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  • Captain,

    You are right. I have tried for so long to try to get him to understand that his ways are tearing us apart and that I need more from him, but time and time again, he claims to want to change, but very little action is taking.

    I am not getting what I want and need from him and I have given all I have to him and sadly, I have no more to give. I don't know where to go or what to do from here. I do love him, but I am yearning for so much more happiness and fun and he is just too grounded and serious.

    I do feel he may be too hard on my son. My little man is very much a mommy's boy and likes to be man of the house. Before my fiance, it was always me and him. He is very sensitive and does not take well, emotionally, to a stern voice and high expectations. To defend my fiance, he has come a long way with the struggles we once had, but still has so much baggage. He has so many of his own issues that I see no room for our issues.

    I do not know what to do. I feel so overwhelmed and stuck. I do love him, but there is so much that has happened and so much in the way of us having true happiness. I really fear for my kids as well. If we were to part, I fear the outcome as it has been quite stable and structured.

    I hope that these issues are ones that can be worked out, but I am going through so much emotionally that I cannot see me attaching myself emotionally to him again. I feel too much has happened and it is too late.

    I have also noticed that I take crazy business ventures way too much. I am very unstable when it comes to my career path and what I want and need emotionally. I do not think I know what I want?

    I fear that I am unwell and that I am not going to be good at anything therefore, I will never have a stable job or career and I feel that I will never be truly happy with any guy. Is it possible that I am not meant to find true love and maybe only true lust? Is it possible that I am not good enough at one thing to find a stable career? I cannot seem to get my anxiety and thoughts under control to figure out what I need to do.

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the information yet again! šŸ™‚ My oldest actually had some time with his father in the house when he was under a year old, but my younger has never had his father in the house, and for a while, father was not very nice to him...kind of ignoring him...It's funny that you say he is very sensitive...I have felt that since he was very little that when I am having a sad day, that he is a little more sad himself...I try very hard not to show as strong of emotions in front of him, but I know when I argued with my ex mother-inlaw a week or so ago that it really upset him...unfortunately, their father is not really a part of their lives because of drug use, he shows up so randomly that he can not be a consistant part of their lives right now...possibly ever...I love both of my boys very much and want the best for both of them, so I feel like I have to be both parents for them...I will do the best I can to reassure them both. YOu know, my ex's parents and one set of grandparents do tend to show favoritism towards my older son, so I think that might be where he could be getting some of the abandonment feelings...Hopefully they will change soon...Thank you again for all your insight!!!! šŸ™‚ I really am soooo grateful! šŸ™‚


  • Hopeternal, I don't mind at all answering animal questions - I adore animals.

    Unfortunately I feel your dog Dylan is very unwell. His heart feels very weak and sickly to me but he hangs on with so much courage because he senses how much you love and need him. I know you want to move but I don't feel he will cope with the change.

  • Magicsouldream2003, admin keep removing my email so I hope you see this -

    You have the aura of a teacher about you. You like to be of service to others but you often don't understand people, especially men. This cause you much grief in relationships as you keep picking those types who will hurt and abuse you. You tend to rely more on your head than your intuition and this is your problem. Logic won't help you differentiate between good and bad people - that is something you must sense. I feel you have quite a fear of the unknown and the supernatural though, and of psychics. You feel it could be more about the darkness than the light and you're also not sure how much of you that you want revealed..

  • Angelonwatch, there is something very odd going on with you. There is a haunting here but not the usual haunting of a place - of a person. I feel there are shadows coming out of you - from a past life when you used witchcraft to summon spirits to do their work for you. They stayed attached with you through to this lifetime and now they want release from your enslavement of them. You must choose to give them up so pray to God and the angels or spirit or the Universe or whatever you believe in to hwlp you let go of these entities. I feel these entities have had a certain influence on you through your life, especially in your teenage years when you may have run wild or had some darkside experiences. Time to be free of them!

    They seem to be attracted to the man in your photo - he has a mixture of light and dark/good and bad energies in him that intrigues them. Has he suffered from nightmares or ill health lately? They could be the cause of any distress he has suffered when near you who is carrying these entities. I'm sure you would suffer nightmares or disturbing feelings of not being alone even when no one is there.

  • Sacogirl, yes your son has both psychic and empathic ability. The thing with such children is that they tend to pick up the feelings of non-material beings whereas empathic adults tend to pick up human feelings. It's why he gets so scared. Can you get him something like a talisman or pendant or something to carry that is dipped in holy water or is a protective stone or similar? If he believes in superheroes, it could be a ring or shield or cape or something that makes him feel protected - it doesn't have to work but just that your son THINKS it will protect him. It will be his own strength of mind that will be the real protector but he needs something to make him feel stronger and more able to cope. It is this empathy and compassion that will make him a humanitarian.

    The trouble with the men you are attracted to is that you mistake their tough and rough exterior to mean they are strong and supportive on the inside. Wrong! They are rough and tough on the inside too. Somewhere - perhaps from your father or a male in your youth - you wrongly learned to think of a brutal man as a real man, a good man. Once you unlearn that idea, you will attract better quality men. So no I don't feel you and your current friend will stay together because his frustrations with life will grow until they turn into violence. Not good for you or your kids.

