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  • Yep, probably hit the ball on the head - I feel I am the more solid one of the relationship. He is always away on business and is a great sportsman as well, cycling, mountain biking, adventure racing, latest canoeing - and where am I, at home with the kids. GGRR - gets my goat sometimes. Wherever the wind blows, that's where he will be. He has his own business that takes him all over the world and yet still prioritises time for his sporting activities. Needless to say the same cannot be said for prioritising our relationship - he takes me for granted. Hoping to change that this year!

    Strangely enough at one point I was the breadwinner whilst he was studying his engineering degree. I have never considered saleswoman though, mmhh.

    His insecurity comes from being a crab - my solidity comes from being a cappy.

    Thank you - very happy with this reading.....

    Oh, just a quick question, I have issues with trusting him, especially with him being away a lot. This is based on prior affair that he had with my best friend. Do you feel that history will repeat itself?

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    Thank you for this wonderfuI opportunity! Is there anywhere I can send you a photo? Or is there somewhere I can email you? I am new to this and not quite ready to participate in such an open forum...

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  • Thanks Captain! Your gift of intuition is absolutley A-mazing! You are very right, the outer smile does not always reflect the inner conflict. Who do I turn to when I need someone to lean on? Hmm...good question! That's part of the reason I come on here, to gather the strength I need when I need it or focus on others rather then pity myself when things are not going the way I want or wish they would. It reminds me there are others that are struggling with similar situations , that we are all connected and through supporting each other it lightens the weight we are carrying. It's almost as if I can feel the hurt & pain and joy & happiness of others...I am reduced to tears at times for others pain and suffering and at other times my heart smiles in happiness for someone I don't even know! I'm rambling! Lol! Thanks again! You're a dear 😃

  • Fanofkmm, your husband is very immature. He wants the best of both worlds - to travel around doing as he pleases (yes, he does cheat on you but, as it isn't love, he doesn't think that it counts as infidelity -"Hey I'm just having a bit of fun!") and come home to the bosom of his loving family when he feels the need for nurturing and comfort. You are his mother figure and will continue to be as long as you want to play that role, and he will be the irresponsible child.

  • Angelonwatch, can you post your email address and I will mail you?

  • MystoBlueStars, I feel your dog would rather be outside in nature and wide open spaces as he has a fear of confinement and enclosed small spaces, even cars and the like. He feels like he is suffocating if boxed in. Even the close presence of other animals and people can make him feel confined. His condition is severe. Can you treat him with some Bach flower essences or something herbal or natural to treat his extreme fright?

  • Bloggirl75, I feel like you don't know where you fit in or exactly what you should be doing. You don't feel quite right with your friends or situation. Even with your family, you can feel distant and unrelated. You are searching for something important to do and be. I feel you should eb in the healing profession as you have a great ability to calm people and soothe their anxieties. You can also channel healing energy through your eyes and heart.

  • JMartDances, well you just want to have fun, don't you? Do you get tired of people telling you to grow up? Ignore them and do your own thing. You understand the secret of life is to not take it too seriously. Just make sure your important decisions are all made with an adult perspective. And rememeber - it's not all about you. try and focus on other people's livew from time to time and ask them how they are (and really mean it.) I see you doing a lot of travelling and meeting new people and finding a wealthy man with whom you can have lots of fun. He will be a serious type whose life you can brighten up. Never underestimate your ability to make people laugh.

  • captian could you tell me a little more about the little boy angel its pulling me to know , Iam just looking for some answers I am in need of.

    Thank you

  • Anngora, he is trying to tell you to focus on the gifts you have, not on your losses. He is here to show you what joy and beauty exists in the world.

  • The captain

    I would like to know what you could tell me about myself that I don't know. thank you

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