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  • Asia, I don't read strangers' vibes as i feel it is a violation of their right to privacy. I prefer to read people who are actually connected to you.

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  • Hi Captain, could you tell me what you pick up? thanks

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  • Candy22cane, you can be sweet and charming but deep down there's a toughness in you that will help you survive this often harsh world if you trust it. I feel that you tend to place a rather higher value on beauty over other aspects of life or your personality. You need to develop more confidence in yourself as a human being and not rely on looks or outer aspects in yourself and others so much. I feel you can be very idealistic when it comes to life and other people and are often very disappointed when things don't turn out the way you imagined or wanted them to. You must release all preconceptions you have of truth, goodness and beauty and judge people on a case-by-case basis, not from one blanket belief or idea. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and true beauty comes from within. Your ideas of what should be can get in the way of appreciating what is. You may think that experiencing passion in one, great. all-encompassing love affair is ideal for you but it may actually be destructuve rather than beneficial. It is healthier for you to explore your passion through your relationship to the world rather than one person. Endless liasions, short-lived affairs, and sexual peccadilloes are not the way to really understand or experience true passion - it is something that you spark inside you by doing what you love. Knowing the right people and doing the accepted thing is not as important for you as is coming into closer contact with your feelings. You need to be able to 'do your thing' according to your own wishes without being inhibited by the input of others. Part of you may have an issue with relationships for fear of being controlled or ignored by another person, or a fear of indecision or inadequacy. You will find the right partner by being your own best partner first, by doing the things that bring you joy and increase your level of self-nurturing so that you feel strong, confident and supported. Develop more patience and practicality with life and love. Simplify your life.

  • Mizgator, I feel you underestimate your own intelligence and competence when you compare yourself with others. You feel you are weaker in some way and don't stand up for your rights as much as you should. You give to others far too much and don't give yourself enough time and care. Some unscrupulous types will keep taking from you and not giving back unless you put a stop to it. You must take care about who you choose to give your time, love, power and energy to. I feel in relationships you can lose yourself by giving away too much of yourself to the other person. I feel there may be unresolved issues surrounding your relationship with your father - was he there for you when you were young? Because of this, you are looking for another person to give structure and direction to your life, but you are the only one who can do that by getting in touch with your true feelings and needs. Your emotional flow can become blocked when you rely too much on a need for security, approval and acceptance from others. You have a lot of creativity and originality inside but you bury it beneath a conventional exterior in order to fit in. Take some time to develop your playful and imaginative side, and your formidable energy and fine work ethic will combine to create products of great and lasting value. Let the artist in you out and express your originality.

  • Scorpiofalling, I sense in you a big fear of rejection, of not being what other people will find attractive or appealing. Loneliness and a sense of isolation can cause you much pain. Yet conversely you need an audience and social involvement, and may find peace and privacy hard to cultivate, although you need them both. You must learn to be comfortable with your own company and with yourself. There is an insecurity in you that affects your life and relationships, and perhaps also a fear of being drained or cheated by other people. You fear the future too because you feel you cannot control it. That is true but you can control how you react to any situation that occurs. No one can be completely prepared for what comes to them but they can make sure they are strong and confident enough to handle anything or anyone. But you don't feel that way, do you? Who made you feel so ineffectual or weak? Father issues may see you fixate on the opposite sex with a love/hate, anger/abandonment kind of obsession. Work on building up more trust of people and life by first trusting yourself to be able to cope. Your ability to dream big dreams and for tearing down old systems, your sense of humour, and a philosophical nature are your greatest strengths so use them to find the success and happiness you deserve. Explore your personality. And remember to step back sometimes and laugh at yourself!

  • Thank you Captain for this reading! I can see that sometimes I can tend to undervalue what I have to offer when comparing myself to others. Especially in the work place. I'm starting to learn that I need to be more selective with who I give my time and energy to when it comes to guys! As far as my relationship with my dad goes, we have always been really close. I'm definitely a daddy's girl. Was closer to my father than to my mother. Could I be looking for someone to fill the spot of my dad? He's still very much alive and kicking...we just no longer live in the same state.

    You hit the nail on the head about me burying my originality/creativity behind the conventional exterior to fit in. That describes me to a Tee. It's sooo hard to not want to fit in. I always admire the "weird" or "eclectic" people I meet. How freeing to be able to be yourself without fear of judgement or scrutiny. I'm not quite sure how to become that person...this will be a challenge!

  • Mizgator, yes if your relationship with your father is so good, you are probably trying to find a partner exactly like him. But in that way you look for a father substitute (a man who will treat you like a child) instead of an equal.

    You can release your inner creativity when you realise that it is far more important to please yourself rather than other people.

  • Thank you sooo much Captain. You are absolutely right! It seems that the guys I have been the most attracted to have treated me like a child. I thought I was attracted to that because in my other relationships I would "wear the pants". I wanted a man to finally "wear his own pants" and lead me in the relationship. didn't even dawn on me until now that I should be an EQUAL partner. Crazy! I'm learning this stuff now?? Better late than never!

    Pleasing myself more than other people seems so foreign to me. It makes me feel selfish. But I understand the importance of doing this. I will work on pleasing myself more. Sounds like fun actually! lol

    Thank you again!

  • Yes, Mizgator, we are all taught to think of others but not too much of ourselves, as if it is a sin to be self-nurturing and self-loving. It's only a bad thing if you think entirely of yourself and of no one else. There has to be a healthy balance.

  • Hi are you? I hope your getting enough rest....anyway I want to try to wean David from the you recommend that or do David think differently about it ...You know Im open to all advice bad as well as good...thank you Tonya

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