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  • Hi again Captain, this is a photo of my friend Carol, and she was just wondering what you could see in her life at the moment? And any advice you could give her would be greatly appreciated, her words - my typing, many thanks, Treen (matjezreg) 🙂

  • Matjereq/Carol, I feel that you can be too realistic (even fatalistic), practical, and passive/accepting at times. You don't give off a lot of hope or faith in having a good future. That perhaps it's too late in your life to get 'lucky'. There is a resignation that things will always be average or difficult for you, never wonderful or miraculous. But if you don't believe you can have all the things you want, then you won't get them. It's all about attitude. Carol, I feel you are afraid to dream in case you get disappointed. But if you don't dare to dream and to try new things and ways of being, then life will not improve for you. I ask you to do something different to what you normally would do today. Discover the adventurousness in your soul. Get excited about something - that is what life is all about - finding your passion, your reason to live. Life ain't over until you are dead.

  • Hi Captain, Hehehe, thankyou so much for that reading, Im sitting her next to Carol listening to her being absolutely floored by your reading, you got it so spot on she is finding it amazing, stunning, she just cant believe it, hehe she is still talking about it. She asks me to thank you from the bottom of her heart (and I do too!), as it is a wakeup call, and everything you said is bang on the head, and she is now racking her brains about what to do different today, lol. Thankyou, she is smiling again and this makes me very happy. You are a treasure Captain!

  • Matjezreq and Carol, you are very welcome - remember to always follow the guidance of your soul and live in hope. Great things are to come!

  • what do you see in this man? thanks Captain.

  • i think this one works....

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  • This looks like fun. Here's a late-night web cam photo, or do you need something clearer? Just general impressions, I suppose.

  • Sigh. Trying again...

  • Okay, now resized, lol.

  • Hll, this is a good-natured man but one who is insecure about himself and his ability to be attractive to others, and to generally succeed in life. He feels he will never be good enough in life and love, and consequently may choose partners or careers which are lesser than he deserves or thinks he can achieve. It would take someone a lot to convince him he was loved or worthy. Until he believes in himself more, his life may be littered with failures and near-misses. There is a tendency towards depression. But he will try to hide his feelings behind a cheery facade.

  • Cibolo, I sense a deep fear in you of losing people or the 'status quo' just when everything seems great. A 'looking over your shoulder all the time' sort of thing. It's almost like you look at your life and wonder if you really derve all the good things in it. I also feel that there was a man in the past who is gone and it's not that you cling to his memory so much as doubt whether you are meant to have two loves in your life. Almost as if you think you have had your chance and won't get another one - a bit of a fatalistic belief. But love is infinite and there is no reason why you cannot find another partner who may - if you let yourself believe without feeling guilty - be even more compatible than this other man from your past.

  • Hll, just wanted to add - this man may seem to be successful in his life but there's something self-destructive about him that will mean he eventually bombs out so don't be fooled. I also feel he piggybacks on other people's successes or depends on help from them in some way (like his parents or friends might be backing or supporting him in his work, etc.).

  • Thanks for the reading, Captain. He's a potential love interest. Ugh. From your words, it seems like I shouldnt try to date him?

  • Hll, well it would be hard work. But it's up to you...

  • thanks Captain. Not sure if I wanna take the challenge. will see.

  • but do you see him being a loyal loving partner that his gf/wife can count on ?

  • Hll, no, not while he is so insecure about himself. He needs to prove his attractiveness over and over.

  • Oh Captain, I lost 80% interest in him before your last post. Now I have ZERO interest in him! An insecure guy is really a deal breaker. I think they bring more drama than insecure ladies. Anyway, thanks for the reading Captain. hugs!

  • Hi Captain,

    they are two friends of mine that are asking me to give you there photos for a reading please !

    I am attaching them below.

    thank you Captain !!

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