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  • Hi Woman922 and watergirl18, I think you may have to resize your pics, here is a site I use, hope this helps.... 🙂

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  • Ooops...looks like the gremlins are still having fun with I see your pics now watergirl18....I don't know whats happening on here these last couple of days....I click on a post and things are "quite strange" you know!, like not showing up....LOL

  • LOL....looks like we posted at the exact same time my friend :)...and that must have caused the confusion....never mind eh!'s all good fun, keeps my old brain working....LOL

  • Watergirl18, your friend Maria feels like a block of wood or stone inside. She has been so hurt and disappointed by life that she has closed a lot of her emotional side off in order to prevent moe pain. But this means she is also closed to new experiences and happiness. She has mostly given up hope of ever being happy and is ready to stop trying altogether. This woman really needs a huge kick-start to 'come to life' again. She has 'died' before her actual time, but where there is life, there is always hope. She just needs to gain a new perspective in order to assess her problems. She must find new ways and a new attitude - the old ways are just not working.

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  • Hi Captain,

    I would love your opinion one more time please on this one.

    the pictures were taken at the same time. just different moods to give you more options.

    Thank you a lot!!

  • Sky4angels, the woman is this photo is very generous, sensible, and has a good sense of humour but at times she feels very weighed down by what other people expect of her - that is, to support and help them all the time. But she wants to be able to let go and be vulnerable herself. Why must she always be the strong one? Who will support her when she feels down? It is very exasperating for her and she sometimes feels like her family and friends take advantage of her (which they do, so she has to learn to 'pick her battles' or only help those who are truly in need whilst keeping some of her time and energy for herself.) She must learn to say "Now it is time for you to sort out your own troubles. I am done carrying you. You now have the strength to work things out for yourself."

  • Reborned, you seem to want to convince me that you are strong. But people think you are weak because your past pain and suffering is clearly shown in your face. It can only be erased when you feel happy and contented with your life and this hasn't happened yet or your deep pain lines would have vanished. You may consciously feel strong but subconsciously you are still suffering from what has been done to you in the past. Ignroing or hiding your pain will not make it go away or make you stronger. Admit to your feelings so that you can get on with dealing. There is a false notion going around that pain is best pushed down, instead of talked about. This idea only buries the hurt - it doesn't cure it and it festers beneath the surface until it erupts with a terrible fury one day and leaves you devastated. Don't be afraid to admit you are still angry or disappointed or sad or revengeful or whatever about things that have happened to you. Negativity is like a boil that has to be exposed and lanced before it can heal. And everything that happens is to teach you a lesson that will help you avoid anything similar in the future.

  • hahaha thank you for the laugh!!

    You are absolutely right, what can I say??!!

    I just wanted to see if you can see more

    Thank you a lot !!

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  • Woman922, try using this site for your pics -

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  • Hi Captain...thanks again for the photo reading. I have a somewhat specific question that I'm having issues with, and was hoping you could help. I'm married, and I also have a few female friends that I'm pretty close with. Sometimes a little too close, but we never cross the line. Do I need to take a step back from any of them, or can I trust them (and myself) to be nothing more than good friends?

  • Gmb1, that's really something only you can answer.

  • Captain, hi there I wanted to write to you and THANK YOU. Thank you for your words, I am working on finding my authentic self. (I have also read your other offerings of happiness within. thx captain

  • You're welcome, Miciie. I wish you happiness.

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