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  • Captain...Captain...Captain....

    your words are like music literally to my ears.....I can see it in him when I visit....Ive been making changes as well with myself too....but this is more than wonderful news to me ....its like unexplainable joy .....this me more HOPE & FAITH....thank you... captain...again be blessed.


  • Hey Captain, anything to say on a photo of myself - love life would be a good phocus ... let me know what you think. Thanks so much. Cheers, x

  • Hey Captain, this photo may actually load .......... thanks and look forward to your reply. xo

  • Sorry for the late response, Captain. I got your email. Thank you!

  • Tickles71, you give off a needy emotional vibe that begs "Appreciate me!" You have a deep fear of being unloved, abandoned, and uncared for that can rush you into relationships without proper and careful premeditation. You are a true romantic at heart - you love to fall in love and get periodic emotional 'crushes'. You have to learn to recognize, but not act upon, your infatuations, which can become obsessive unless you see them for the fleeting idealistic feelings that they are. Your emotions can sometimes run you and your life, so becoming more aware of what these crushes really are - a symptom of your fears and issues - will help you to understand and deal with them. You have a deep need to be in love: to be adored and share centre stage with someone who returns your passion. To reach this gial, you must learn to go with the flow more and not try to force love from others, to make someone into your ideal mate - you must see them as they really are and not what you want them to be. You tend to look for emotional support in the outside world rather than in yourself where you really need to find it. Although you can sometimes expect a lot without giving back in return, I do feel you have a great capacity to give. You just have to let the Universe know what you want (if you have indeed put a lot of thought into what that is) and let life with its perfect timing bring you a mate who will recognise and adore you. You must learn to receive love naturally, not 'manufacture' it. Spending time with like-minded people, openly expressing your unorthodox ideas and visions of the future, will attract a lover who can also be a friend and give you the support you need. If you want to attract this person, you must deal with any issues that may be blocking you from drawing him to you. For instance, you can often APPEAR unemotional to others, even coldly rational, as a reaction to your sensitivity - you have a very large and sensitive emotional energy field - it is in fact your primary erogenous zone. But your voice reveals your feeling nature and developing your ability to tune into other people's feelings will enhance your relationships.

  • Thank you so much for this insight and I would say you are fairly accurate in what you have said. I'm trying to tidy up loose ends and work on making myself happy instead of relying on others for this wonderful feeling and stop forcing things - it's a bit harder said than done, but a work in progress 🙂

    I also now attach a picture of two of my friends (me in the middle), if you could reply to this that would also be wonderful.

    Thank you again.

  • I'll try loading this photo again ........ thanks!

  • Tickles71, what did you want from the second photo?

  • Hoping for a reading on the two friends, the brunette and red head - anything you have for them would be good. Thanks so much! Cheeers, T.

  • Tickles71, your red-headed friend is very insecure about herself. She has a lot of self-doubt, expecially when out with other people - she tends to feel very inferior then. She will onyl attract partners who will take advantage of her while she feel so bad about herself. The brunette is more confident about herself yet she is also very private and tends to keep many things secret about her life and opinions. You would be surprised by what she doesn't tell you.

  • Thanks so much Captain - once again pretty spot on. Can I ask do you do more private readings?

  • Tickles71, I feel uncomfortable going into too much detail about people who have not asked me for help directly so, if you ask for your friends, you will only get a brief general reading.

  • No that's fine, they both knew.

  • The question was about if you did private readings, not for my friends but for me.

  • Yes I can do private readings if you post your email.

  • heres a pic of me....have at it good and the ugly

  • Changes5, I sense in you enormous creativity, which you might seek to satisfy in various ways - having children or following an artistic interest, for example. But you will have to be careful to ground yourself if you ever want to find an appropriate outlet for your ability. You tend towards sensuality and romanticized versions of experiences and people rather than cultivating a better sense of reality. This can make you rather unstable in your affections and actions. Be careful not to over-identify with your image or waste your energy in a never-ending cycle of sensation-seeking and immediate ego gratification. Also when assessing yourself and your capabilities, make sure you tune into your reality rather than mistakenly believing yourself to be a lot more talented, accomplished and refined than you actually are. You are very talented but not more so than anyone else, just in a different way. Once you see yourself clearly, your choices and lifepath become clearer too and are more easily manifested. Chasing pipe dreams and illusions that you cannot achieve is simply a waste of your time and energy. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do. Ask for feedback from others (honest opinions, not flattery) if necessary. You must be willing to climb down from your idealistic ivory tower in the clouds if you want to achieve real success in the world. There are more rewards in ordinary everyday life experiences than you might think. If you want to be truly effective, you must confront your deepest and truest needs. I feel you may have an obsession with being taken care of, or not capable enough to do anything on your own (maybe coming from your upbringing), to the point that it can hold you back in your career ambitions. But you can achieve anything you want quite well on your own.

  • I'd like a reading please Captain

  • ...

  • everyone tells me i am creative n yes i like to draw, look at art and have a natural nack for music. I am not confident in my abilities all of them as a mom as a artist as personas a writer....years of abuse or being told id never amount to anything i am sure has a little to do with. yes i have been taken care of and want to so badly be on my own without having to ask for help again....i fall prey to others putting them first and me last has cost me in the last few months. in relationships i prefer a sensation touch vs someone telling me i love you or gifts, have a hard time in relstionships im committed but not really there, death lingers around me past haunts me im looking for the right path now feeling i am ready to embrace it. should i pursue a degree? and i feel like i am about to meet someone who potentially will do me some good? how can i develop this these feelings or intuition i seem to have? sorry to ask so much and thank you for the reading ive been in a rather dark place for some time and am hoping to see brighter days soon

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