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  • Hello Captain!

    I must say you are very gifted & I thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts! I am wondering if you see any relationship potential's for me or just anything that you see!! Thanks


  • Sorry had to resize it and try again!! Thanks Devine~Mistie 😉

  • XoXo Devine Mistie

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  • Finally lol I am very sorry about that! It must really be annoying to see all these repeated post! Many Blessings Devine~Mistie

  • DevineEvanescence, I am getting confliction and confusion from you regarding new relationships. Part of you feels disloyal to your former partner and part of you is yearning for some male companionship. Until you decide what you really want, you will only attract people to you who are similarly ambivalent.

  • Captain~ I must say you are spot on, I am right now at a cross road! I have several people that I am talking to, but am confused. Sometimes I think it's less hastle or my intention not to get hurt, so I push my feelings aside & put a wall up! But, then there is the side of me that wants to be in a relationship, but more so with this one guy "Justin" but I'm just not sure if this will work! So, it's like I push all these other potential relationships aside hoping that it might work with him! This is something that I need to decide what I want! I most def. don't want to attract someone who is unsure either!

    Thank You & once again you are very tallented!

    Many Blessings


  • Hi Captain:

    Sorry bout all my posts, tried like heck to get this pic right. Obviously not one of my strong points, lol 😉

  • Ha it finally worked!!

    So what Im trying to see is what you pick up on him, anything you want to tell me would be wonderful. Ive been feeling closer to him lately and have had thoughts of maybe trying to start slowly dating him again, but Im not sure if he is thinking along the same lines. Him and I have a sort of rocky past, and share a beautiful child together. Very complicated to say the least, lol!!

  • JJon, this man is badly wounded and may never be able to trust anyone again. He has a victim mentality in which he refuses to take any responsibility for his own part in his various life situations. It's always "someone else's" fault that life has failed him, therefore he never learns anything and never really grows up. He remains this hurt child and will never be able to take any responsibility for anything or anyone, unless he matures in his outlook. That also means he will make a terrible irresponsible partner for you or anyone else until that time. You would cop the blame for anything bad that happens to him.

  • Hi Captain:

    Thanks for the insight, you really have hit some really good points. Pretty right on from my past experience with this person. It is a shame he has not changed. Can you tell what or who has made him this way? Was it his childhood? He is so closed off that he would never share any of this with me willingly. I wish I could help him see that love and comfort are real, it seems that he just doesnt believe that and I find that very sad. If you get a moment, thanks so much.

  • Hi...if you you can fit me in, I'd love a photo reading...just a fairly general one on the direction my life might take in the near future. Many thanks!

  • JJon, your friend feels he has been betrayed almost from the moment he was born. I actually feel he was very spoilt when young. He feels his family led him to believe that life was fairer and would treat him as he had learned to expect, rather than how it turned out to be. I see this syndrome a lot in children (especially those with famous or wealthy parents) who are given everything growing up and become bitterly disappointed when life doesn't continue to coddle them when they are adults. They turn out to be very self-centred people who don't love others as much as they love themselves.

    Now your friend thinks everyone lies to him or tries to cheat him in some way when it is really his own poor choices and lack of responsibility that are to blame.

  • Lose2Live249, I feel a lot of pain and hopelessness in you. You try to be positive and cheerful but inside you are crying and feeling so sad and depressed. You must try to exopect more good things to happen in your life because what we give out we attract to us. Your feeling that you are only due for bad things will just attract that very thing. Your self-esteem is low and so are your expectations. Try to focus on your good points and the things in your life that are working for you, and that positive energy will grow and bring more fantastic situations to you. I can feel that you have a very kind and beautiful spirit and that others will love you for that if you reveal it more and not try to hide behind a mask of invulnerability or 'everything's-fine-with-me!"

  • Captain:

    I want to thank you for letting me in on some things that I have been wondering about for a very long time about this person. Im very appreciative for that. Have wonderful holidays!!

  • The same to you and everyone here!

  • Oh yes I want you to do this for me. ( :

  • oops let me get mine up there too!

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