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  • The first one is Lisa..the second is Anna..the third is Michelle,

    Thank you


  • Patricia, in the first photo I feel your friend is very haunted by some incident in her past that follows her around today and affects her life in a negative way. Whatever it was filled her with fear of the future or of the same thing happening again. This is a very common human experience, but it robs her of achieving any happiness in the present. She must find a way to make peace with the past and bury old ghosts for good. She must find the courage to talk about this problem with others and not keep it all to herself where it just grows worse and worse. She may find that when she gets it out into the clear light of day that things don't seem as scary or as hopeless as she feared.

    The second woman is also someone who doesn't confide much of her life and problems with others. She feels she must deal with her own troubles herself and that talking about them won't help. but that means she carries a heavy weight on her shoulders that never gets put down or gives her a break. She is like a bricklayer forever holding aloft a pile of bricks that keep being added to. Eventually her back will break unless she shares her burdens and pain. her defiant desire to be independent and self-sufficient doesn't work here. We are all human and we all need each other. It's not being weak to ask for help once in a while. Sharing yourself doesn't make you vulnerable, just approachable, and makes your relationships more deep and intimate.

  • Dear me, I get the impression, Patricia, that all your friends are living in awful misery or fear but that they are attempting to soldier on regardless without getting much help for their pain. Your third friend Michelle, has endured a lot of pain in her life but she grits her teeth and tries to bear it. But that's not dealing with it, just pushing it down inside her where it festers and grows. All your friends need to share their burdens more and put aside their fears of how others would react if they told all.

    I don't feel Michelle has much self-love or self-respect for herself. As such, she will attract only people who feel unworthy like her or those who want to take advantage of her insecurity to get control of her. She needs to relaise how much she has going for her - she should make a list of her good points and the good things in her life and pin the list somewhere she can see it every day. Personal affirmations repeated twice a day will also help raise her self-esteem. Living with negativity helps no one to move on.

    You gals should all pull together to help each other more by sharing your true feelings and troubles. That's what friends are for. And friends are not afraid to tell the honest truth even if it is hurtful, because it will also be helpful and healing in the long run. Putting on a brave face when you really want to cry doesn't help. You all have to get out that heap of crud that is inside you. Rant, scream or cry - whatever it takes to release all that pent-up emotion.

  • Gosh Captain..Lisa and I have been friends for 30 years..I've known Anna for over 10 and Michelle the 10 months I've been in NH..we talk about everything..good and bad....I talk to them every day and they talk to me every day.

    I wish you could see the positive around us. We support each other.I'm there for them and they are there for me.


  • Patricia, I feel there are hidden things your friends aren't inclined to confide in anyone. Of course there are positives there and you all do share daily commonplace concerns - but the primary vibe is that of loneliness, fear and frustration and past secrets are left deeply buried. They don't really want to deal with them or talk about them at all. And yet they are still affected today by old events.

  • What I've learned from this Sharelle is that we carry our negitivity with us..something I'm working hard to turn around. I find it a little creepy that you see sadness and fear in my eyes..I had my eyes checked today..I have had trouble with them..and was told I have swollen optic nerves..I'm going to a nuerologist tomorrow.. my first reaction was fear..why do Drs. always give you the worst case scenario?? Anyhow I will endeavor to stay positive tonight.

    Thanks for all your in sight Captain.

  • Good luck to you, Patricia. 🙂

  • Aww..Thank you! Do I need it? 🙂

  • Hi Captain....

    How are you? Did you forget about me asking of a reading of my son on page 214....if you can please....I CAN HANDLE THE just dont know I've been near more than half way back from it in my vision and eyes for the remainder of my life....please if you have the time..

    Thank you,

    Tonya ( dob 6/20/69)

  • MissTonya, I have answered you on the vibes thread. You know you worry too much, don't you?

  • Ugh..Nuerologist wants an MRI determine if it's a tumor..then a lumbar puncture if its fluid buildup..hmmm..maybe that's why you saw such sadness , etc in my eyes..cause they're swollen by whatever this is??? ( lame attempt at humor..:)

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for the reading....and yes I do worry waaaaaay toooo muuch.....I did see the reading on vibes....I just dont want to be a lonely old maid who has know grand children, but thats my life now..penniless and unhappy he pays most bills...I have very good job skills...I just been depressed since what happen to my son ..remember I told you David was my only child..but anyway..I keep praying.....David looks better than he has in a long time though...Im just gonna keep praying and talking to him and visiting him sharing the past as I do ...thanks again.

    be blessed,


  • Oh also Captain....

    I have been letting David hear frequency music and meditations like you've mention...thats probably why he seems to be retreating with in himself....

    thanks again


  • Patricia, it is negative emotion that causes physical illness, not vice versa. Your sadness may be behind your eye troubles. What is it you don't want to 'look at' in your life that may be causing this problem?

  • TheCaptain, I would like to email you my photo but I cannot find you email address. Apparently, It has been deleted. Is there another place (website, blog) where I can get it? Thank you in advance.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    I'd like a reading please. I have attached 2 pictures. One is myself and CeCe, my daughter, from about a month ago; the other one is my ex and CeCe from Nov 2010. My DOB: 12/10/73 and my ex, Clay's DOB is Jan 17, 63.

    I'd like to know about what's installed for me in my love life?

    Will Clay and I ever get back together and happily ever after?

    *** There are some recent changes at my employment, are you able to tell me what changes are upcoming? Are they good or bad? *****

    Thanks a million.


  • opps, the pictures didn't get attached in my last post. TheCaptain, is there anywhere I can send you my pictures to please? Thanks.

  • I stumbled upon your website tonight and have spent hours reading. They say nothing happens by accident!! So I am sending a picture of my cat Ethyl Mae, she has been missing since Wednesday evening 6/15/11. It is like she has just vanished.The last I remember seeing her was on the back of the couch, she jumped off and I haven't seen her since. She has never ever been gone, always in the house or on the porch. Ethyl has been in our lives since the second she was born. She is the most loving cat I have ever had. I just hope and pray that she is okay and coming back to her Gammy very soon. My heart just aches for her, I miss her soooo much! Any help would be so appreciated.

  • oops...the picture was too big. I will try to resize and send again.

  • here goes...

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