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  • We were together and close for years. about 8 months ago he moved on to another woman and moved out of state. He is insecure about being accepted and also has little money.

    I have reached out with love but he clings to her. I have no desire to make him more confused (or me either) so have backed off totally.

  • Hey, Captain. I'm just wondering if I can get a private reading. Can you email me with this Yahoo email: Kingofhook. Thanks!

  • SSAfrica, I sent you another email message - did you get it?

  • Abetterplace, your relationship with this man is primarily an intellectual matchup, full of curiosity and an ideas orientation. An obvious drawback of a love affair here then is that you two may neglect the physical and emotional side of the relationship in favour of mind games and clever sorts of manipulation. Stress and strife are very possible between you, especially if you argue or disagree a lot since you have such different personalities. However the power of reason is very strong here and should put out most 'fires' before they start. Any confrontations you have may not be about feelings at all, but rather a kind of one-upmanship in which each person strives to assert their mental superiority over the other. On the other hand, your dreamy friend may not engage in any sort of confrontation, preferring to stew on his frustrations until he simply opts out. As such, your relationship can go on for years with the two of you arguing more and more often - you may even be held together by such battles - or drifting further apart, but it won't be a happy contented life. You are better suited as friends than lovers or spouses, more interested in sharpening your wits on each other than exploring your emotions or the physical world.

  • Yes, I got it! Thanks! =]

  • The Captain I guess he was stewing as we had few confrontations and now he has opted out. We were good together physically and emotionally for 20 years. Any chance he will be back?

    Thank you so much for your insight, ABP

  • No I don't feel there's much chance of him coming back, Abetterplace.

  • PS, Abetterplace, your fiery energies were too strong for his watery ones, even though you never fought. He couldn't handle your plain-speaking, passionate, adventurous soul. There's just not enough glue left to hold you together anymore.

  • Thank you It explains a lot. It must be time to hear that. I have been moving towards a new path for happiness.

    Thank you so much for the knowledge, sadly it feels correct

  • At least by removing the old, you will be making way for new people and new situations to come into your life, ABP.

  • Next year is going to be busy, planning a move and retirement and now new relationships. Makes me a little nervous to have so many holes in my security blanket. Again thank you for your time and insight

  • Next year is going to be busy, planning a move and retirement and now new relationships. Makes me a little nervous to have so many holes in my security blanket. Again thank you for your time and insight

  • In the last year and a half, my life has been like a roller coaster with both expected and unexpected losses. I am 58 years old and hoping to begin a new career in hypnotherapy but have had to put off the training twice now to attend to family responsibilities. I would appreciate any insight you might have as far as whether I am on the right track.

  • My daughter is also a Capricorn and she, too has had a very rough time. She gave birth to a premature baby boy on September 5 and his little body wasn't strong enough to withstand one of the procedures needed to keep him healthy. His soul returned to Heaven on September 15th. I believe he will return to her in a healthy body, when she is healthy again herself.

  • I apologize - here is my daughter's photo. If you need additional information, please let me know. And I sincerely appreciate any insight you have for either of us. Blessed be.

  • Hi Captain, My friend was wondering if you'd take a look at this pic. We would love to know what your thoughts are 🙂 I hope all is well!

  • Chironlady1953, somewhere in this life (or a past one) you have picked up a lot of guilt and a feeling of being undeserving of happiness. Did someone make you feel this way or did you develop it on your own - a bit of both, I think. And this almighty burden of guilt is propelling you through the world, forcing you to help everyone you see. It has become your need and your obsession. It can foster misplaced loyalty in you. But if you don't slow down and take some time out for yourself, you will break down. I can see the pain behind your smile in the photo. You are not happy, nor will you be by being at everyone's beck and call. You might even be fostering unhealthy dependencies in others by doing too much for them. Everyone must stand on their own feet at some point - you cannot carry everyone because your back will break.

    You need to put all your plans for helping others on hold for a while and devote some time to healing and exploring your own life and soul, and freeing yourself of this awful guilt and unworthiness. Find its source and eradicate it. Only unflinching, objective self-assessment will work here. Maybe you throw yourself into helping others so you don't have a spare moment to look at your own weaknesses? But it really won't be that bad. I feel you are trying to build your self-esteem by helping others but that will only come when you truly like yourself, when you can see your authentic self with all its flaws, insecurities and beauty, and still believe in your own self-worth and value. You will never get this feeling from other people - only from your own self-approval.

    Helping humanity is a noble calling but you have to include yourself as one of those humans. You really don't have to take on all the world's problems to be counted as a good and worthy person. So put that hypnotherapy idea aside for now and do some self-work - you will be a better healer if you have first healed yourself.

  • Hi Captain,

    You did a photo reading for me before, in which you suggested me to change light-colored cloth. Well, I did.

    Here is my present picture. Can you give me another reading?

    I wish to know if I can get the man I love?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Sorry my picture is too big and they didn't let me edit my post.

    here it is

  • What can you tell me about my husband.

    Thank you for helping.

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