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  • Hey everyone, and Captain,

    After seeing all these messages and readings on the forum I could no longer stop wondering what you could see in a picture of my own! I've got the feeling that I've been growing a lot mentally/spiritually and also socially this year. However, I am still quite shy and have always had problems with what others might think of me. I don't have many real friends and I have no idea of what people think of me. Many seem to ignore me at college, or do they leave me alone because they notice that I am shy, etc...; I don't want to make illusions to myself, so I am curious on knowing where I am at on a social level and in the view of others.

    Thank you a lot, really! It is so kind of you to offer your psychic insights to people you don't know. That is pure goodness 🙂

  • DecemberMona, I get the impression that you are not so much shy as ultra sensitive, vulnerable, and empathic. You tend to pick up other people's vibes and when they are bad, it makes you feel bad and that you want to get away from them. You have good, sweet, innocent energy - the aura of a nature spirit and I feel that communing with nature and animals really revives and soothes you. Since you were most likely a nature spirit in a recent past life, you tend to be very wary of humans and like to avoid them as you don't fully understand them and the things they do or how they socialize.

    You can learn to become more detached from the vibes you pick up as you realize that there are good vibes out there as well as the bad ones. You don't have to let bad vibes affect or demoralise you - just see them for what they are and be objective about them. Yes there is good and bad in the world - bad things have their place and use, as they help us appreciate the good. It will help you socially to become more of an observer than taking things too personally. People can sense that you are different and can see through them and it makes them uneasy. But you can use this empathic sense to help others when you pick up on how they are feeling. All you have to do to lose any self-consciousness is to focus less on yourself and what you see as your faults or shortcomings, and focus more on the people you are with - try 'reading' them to get to know them better and you will see that they are just as awkward and uncomfortable sometimes in company as you are. Then you will forget about being self-conscious and become more interested in people and life.

  • Wow, thank you. I think this description totally fits me, for I really love nature and I can be deeply moved when I see a picture of trees and green hills. I can sit and stare or meditate for a long while outside listening to the birds and the wind when I have time and I feel very attracted to green lands, especially to the British Isles, and thinking of it soothes me indeed, although I think that many people do like natural places, don't they?

    I also agree on what you say about these vibes. One of my sisters, for instance, is in a sort of depression and she does not seem to enjoy the little things in life like I do. And when she is in such a mood, I feel a bit angry with her, because I seem not to be able to change her mood; she seems so determined. It is true then that I would rather try to get away from such people with bad vibes. But now there are times that I really try to radiate goodness and love to people around me and actually change them and the world a bit. I am not sure if it works, but I feel even more happy when I make myself believe I can do so.

    I know that I can usually trust my intuition when it comes to reading other people and their intentions, but these remain very vague ideas inside my head, and when I try to do it very consciously, trying to even read their thoughts, I don't trust myself entirely yet.

    Talking about these vibes, I come to think of another part that I've been wondering about: over the last year I've been to a music/drama school (not professional, rather amateuric) to try to overcome shyness. In the end it didn't work out for me but the improvisation teacher often said that she appreciated my presence, and she put me in a small group and I would be the 'audience'. So even if I did not participate, I came nearly every wednesday night to watch them play and laugh. Do you think this teacher is also sensitive to vibes, or is it just because I can't stop laughing with the silly improvisations of her fellows that makes her feel good about it? I really liked going there, although I did not talk a lot at all. However, there's only one coming-together left (no class but just dinner at her home) and the classes only take on again in September. Although the teacher encourages me to come back, I don't feel comfortable with the idea of still being so distant and the other group members not knowing how I really am. They probably don't feel the enthusiastic vibes I set out as my teacher seems to do. So I think that I should just come back in September, break the old silent habit and immediately start to talk to them.

    Sorry it's long again, and I've been thinking so much that I even forgot one of the points that I actually wanted to make. But at least, I got some new insights to overthink some of my dilemmas with, and I'm very grateful for your reading.

  • DecemberMona, the vibes you give off are very bright and kind and loving - you can indeed lighten other people's moods if you don't get all down and fearful about yourself. It is only your self-doubt that stands in the way of making friends. So yes, give up that old bad silent attitude and get out there and spread those good vibes around - it all starts with a simple "Hi! how have you been?" to get people to talk with you. Because people love to talk about themselves and their day.

  • Hi Captain, what do you see in this guy?? Thanks!

