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  • Newsl4ng, is this a brother-sister association because that is how it feels - that the two of you have a sibling-like close connection?

  • For me, it's a kind of relationship I'd want to have with my future partner - a best friend and person I greatly respect and admire... It just lacks in romance and vulnerability.

  • Newsl4ng, this is why it lacks romance - you two were siblings in your last life and the memory still sticks in your subconscious minds. While the past is still so strong for you both, this is how it will remain, maybe for the whole lifetime.

  • Hello

    and thank you!

  • Here is my pic.

  • Geminichiq, check that your photo is within the limits allowed by this forum - it may be too large.

  • Dear Captain!

    I would really appreciate your input with this man.

    He is a friend who I started to reconnect with again, he is talking like he likes me more than just friends.

    I would like to know if he is a truthful man when it comes to what he says and emotions?

    Could you also please tell me some general about him?

    I am starting to like him but I am scared to open up

    Thank you

  • FishyOne, I feel this man is a trickster, telling people what they want to hear in order to get what he selfishly wants.

  • Dear Captain

    Its been awhile, hope u r doing great.

    Capt can i bother you to do one more reading for me?

    This is the photo and i am the guy btw

  • dang lets try again

  • Zadi, are you asking about you or the lady or both together as a couple?

  • As a couple i guess! or any vibe you pick up would be good.

    Thanks Capt

  • Zadi, this young lady seems very sweet and innocent on the outside and she has found that works well for her in terms of getting what she wants. Deep down however she can be calculating and manipulative which you will find out if you commit yourself to her. She's not necessarily a bad person, just a bit immature, spoiled and demanding - very demanding. She is very intelligent but will go along with whatever you want or agree with you (on the surface), in order to win you over, but you may not find that stimulating enough or enough of a mental challenge. Once you married or got engaged to her, she would definitely become 'the boss'. Make sure you are not blinded by this girl's 'act' if you want to get more involved with her.

  • Hi the captain,

    anything you have to say would be welcome. I am not well.



  • Ahliyah, nor are you very happy - which is making you ill. You feel very dissatisfied with your life but are unsure of how to change it. At least on the surface you are unaware of what needs to change - but deep down you have frustrations and misery over certain situations and relationships. You need to stop putting on a brave face and share your unhappiness with others who may be able to help. People are very aware that you are unhappy, even if you think you hide it well. Reach out to others instead of withdrawing and hiding your pain. You push it all down inside where it festers and causes ill health. It's a strong person who can admit their faults and unease. This openness is what will lead you to good health. At the moment you are very burdened and weighed down - when you share your troubles, you will feel lighter and freer.

  • thanks capt

  • thanks, captain, i'm experiencing shifts already! : )



  • Hi Captain, any of your words of wisdom or advice would be appreciated. Kind Regards, Carol

  • 2nd try....

  • Matjezreq, was there a specific question or issue you wanted to ask about?

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