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  • Hi again captain, another request from my daughter, kids! who'd have em eh!

    but she would be grateful if you would take a look at this one of both together...


  • HealingWays, she is so dependent on him, isn't she? She doesn't want to see his faults. He sees her like some sort of trophy or possession that shows his dominance and superiority. He loves how she depends on him and he fosters it. He wants others to completely depend on him because it increases his feelings of being superior. Eventually she will be unable to manage at all without him and will be unable to leave, even though she will be terribly unhappy. He will become more arrogant and controlling as time passes and she will fall more into his trap. And he is not the type who will tolerate anyone who 'belongs' to him leaving him. This could get ugly. In this picture I can 'see' him drawing more and more life force off your daughter. Her health will really suffer with him - has she started feeling tired or drained yet? He is like a vampire feeding on her energy.

  • Hi Captain,

    pic one is me -Emma and pic two is my best friend of 21 yrs connie. don't have any questions in particular. if my pic is too small to see clearly let me know and ill find a bigger one but this was all i could find at the moment.

    Many thanks in advance for your time and effort.

    Em 🙂

  • oops the first pic is me and the one attached here is my best friend connie

  • Thank you so much captain, I will let her know, doesn't sound too good for this relationship does it?....I have a little feeling she will know it's right and what she has to do!

    once again, thanks


  • Captain, can you please tell me anything about my 2 children. Especially my son who is having a difficult time latly.

    Thank you


  • Sorry I will try again

  • Superstarem, I need photos where the person is face on to the camera and where I can see their eyes.

  • Baby76, I feel both your children have the tendency to hang out with or attract the wrong people which will get them into trouble. With your son, he is attracted to darker types because it triggers his own darker side and he thinks it's exciting to be dangerous. He is not discrominating enough when it comes to chossing his friends and tends to idolise those who appear to be 'cool' or who buck authority but who are in fact very lost souls with bad or no morals. Your daughter feels very insecure and has low self-esteem - thus she attracts people who will victimize and try to control her. Your children both have different issues but both may attract trouble into their lives. You must try talking to them about these tendencies.

  • hi captain,

    sorry ive attached another pic of my best friend

  • ?

  • Superstarem, there is disappointment and sadness in your friend's face - she feels rather unlucky in love and life. But I feel she has many unrealistic expectations - both of herself and others. She doesn't know herself all that well and so doesn't really know what she wants. She can thus make the wrong choices or have trouble making them at all. She needs to get honest feedback from friends and family about her life's direction and her attitudes, and also learn to trust her gut instincts rather than her emotions. She must do it immediately because she is facing a big decision and about to make a disatrous choice.

  • hi, my friend told me about this thought i try it out.

  • i think the pic is too big

  • oh nevermind

  • Unicornlove, you are a very innocent child-like sort of person who likes to believe that people and life are all good. So you might get something of a shock when cold reality hits you. But you mustn't let any disappointment or disillusionment in people or life turn you into a hermit or nun. There is indeed much beauty in life. Learn to take the good with the bad and trust that you are strong enough to cope with whatever life throws at you. Strengthen your intuition so that you can tell the trustworthy people from the just plain bad ones. In your life I feel you are going to end up very wealthy, maybe even quite well known, if you follow what you really want to do and don't let disappointment and discouragement stop you from forging ahead with your plans.

  • thankyou captain that was my friend connie shes always doubting herself and is a bit unsure of where and what to do with her life.

    many thanks ill try and support her as i always do


  • Thank you Captain,

    I do worry about some of the people my son hangs with, he has been finding life difficult for many reasons and seems to want to find quick fixes. Not because he is mine but I have been told by others that he is a good person and has a very loving nature about him and could excel at anything. Unfortunatly he chose music which is hard to get into no matterhow talented you are.

    My daughter does have low self esteem for what reason we don't know. She is well liked by others and has a bubbly presents about her. She lives in NYC with her boyfriend and is working also in school studing to be an event planner.

    Thank you again


  • Baby76, I feel you daughter was badly bullied when she was very young and consequently feels bad about herself from that time.

  • am sending you a picture of me cause am sooo curious about what you will pick up on lol

    thanks in advance!

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