    Your oldest son doesn't feel you love him - that he has only ever been a nuisance to you. You will have to work hard to convince him otherwise - no amount of counselling can do that, but I feel you have difficulty talking about the past and communicating and dealing with your emotions and your son.

  • Lilmama4121, you have to take a stand with your fiance although I doubt you like confrontations. You must issue him with an ultimatum - either he loosens up and allows you to have an equal sharing partnership or you will take your kids and leave. Your instabilty is caused by the fact that any emotional tension upsets your balance and makes you unable to plan or think straight. You are not ill, merely very sensitive to vibes and unstable environments. Unless you sort out your home life, you will not be able to successfully plan a career for yourself. You don't get enough intellectual stimulation or creative support from your fiance to help you come up with good ideas or business projects. He is holding you back from so much joy and creativity.

  • Wow, they were quick to delete my email address! Why is that sort of link a problem?

  • Hey Captain,

    Hope you are doing well my dear. Work has had me crazy busy attending classes all month so I haven't been able to get on her much lately =( Train the trainer, lol! I have to attend all these classes to see how they're run then go home and study the material. One more week and it's over...whew! Lol!

    Came across this thread but unfortunatly can't locate your addy. Love your pic šŸ˜ƒ Although I don't have a problem sharing pics with people I correspond with, for personal reasons I am not comfortable posting on a public forum because once it's there I can't remove it. Anyway, if you are still offering the photo readings I would like to see what you get. Since your addy keeps getting snagged, let me try it this way and maybe the admin filters won't catch it before you see this and you can contact me at danr64 at Y with a hoo com so I can send the pics to you. Worth a try! Lol!

    Take care my friend!

    Many Blessings to you šŸ˜ƒ

  • Dear VixenBeauty,

    What a cutie you are! I loved seeing your photo. Ditto on what The Captain said to you. Sounds a bit familiar huh? lol

    Hang in there. Use your voice!

    Angel blessings,


  • Dear Captain,

    Can I send you a photo directly? I would love to hear what you see. I will try my address in words to see if you can perhaps let me know yours. (just put it in a stream). Try it anyway! Thanks so much.

    Angel blessings,


  • Danr, I tried your yahoo addy but it bounced back at me.

  • Captain....any insight into what my connection to animals is? I seem to attract all kinds...literally. I'd love to work with them but can't because it would be too painful to me to deal with their distress or pain. I know I should be doing something with them or for them but I don't know what? Any ideas?

  • Auntbuck, I feel you should be rescuing them, healing them, and re-housing them. Get other people to do the rescuing if you cannot, but you can find them good homes or jobs visiting the sick in hospital etc..

  • haha....I can't begin to tell you how many times I have rescued animals. I can get squirrels to allow me to hold them, wounded wild birds, I've even had baby possums show up in my bedroom. I recently housed a bunny that my children found roaming and she now has a wonderful home with my parents. I've had birds, snakes, frogs, lizards, cats and only one dog (she was special...still miss her) If they come to me hurt or scared...I can heal but I can't even watch the Humane Society commercials without feeling pain. Thanks for the gives me a place to start. :0)

  • I know how you feel - I can barely look at the WSPA ad that sometimes loads on the right hand side here. But I tell myself people need to see graphic pictures of animals suffering so that they can be shocked into doing something about it. Feeling their pain doesn't mean we should turn aside from helping.

  • Dearest Captain,

    Thank you for the reading of my beautiful dog Dylan, you are right about him not coping with change, I have always known he doesn't like it, and I have tried to cause as little change as possible over the last few years because I can't bare to think he's suffering, he suffers with separation anxiety so I don't go anywhere without him, he's much happier in the car with me....

    I know a lot of people think I'm mad because I have given up a lot in the past 6yr and I suppose have put my life on hold for him, he is Diabetic for 4 of his 6yr and as I know a fair amount about this condition, (my late Husband died through Diabetic related problem)...I have to inject Dylan twice a day, and I know stress and anxiety are what can be very detrimental to ones with Diabetes, hence I take him everywhere with me......

    maybe I should put the thoughts of this move on hold now?.....

    I would never be able to live with myself if it caused him so much suffering, It never entered my mind a move would affect him, I suppose I assumed he would be fine as long as I'm with him,

    but now, I have to do some re thinking...

    MANY Blessings to you Captain, I really can't thank you enough for all you do for us all on here.



  • Hi captain

    Your reading was once again pretty on the spot.All my relationships are pretty much like that.My one daughter tells me i trust all the wrong people don't understand about fearing the unknown and psychics.Could you explain this to me as strange things happen to me and i'm not afraid.I would like to know all i can about me if you see anything else.

    Here is my info .com.

    If there is anything else you could let me know.

  • Hi Catain, you were very insightful on your last reading of me. shall we try with a pic. I need all the help I can get.

  • Captain! Thank you for your offer to read. I am interested in what you will see in me. Thank you again

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