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  • WHAT an adorable little boy! !

  • Thank you Captain. I am going through a cleansing process that has been rather hard for me but Im pushing through with my son in mind more than anything. I feel he has taken on alot but I was unaware that he feels unsafe. The choas of my life has an affect on him from what I can see and this helps instill that I need to push forward and really heal my wounds so I won't damage my son. He deserves better. Motherhood has been a precious challenge for me but Im learning more everyday. I want to be the best mother I can be and protect him from the damaging childhood I had.

  • Hi Captain, can I get a reading on both of these men?

  • Here is the 2nd man. Could you do a reading on him as well?

  • Technical difficulties.. here's the 2nd man again.

  • 2nd man reposted again... reading please

  • Well, APA, I would choose the first man over the second one. Though the first one is very intense and serious, he is genuine and not arrogant and in love with himself like the second one. The first man may neglect you for his work or studies a bit but the second guy will dump you or enslave you if he feels like it.

  • Thanks for the insight TheCaptain. Interesting, I have my reservations about the first one and was much more comfortable with the second one. The second one started to taper off his communication with me and I thought he was no longer interested so I confronted him on the phone and let him know I was going to date other people since he hasn't planned any future dates with me and doesn't text me everyday like he used to He suggested we go on a few more dates to see if he was "ready", since he was still heartbroken from his ex, wasn't sure, and focused on work. I refused since I was pretty sure I'd get my heart broken dragging it on, and we agreed to remain friends and haven't talked since. By enslave... in what way? Is he going to pop back in my life again? I would assume being a practical Capricorn, he's done with me.

  • Captain- can you send me your email address- so I can send the pictures there

  • Captain

    can you do a reading on the guy?

  • Captain did not come through- trying again. please let me know what you pick for him

  • MeeraShe, this guy is confident in his ability to attract women, and people in general, to like him. But he doesn't care about them, he cares about himself more. He is more interested in being admired and respected. He wants people to boost hi ego by looking up to him. Not a reliable or a kind person, too self-interested..

  • APA, the second guy is manipulative and likes to make others fall for him, to 'enslave' them in love, but doesn't get too involved himself and can draw away at any time he feels like it. I don't get good vibes from him. The first guy has more morals but I feel his intensity can get a bit too much. You need to find someone who is more easy-going, more relaxed and a nicer person, but I feel you are drawn to partners who seem exciting but are in fact troubled and 'trouble'.

  • thanks Captain - is he one who has multiple affairs? does he have multiple afffairs at this time

  • Captain- can you do a reading on her, is she involved with the guy I shared the photo on? what can you tell me about her

  • sorry it did not go through- what can you tell me about her and what vibes you get for her and the person earlier- are they in a relationship

  • MeeraShe, I only read people who are directly connected to you. Otherwise it gets to be an invasion of privacy.

  • understand- thanks she is a common friend so was asking.

  • That is not enough of a direct connection to prompt the sort of reading you want.

  • ok understand- thanks

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