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  • Hello Captain,

    I was wondering what you can tell me about my lover and I. That one picture of me that is attached there is only one of me, I was just playing around with my camera in front of a mirror. Didn't want you thinking that I was a twin or something, lol.

  • HisPet, actually I was looking at your lover's photo and thinking how similar the two of you are, like twins - hair, lips, eyes etc. Did you both go looking for the opposite sex version of yourselves? This can mean that you are trying to understand yourselves better through finding similar partners - although in your boyfriend's case, I feel it is his ego that inspires him to find a partner who mirrors him. It speaks of his insecurity about himself which he probably hides behind a cocky or dominating exterior. This guy is preoccupied with himself more than anyone else. Your personalities are somewhat different despite your similar looks, however. You feel insecure and full of doubt about yourself too but you let your lover take the lead and call the shots. Eventually you will lose your fear and anxiety and you will now longer need him to be your master.

  • Wow, that was pretty spot on. I honestly don't know what happened, we were just drawn to each other. Neither one of us were looking for anyone. We are very very similar which is a bit weird because people usually are attracted to people opposite of themselves. But having someone so similar now is so much better than someone opposite. I know that he is very insecure. I am a very insecure person and I do have a lot of doubt about myself. I do have a lot of ungrounded fear and anxiety. The master thing is recent, and I'm amazed you picked up on it. That has been going on for about a month now. We may both be trying to understand ourselves better through each other being that we are very similar. That may be why we were brought together. Hopefully it lasts because so far (a year) it's been a dream come true.

  • Hi Captain,

    A lot of what you said is correct like Mike being quite dependent and he is a student and studies hard, maybe too much, that's where the workaholism comes into play. He does get down about education sometimes, but I naturally lift him up. As for our relationship it is seductive and fiery, but we seem to be getting on better these days, we must be both growing up a bit lol I was a bit disappointed when you said 'Marriage is not recommended here as you are unlikely to satisfy each other beyond a certain level and in the long run are unlikely to build a stable emotional life together', to be honest. I know a relationship is forever moving and changing all the time, therefore I think we could make this work, if we give it our all, well I hope!

    Anyway, thank you very much for taking the time to read us and I appreciate your honesty even though it was not what I wanted to hear, although I am aware of this now and believe we all have the power to change our future.

    P.s What did you mean by 'You two are usually better off when you hide your light a bit and turn down the charm?' What towards each other? I don't understand.

    Love and Light

    LeoLou x

  • hi there 🙂 i was wondering what you could tell me about my ex. we've been apart for almost a year now and i miss him alot. he has recently started coming over to see me again and its left me confused

    this is us in january last year

  • if it helps my bday is 11.01.91 and his is 26.11.90 🙂

  • sorry. here's the pic 🙂

  • LeoLou, I meant you may attract too many hangerson and 'groupies' if you two turn on your charm towards others too much and this would be detrimental to your relationship..

  • Crazyhmm, I feel this guy's attraction to you (and maybe even you for him) is mainly physical/sexual. Feelings can can run deep and passionate in this respect and can be mistaken for love. Your ex is very independent-minded and adventurous and he doesn't like to be tied down. You can also be a bit dominant which can cause conflict between you (or else he will just disappear) since he is very traditional over male-female roles. This relationship is like the irresistible force (him) meeting the immovable object (you). Jealousies, tensions, and competitiveness will emerge here. Power plays can wreck a love matchup with both of you competing to control the other or win out, especially sexually. Marriage is even less favourable than a love affair, with the materialistic aspects of the relationship predominating over feelings and romance. Breakups or divorce will be painful, not only emotionally but financially.

    Much of this matchup will be hidden and mysterious, many aspects unrevealed to family, friends or society in general. I just don't feel you two are culturally or mentally on the same page and neither does your ex. Just make sure he is not wanting to hook up with you again just for sex because I don't get he feels very close to you otherwise.

  • Oh I see, thanks again Captain.

  • wow, pretty much sumed it up 😛 conflict was why we broke up, simply just too much of it and in the end drove us apart.

    completely right about everything id say. especially the mentally and cultural indifference - he wants me to change in order for him to take me back

    THANKS! 🙂

  • Hello The Captain,

    I would like to know if they feel something especial for me and who is the best for me thank you.

  • Annielan, do you have a photo of you both together? I cannot see the man's eyes in this to do a proper reading.

  • I am trying to down load it now but we don't have picture together . He just invite me at his place when I took that picture while we playing his flatmate two lovely dog

  • OMG The Captain I am having a hard time to send some pxt I alreadt shrink all the pictures but stiil asking for some content , I dont really understand Lol

  • Hello, Captain!

    Can you tell me about my friend, Amanda... She is the lady on the left. I am on the right... If you can see anything about myself that has changed I wouldn't mind seeing if it's good or bad!

    Thank you very much! 🙂


  • AngelaVictoria, your friend tends to mask her pain and hide her depression and sadness from everyone. She puts on a bright fake smile because she doesn't want anyone to know how bad she feels inside. She has low self-worth and much insecurity yet she is a beautiful person who has much talent and compassion for others. She will feel better if she confides in others but she doesn't want to appear weak or needy. She fears rejection and getting old.

    You seem to be a little worldweary or disillusioned in this photo, AV. Like you have been a child in a fantasy world who is slowly waking up to find the reality of the world is a lot different to what you hoped for. Don't let understanding make you cynical or hopeless - there is still a lot of goodness and beauty in the world. You have to become aware of the dark side - just don't dwell on it. Become cautious but not jaded.

  • Thank you for that, Captain! Maybe I can work on helping her with some of that... In a subtle way.

  • Hi Captain...

    This is misstonya again with not so good news.....can you please give me a reading on my son David, he has an infection around his feeding tube and has been hospitalized.....thank you blessed.


  • Misstonya, David hates his feeding tube - I'm not surprised he got ill from it. It makes him feel helpless, like a baby. Is there any alternative?

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