  • Hll, this man is a big idealist and dreamer, though he does have enough practicality to make most of his career ideals and plans manifest. He tends to see people and situations as perfect at first but if other people let him down or disappoint him in some way or if his working or living conditions become less than ideal, he will leave without too much sadness or looking back on his part. Once someone has lost his trust or love or has proven themselves to be far from his ideal partner, then he will move off and keep on looking for that impossible perfect love relationship. It's not that he cannot forgive but he just cannot forget or put aside the knowledge that the person he thought was perfect turned out not to be. That is a big no-no in his book. He rarely gives anyone or anything a second chance once his dream has been shattered. Unfortunately he is like Don Quixote chasing 'the impossible dream' and never finding it. But it doesn't keep him from searching.

  • Thanks Captain! he sounds like a crazy man!

  • hello captain ...what impression does this photo give you of my friend?

  • sorry,didnt upload in the last post

    the photo's at this address:¤t=01032012246_1.jpg

    i know the resolution isnt all that clear...and is it possible to predict her future like love life and career with the help of the pic

    thank you in advance,captain..

  • Larajj90, I need a clearer picture of your friend (a recent one) especially of her eyes.

    And I don't predict the future because it changes as you change. What I do is help you clear blockages, behaviours, issues or fears you have now that might cause problems in the future.

  • thanks captain...i hope this one will be better then...its a very recent one..¤t=140620123821.jpg

    ...thanks in advance

  • Larajj90, whether your friend knows it or not, she has a big mystical streak, left over from recent lives as monks and spiritual gurus. She also had a life as a healing woman (what they wrongly call a witch). She gained much spiritual wisdom and insight in her other lives, which she can call on in this life to help her help others. She may have a tendency to want to subconsciously repeat the same quiet peaceful isolated aesthetic path of meditation and prayer in this lifetime, but she must resist such urges if they come upon her. This life she is meant to live out in the world amongst people, socializing with and learning to understand her fellow human beings. That is not to say she has to ignore her spiritual side but must become more evenly balanced with both spiritual and material world knowledge. She is particularly destined to learn about motherhood and caring for others this time around, whether for her own family or those of other families.

  • she is quite friendly and yes..right now,she seems very interested in boys,career etc.. she does ve an interest in witchcraft n laws of manifestation , i have seen books regarding that in her room but majorly,shes focused on many material pursuits... a weird thing is that eventhough shes attractive,independant, friendly and dances quite well,shes never been in love she doesnt attract it ,but is a good flirt n well liked..she has high standards for love n she seems to draw on an extensive knowledge about love n relationships./is it because of her past lives ? wen ll she fall in love...i wonder

  • Larajj90, human love has not been an experience that your friend has had much of in her last few lives - it was mainly love of learning, love of nature, love of study, love of prayer etc. that she experienced. So it is in this lifetime that she will not know much about human love to begin with, but will need to learn about it. She may hold herself back from it out of fear or lack of understanding of what it is all about but she is destined to fall in love. But first she must learn (like all of us) how to choose the right partner and that means knowing herself well enough to know who would suit her, so it's wise for her not to rush into it.

  • thank you for the insight, were of great help

  • Hi Captain, I was wondering if you could do a reading for me? I just ended things with my boyfriend, moving to medical school and am in general lost.

    Thank you!


  • Oh man, I did it wrong! I'll post it here:

  • I just read through a few posts and read that it is best to give a more recent picture... That one I just posted is a little old.. here is one thats about a month old:

  • LeoBethany, there's a big difference in the two photos - in the first one, I feel like you were trying to please other people more than yourself, but in the second photo you are starting to think about what YOU want. This is reflected in your relationship breakup - you are now beginning to realize that the choices you make are your own to make and must not be made according to what other people may think or what they might want you to do. It's good progress towards being truly happy. I don't feel you are very lost at all - I feel you are finally heading in the right direction, walking your own path and doing the things that are uniquely right for you. You are growing into your own identity and no longer wish to do what is expected of you. You are beginning to know what is right and wrong for you and make better, more aware choices, hence the boyfriend breakup. You are on the verge of a whole new adventure - it's an exciting but scary time. Let your anchor in times of change be doing what you know deep down is right for you. You cannot stray off course if you follow your gut feelings and only do the things that you know are authentic for you, for the future you want and for the person you hope to be. Once you get to the point where you can easily tell who and what is right for you, you will attract the right sort of person and life situations and your self-confidence will soar. I see in this photo your leadership potential and your strength - many people will look to you for guidance when you have matured into your authentic self. And a strong male individual will also be drawn to you at medical school who will make you forget your old lover and old life. The future for you is looking wonderfully bright!

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