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  • think i might have done it captain could you have a look at this chap for me


  • Angelboots, this man is very unsure of himself and has low expectations for his life. He has no belief in himself. Thus he believes he must deceive everyone about himself and rarely tells anyone the truth. He convinces himself that people would prefer a fantasy to the real him. Part of him gets a kick out of fooling others - it boosts his low self-esteem to see that he can play other people. he gets very depressed sometimes though when he is alone with himself. He knows he is doing wrong but doesn't believe anyone would like the authentic him. He also engages in some less than legal - though not terribly criminal - activities with some unsavoury colleagues, like buying goods off the back of a truck without knowing where they came from - plus some gambling.

  • mmhh spot on as usual what sort of help can be offered to him with regard to believing in himself and low self esteem etc

  • AngelBoots, he needs to understand that being honest with others will build his self-esteem. The dishonesty about himself just makes him feel worse. He needs to open up to someone he can trust (which he doesn't easily do).

  • i cannot believe i asked such a stupid question so sorry captain thanks for all your insight


  • AngelBoots, that was not a stupid question at all.

  • Hey Captain- Tis only me- lol Was wondering if you can read a picture of me recently, Would love some insight on what things i could make more better in my self, so that it would help me help others too. Thank you.

    Bee Xx

  • Hello Becca. Nice to put a face to the name 🙂

  • AngelBee, so you have worked through and accomplished everything we last spoke about?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello PH- Its nice to see your picture on here too- Love Bee xx


    Captain i think so. I am slowely working it all out, and getting that balance, At least i hope i am, just wondered if i am on the right path of things, speacially within my spiritual path lol 😉

    Bee Xx

  • AngelBee, don't rush any step - complete one thing before moving on to another. You can't do it all at once. Spiritual development can take a whole lifetime.

  • Kookish, your daughter worries a lot about how people perceive her, her image, and how she is received by others. She is far more critical of herself than other people are. Her expectations for herself are impossibly high and make her feel bad and insecure because she can't live up to them. Well, nobody could or should try to be that perfect. Perfection is impossible to achieve in this human body. Besides other people would hate someone who was perfect all the time - it would make THEM feel bad. It would be far better and easier if she stopped trying to be what she thinks others want her to be and just be her real authentic and natural self. She would find her popularity increases the more open and honest she is. She must start pleasing herself instead of everyone else, doing what she wants rather than what she thinks everyone else wants. Because it's wrong to assume we know or can anticipate what someone else wants or is thinking. She has to live from her own viewpoint and beliefs and desires - not from what she presumes are someone else's viewpoint, beliefs and desires.

  • Hello, Sorry if I'm being too demanding right now but, I winder if you could do a photo reaing of me? 🙂

    This picture is a few months old, just letting you know~

  • Sorry that one didn't work 😧 I'll try and resize it...

  • Try shrinkpictures dot com for resizing your photos.

  • How about this face?

  • Again

  • Misswishy, there's a distinct lack of sefl-confidence, self-assurance and self-acceptance coming off your photo. You have leadership ability if you would only believe in yourself and lose your insecurity and the attachment to low self-worth. Early feelings of rejection or personal defensiveness and a need for acceptance from others may be holding you back from getting what you want - you have to let go of the fear of being different and walk your own path. Embrace your originality. You are unique and that's a very good thing. You don't need anyone else to validate you. Your sense of philosophical perspective and personal vision will serve you well in life. Your biggest challenges may be focusing and disciplining your sometimes scattered mind on your goals and working on how you communicate. Don't be afraid of being laughed at if you speak your mind or try to say something meaningful - just concentrate on getting your message across.

  • Ok, this sounds like fun. Can I try?

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