequal relationship where he feels the woman is weaker or dependent on him in some way and is grateful for his attention and company. Yet he also likes older or maternal partners who can mother him as a replacement for the nurturing he missed out on when young. He is in love only with himself. What he feels is need for others. He moves on quickly if his partner gives signs that she is becoming less dependent on him. He will have to mature A LOT before he could handle an equal partnership. The woman is afraid he will leave her at any moment. She can't understand why he stays with her because deep down she doesn't feel any love coming from him (but may not like/be able to face that fact).

  • Captain---You are so right!! Thank you!!!!

  • are so on the explained in a few words what I couldn't get straight in my head for months!. If I didn't know better you described a narsisist.

    Can you explain what he was talking about in that email when he said his silence was driven by the return of his sanity and that he was clear on things and focusing on the right things? and to be reassured he was doing this for himself? It didn't make any sense to me.

    Are you able to pic up any good from my pic?

  • Patricia, the email was just his confused way of extricating himself from the relationship before you dumped him (as he saw it). It is evidence of his state of mind that it didn't make much sense.

    Your photo is full of negativity - self-doubt, fear and insecurity - and you have to change that attitude if you want any good to come into your life. You are the only one who can do it.

  • Thank you for clearing this all up for me. I"m bummed that all those things are still eminating from me..I've worked hard on myself for the past 10 months to change my perception.

    I told a few friends how awesome you are and now of course they would like you to read their's. I'm going to try and post them but only once..if they don't work is there an email address I can send them to you?

    Thanks again Sharelle.


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