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  • hi captain, just wanted to say a thank you for your wise words in another post, wuld love you to take a look at my picture. I started this year with a positive phrase "its my year" so far its not been so great, family pet killed, best friend of 30 yrs had an affair with my ex while together yrs ago, keep meeting men that are unavaible emotionally, just feeling in a rutt, home life and work and also friends are perfect mostly, so my question is "is it really my year" ?

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  • PassionateScorp, wow, these guy's are so alike you would think they were brothers- did you consciously or subconsciously pick the second one because he was so like the first? That's not really fair to the second guy, is it? But I feel your time with your first-time Taurus has passed - there is some friendship and a bit of mother-child stuff there, but it tends to be more of the 'user' sort in that you both need comfort and physical release with the other person, but there is not enough emotional support for you PS from this guy. Taureans in fact have problems dealing with emotions and generally prefer not to face them. That's the problem with a Scorpion woman getting involved with Taurus men - you are total opposites and while that may be physically exciting, it also means you are emotional opposites and have very different approaches to life and love. You will not be on the same emotional level with them - where you analyse and confront emotional issues, they back away from them. The physical aspect is fine for dating and sex but you will need someone who understands you better on a feeling level than either of these men do. You need someone with more emotional depth and less of a possessive, 'owning you' nature. I don't feel either of these men can satisfy you to the deep level of love you both want and deserve.

  • Coolkharma, I couldn't access your photo as it was unavailable. But 2012 being 'your year' doesn't mean it will all be smooth sailing. It means you will be challenged to grow and learn, and that you will certainly do so. This year will bring your strengths and abilities to the surface (maybe some you didn't even know you had) and that is always a good thing. Face your challenges with grace and courage and positivity - and it will all definitely turn out very well for you. By the end of the year, you will feel victorious over everything that life throws at you.

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  • Coolkharma, you have such a strong determined face I know you can survive anything. Now you just have to believe it. What you endure now will only enhance your skills and make you stronger. I feel there is a dark-haired man waiting in the wings, so to speak, to care for and support you. Meeting him will really make this year feel like 'your year'!

  • dear lordy "its my year" yes!!! thanks captain 🙂 hope your finding your year most enjoyable and full of lots of amazing things, thanks again 🙂

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

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    @ Captain , I think you hit every point of my realtionship with these men and in all honesty this was didnt do it on purpose.. my second Taurus the 4/24 I didnt even like at here is a pic of me tell me what ypu pick up..thanks for all your help!!

  • PassionateScorp, I feel you are a feisty rebel who may however have a problem staying focused in the present, with a tendency to waste your considerable energies on less-than-worthy causes or concerns. You have a passionate impulsive nature, but you may need to control it a bit more and cultivate more objectivity and detachment in your decision-making. You may often dash in (or even find yourself in risky situations) when you should hold back to gain more information. Slow progress is preferable to no progress at all. You have boundless curiosity, expressiveness, creativity, and versatility, and you may get seriously involved in travel, education, or a particular area of interest. Your relationship with yourself may be more important to you than one with anyone else, however - you need privacy and alone time as much as you need to have company. You do not want a partner who will try to control you. Someone solid who will anchor you and ground your lusty energies will be the most suitable partner for you. You have a tremendous amount of power due to your good looks, charm and strong personality - but don't abuse it or use it to manipulate others or it will come back to bite you.

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    You almost brought me to tears @ theCaptain you have descibed me to a T...especially on the part on having a hard time focusing in the present and wasting time on less then worthy things..thats me the bad part about it is that I'm fully aware of it and I try to be present and positive and somehow end up dwelling on past things and people that hurt me. Do you have any suggestions on staying present and not basically beating a dead horse over and over again.. I think I may also have attachment issues its like I know when things just aren't right yet I have a hard time letting go of things.

  • Hello Captain, Good Evening. Would you please do a reading on a photo of myself and someone new & dear to me. Thanks ahead of time.


  • PassionateScorp, you just have to become aware that you are focusing on the past and what should be behind you, and make a conscious effort using self-discipline to let go and forgive. You will feel so much better when you do so. Becoming aware of what you are doing to yourself is always the most important step to changing negative behaviour. The past is over - don't let it ruin your present or your future happiness.

  • Vee0829, I can certainly read for you and a friend if you post some recent photos.

  • Thank You so much!!

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  • This was taken 4.6.12 Miss him already !!! Really enthusiastic about the reading !!!

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