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  • And this one also Captain. Much appreciated if you can...

  • Daliolite, no sketch can capture what is truly in a person's eyes or aura so I cannot do a reading for you based on a drawing. Drawings are the interpretations of someone else's impressions of the sitter and may be coloured by their feelings towards that person.

  • I'd like a current reading. Thanks for all your time and talent!

  • Ok, how about now?

  • Third Time's the Charm, right?

  • CrabbyOleBat, i am feeling an important new man around you in your life.

  • I would like a reading too, please, if you have the time. Thanks for sharing your talents 🙂

  • Second attempt...

  • Last attempt.....

  • Matjezreq, I feel you hold yourself back a lot in life by trying to fulfil other people's expectations of you and not fulfilling your own wishes for your life. You have to be more your own person, an individual rather than a people pleaser. You tend to see the world a bit differently to everyone else and this is your gift, this is why you can be such an innovator and pioneer. Once you see yourself as an individual and stop behaving as everyone wants you to behave - or as you THINK they do - you will bring out the leadership qualities inside you that you may not realize you have. Once you develop a deeper belief in yourself and a stronger sense of self, you will gain the courage to stand up and show the world what you are truly made of. You have such great imagination, creativity, and psychological insight that you don't need to tie yourself down to a secure job, a stable mate, or dull routines. You can take chances that will pay off. Your challenge is to get out of your rut and make your dreams into reality. Don't withdraw into your fantasy life, no matter how vivid and exciting it may be. Live fully in the real world and have adventures, face challenges. Distinguish your real goals and dreams from your fantasies. It is out in the world that your real success and fulfillment in life and love lies. You also have good sense, fine financial ability and a natural magnetism so don't doubt yourself. Go out there and get what you want and don't take any rubbish from anyone. You deserve so much more than you are currently allowing yourself. You need to self-nurture more. Once you begin to treat yourself more fairly and do the things that bring you joy and increase your confidence, you can then - and only then - establish a healthy relationship with someone else where you both share equally with each other (letting him see your secret self) without feeling debilitated or feeling you are doing all the giving.

  • Captain, I would really like to know more about this important new man? Is this a romantic relationship, or my BioDad? I sure have been waiting a long time for both. Would you pray for more insight for me? please. Thanks.

  • CrabbyOleBat, i am inclining towards a romantic relationship, though I can't get any details or much clarity. It's like you are meant to be prepared but not meant to know too much about him, just to be open to someone who may not be your usual 'fare' but will be quite a stunning match for you anyway.

  • Fair enough. THanks for trying. I can accept that. You're a real sweetie!

  • I would like one of your wonderful photo readings, please!

  • Dangit, happens to everybody, huh?

  • LavenderAngel, you are a very nice kind person and I feel you give a lot to others. But I am feeling a lot of emotional fatigue coming off you, the sense that just for once you would like someone to love and support you as you do for others. The people in your life don't seem to be holding up their end of the 'bargain' but maybe they have become so used to you being the giver or the 'wise one' that they have forgotten you are human too and need comfort, companionship, and support just like everyone else. I just feel you don't have anyone who really understands you or gets who you are, and you want that so badly at the moment. There is even a little bit of cynicism, impatience or world-weariness creeping in so perhaps you need to take a break from work and have some fun or a holiday. You cannot keep on being a giver if you don't give something to yourself. Be self-centred for a while and enjoy doing whatever YOU like to do for a change. Maybe if you disappear, the people who count on you will appreciate you more. 🙂

  • Thank you and you are right on. I recently retired, 3 months ago, and woke up late February 2012 and realized I had been married to my job for the last 20 years. I have no one in my life. I have joined several dating sites, but so far have not found anyone that interests me, and I have dated some guys locally. Well, of course I would meet my soul mate right here in my hometown. But, he is younger than me and has a serious problem with my being overweight so he only wants to be friends. But, I am so drawn to this man, and I just cannot get him out of my mind. Also, being younger than me and being hurt by women in the past, he is now a player. I feel he still has feelings for me because about a week and a half ago, he contacted me and talked to me for 8 hours straight. He even promised to meet me and talk, but it never happened so now I do not know what to do. Should I let him go, should I remain just friends, will I ever meet that special someone that will make my life whole again. Also, I only want to be with a Latino man because I dreamed about two years ago I met and fell in love with a wonderful Latino man. The dream was so real that when I awoke from the dream, i did not even know where I was. I could taste and feel the man standing there holding me in his arms. I just will not settle for anything less than a sweet, caring, sexy, Latino man who tells me in a thick accent, Yes, I will teach you Spanish, mami.

  • LavenderAngel, I feel this younger guy is just not mature enough for you yet. It will be several more years before he 'grows up' but he still won't match your spiritual level this lifetime. You need someone who gets you inside. I do feel there is another man whom you might not be attracted to at first but who is your spiritual equal - and he is just waiting around the corner. Plus I feel your dream of the Latino man was from a past life and he is not looking the same now. Put aside your preconceptions and he will appear.

  • hello we go again. Last month I tried to include a photo of my friend here, but you were unable to see it. Here is a new photo. We had a huge blowout a couple of weeks ago and I have been experiencing huge, sudden waves (not swings?) of emotion - I don't feel that all of them are mine. I have not spoken to him since and have been trying to get to the bottom of this on my end, and decide whether to wait or walk away.

    Can you tell at all if he has any intention or desire to continue our friendship? His general "opinion" of me or our situation at present? I personally feel that he has felt "alone" or "lonely" for awhile - do you pick up anything on that at all?

    (I will also be sort of in his neck of the woods in a couple of weeks for business -- good idea or no to attempt to meet up for lunch?)

    (Also this is the only size available of this photo - I can enlarge it but it would be blurry/pixelated)

    Thank you as always!

  • Tooralooryeaye2, your friend is finding you too intense and emotional for his needs. He wants a calm, light-hearted, peaceful relationship and he doesn't think an association with you will give him that. He does want to stay friends though - just friends. Yes, he does feel lonely at times but he feels he doesn't have the emotional strength to pursue anything more than a non-serious relationship at the moment. He wants a simple uncomplicated life free of problems, unrealistic as that may be. So if you push for anything more than friendship, he will back off altogether.

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