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  • Thank you so much Captain - you truly are amazing! I appreciate your taking time to read my photo and make predictions - you have offered me much comfort!

  • hi captain! i would love a reading, im 18 next saturday JUNE 24th! and i would loove to know if you see anything for me? anything! any suggestions with regard to direction in my life aswell would be much appreciated 🙂 thankyou kindly

  • Oops, sorry Capain, things may hav changed a bit since that last photo, here is a newer photo taken approx 5 mins ago 🙂

  • Tradi, you have a unique brand of logic and feeling that attracts and even enchants other people - a sort of pixie charm and wit. But if you want to succeed in this life, you are going to have to let go of a lot of that romanticism of yours and deal with reality more. Don't hang on to relationships and attitudes that are holding you back either personally or professionally. Learn to look at people (even your parents) and situations as they are and not as you want them to be. You can be a little selfish and self-centred at times so make sure you stay in touch with other people's needs too. I am feeling a sort of love-hate relationship with wealth and/or rich people that you may have to sort out in order to make money. Money is neither good nor bad - it just depends what you do with it. And don't get so obsessed with financial independence that you impede your own creativity or avoid your needs for love and intimacy. You may have a fear of becoming hooked emotionally on someone, thinking you may get trapped by your own need for love, and may put yourself into the role of loyal friend instead. But you are a romantic and sexual person at heart, it's just a lot easier for you to keep things light or open, to not go the traditional route and get railroaded into something you are not ready for. You have to let down your guard sometime and let other people in - the right ones, of course, not the idealized version. You are a clever creative person - use that intelligence and your gut feelings to guide you and leave the fantasies at the door - and you will be fine.

  • Hi Captain,

    Can you do an analysis on me, please? The first pic is from about a month ago, and the second pic is from about a year ago. It would be interesting to do a compare and contrast of the two images to see what's the same and what's different from a year ago. It would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  • Sorry let me try to upload each photo again, starting from the second one from a year ago

  • i don't think that the other pictures that i have downloaded worked. here is another one from about 2 years ago

  • Lionspride85, I need a recent photo if you want an up-to-date reading.

  • Hopefully this recent picture from a month ago uploads.

  • trying again 😕

  • yay! I finally got it. This is the pic I took about a month ago. Sorry for the excessive posts. I had to resize the pictures.

  • Lionspride85, you feel less happy now than in the earlier photo. What happened in the two year interval that disappointed or hurt you and took away your joy? It takes a lot to get to you as you can be quite a tough customer and you have a natural strength, leadership, and endurance that should get you through most trials and tribulations. You have strong creative and communicative potential as well as long as you don't hold yourself back or close down from expressing your abilities. I feel you tend to take yourself and life a little too seriously so make sure you count your blessings more than your failures. To help with this, you might surround yourself in your home or work with things of beauty that raise your spirits, give your serenity, and remind you of what a wonderful world this is. You have a great deal of emotional stability so staying positive and being willing to change when necessary should not be that hard for you. Yet there may be some issues of abandonment or being left alone, or a fear of being emotionally abused that could make you desperate to create a normal family life for yourself.

    Be careful not to seek your self-worth through others, and be true to yourself and you will always have a friend. Learn to leave your worries behind you and throw your energies into the social arena, which will be the crucible for your metamorphosis from a private, introverted, even escapist type of person into a charming, graceful extrovert. Choosing a life partner is of paramount importance to you - you are looking for total, permanent commitment with someone who takes care of all your material needs while you take care of their emotional needs (or vice versa), and there must also be benefits to both your social and career advancements as well as your partner's in this matchup. Sex may be a bit of an addiction for you on this path until you mature into a more sensuous appreciation of intimacy and settle down. You are very money-minded and know how to attract it. Any financial problems or issues will lie in compulsive/impulsive spending habits or frivolity with money.

  • TheCaptain, you are so spot on on your reading it's scary, but in a good way. Yes, a lot has happened from the first picture to the second picture. I had experienced a lot of emotional abuse from a few people, especially one person that I thought cared about me. I am in a way, better because that person is no longer in my life, but I am still recovering from the shock of it. I am happy that I am no longer dealing with the emotional trauma, but I miss that person at the same time. Two years ago, I was more optimistic. Ironically enough, I was broke two years ago, but less drained than I am now. I am realizing that I have to think more about myself for my own self-preservation. Thank you for your insightful analysis!

  • OMG thankyou so much! deep down i knew it, and i would try to tell myself but i could never find the right words! this is going to help me soooooo much! you are absoloutely amazing, thankyou again 🙂 peace light and love your way Captain

  • if your still doing a photo reading

  • i am try again

  • Lalachavez727, you seem to have taken on a huge amount of responsibilities in this lifetime, Lala, and you will need to ensure you have a calm and nurturing home environment in order to cope. Other people will tend to look up to you for what you do and how you do it, for your leadership and authority. But this may all get a bit overwhelming for you at times and you must be careful not to retreat into a rigid closed off cocoon when the going gets tough. You must also be careful not to abuse the power you hold over people or the privilege involved as serving as an example or role model to others. There will be plenty of personal dramas and tribulations for you along your road, but you are gifted with both the aesthetic inclinations and the deeper understanding that will help you come through your trials unscathed. Strength, dignity, and loyalty are all in abundance in your nature and they will serve you well as you step into the important role you will play in other people's lives. It is in the social arena that you will change from a basically private, even escapist person full of worries into a charming, graceful extrovert who can put her leadership skills to work either managing a family or a profession/business.

    You are looking for total permanent commitment from your life partner and will be unhappy if you don't get it. Your childhood was hard and you may have experienced abuse or abandonment so maybe now you don't quite trust people to take care of you. You fear things going wrong just when they are getting good. You can never relax totally in the most intimate situations for fear of what might happen if you do. But there is no need for emotional cynicism - you must leave behind your fear of being abandoned or cheated and move on to trust and hope. Sometimes you may come across to others as unresponsive, repressed, controlling or emotionally manipulative, as they don't realize that this is just your way of protecting yourself. You can have it all if you could just tear yourself away from this old outdated feeling that you will be left alone in the darkness to manage on your own. Let yourself feel the love around you and put old fears behind you.

  • thank you TheCaptian 🙂

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